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Live Feed Discussion - 8/25 - Day 21

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 8/25 - Day 21

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    Morning everybody.

    Count down to either Janelle or Kaysar going home.


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      I am so confused with all the is Cody with Tyler or not...he told someone yesterday that they need to get tyler out before too long...and i was like wait what...thought you guys were together....but then...I cant keep the real and the fake alliances straight...its making my head spin.


      • kokomogirl
        kokomogirl commented
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        The guys in the original alliance of 6 are Memphis, Cody, and Enzo. This is the group their loyalty is pledged to but each and every one of them has multiple "alliances" for protection and information/gossip purposes. No one is throwing all their eggs into 1 basket. I think we'll see the cracks in these alliances start growing if a "floater" or someone from the other side gets HOH. Watch them scramble and turn on each other to some degree if it means safety for themselves. Right now, Tyler is someone that can advance their game and is a number to them. But they know that he is too well liked and would stay if OTB against them. When he becomes a threat to their survival or no longer is useful to them, they will turn on him. They will target him or have someone else target him when the time is right for them to strike.

      • maxxum26
        maxxum26 commented
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        kokomogirl I thought that Memphis and Enzo weren't in an alliance together. Cody in week 1 got into an alliance with Memphis, Dani, Nic F, Xmas and Tyler. Enzo then made 2 sets of alliances with Cody. 1 is Cody, Enzo, Dani, Bay, Day, and 1 other person (and it isn't Nic F). Then they have another version with Cody, Enzo, Tyler, Dani and Nic F.

        Either way, Tyler is on the bottom of pretty much every alliance that he is in. Part of what hurt him was campaigning so hard for David last week. The other part is people just know how he plays and that he is very likable and easy to get along with. Tyler can have great convo's with Kaysar and anyone else on the "other side". Tyler and Dani already have their eyes set on each other.

    • #4
      With day and bay figuring out the 4.....they need Kaysar or Janelle, whoever stays.... glad they figured out DAVID doesn’t get it. They’ve got to realize Christmas is NOT with them!


      • #5
        I haven't posted much recently, and that is because this week has pretty much sucked all around in the house. I don't blame Tyler for taking the easy shot. He had to. If he hadn't, he would have possibly become public enemy #1.

        Janelle is going this week (unless a miracle happens). Kaysar is trying to set up a path for him to at least make jury, but that will fall apart depending on who the next HOH is.

        These easy weeks normally are fun for me as they try to set up a lot of the coming weeks. Alliances can crack in these types of weeks, and we are seeing a little of that right now. Dani and Tyler are going after each other already. It is great to see. Tyler also seems to realize that he is at the bottom of every alliance that he is in. He could possibly try to pull in Day and Bay as life rafts. With David, who Tyler is already close with, that would be a group of 4, and Tyler would still have his "ride or die" Xmas, so 5. Dani would have Cody, Nic F, Ian, Kevin, Memphis and Enzo. That really leaves Kaysar as a possible swing vote if this were to happen next week. Could be an interesting fight, but I doubt we'll get there quickly. Next week Kaysar goes out, unless a miracle happens, then Day or Bay will go the week after. Then Dani or one of her allies will win HOH and backdoor Tyler knowing they have the numbers at that point.

        Unless a miracle happens, this is a steamroll, much like S16, and is setting up for a Cody or Dani win IMO.


        • Livzee
          Livzee commented
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          things could get really interesting if bay or day get hoh...

        • Border57
          Border57 commented
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          I think when you say "unless a miracle happens" , you mean, unless "America" steps in. I think "America" will come up with something.

        • CubbyBrother
          CubbyBrother commented
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          So true, Livzee——BUT with the outside shutdown so early in the week we are probably looking at an endurance comp of which Bay nor Day will win. I’m just biding my time waiting for the first five week boring time to end.

      • #6
        Just popped in for a daily whine about Janelle going home.


        • #7
          Hmmmm ... feeling sad about the all-stars they could have had which would have made this game more interesting and maybe stopped Janelle from being out there on her own island as the biggest perceived threat in the game.

          Wonder how many people they asked who turned them down.

          Thinking about Vanessa, for instance.


          • Border57
            Border57 commented
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            Yes, it would be interesting to know who else was asked.

            I saw today David was saying to Kaysar "this is all stars!" So I guess he must think he's an all star, too. Don't think so, David, although you seem confident enough in your game play to give game advice to Kaysar . . .

          • Spooka
            Spooka commented
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            Vanessa just had twins in March.

        • #8
          Don’t we know that 5 or 6 people left/were sent home during BB sequester/quarantine? I feel like I read that on this site.


          • KennyERJ
            KennyERJ commented
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            The names I read about/were posted here were Hayden Moss, Danielle Reyes, Kaycee Clark & Josh Martinez. They said Josh & Kaycee were sent home because they tested positive for COVID-19 but I saw an Instagram post from KC saying not to believe everything you read on the Internet. She said she's healthy but never mentioned anything about COVID-19 and rather she tested positive for it. They said Hayden backed out and went home. It's unclear if Danielle was ever actually in quarantine or if it was just rumored she was going to be on the show.

        • #9
          I missed it but I read about it ..on what day and what happen when somebody said F ‘ Nicole , get her out with a mega phone.. Did she hear them?


          • #10
            David is such a train wreck LOL. I have to wonder what Kaysar was thinking when David gave him his 'macro view' of the house.😮😀


            • #11
              I was so excited when I found out we were going to get Big Brother this summer. And was even more excited to learn it would be an all All-Star season. Originally I was also happy to hear David was going to be on, because I didn't feel like he got a fair shot last season. But now.......... I am VERY disappointed in the play of these All-Stars. I am disappointed in David. I guess I get what he is saying, no African American male has made it to the finals or won. With that being said, so what? People win for all different reasons. I am also disappointed in the person he seems to be as opposed to who I thought he was when he was on last season. He just seems extremely bitter or something. I was VERY excited to hear Janelle was going to be on, and I HATE that they have focused on her as the biggest threat. She has been on what? 3 times previously, and never won. Yet Nicole F plays her poor little victim role and no one sees her as threat even though she has already won. I would have thought she would be one of the biggest threats to get out. I have also decided i do NOT like Memphis at all. What the hedoublehockeysticks was he thinking? How can anyone aligned with him still trust him after last week? Again, I guess I am just very disappointed in this season when I was so excited about it before it actually began.


              • Summerbbfan
                Summerbbfan commented
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                It is shocking that Nicole F has that will power to draw people in. I guess the poor me, and shinning thing works. But I agree she needs to go. I feel bad for Janelle and Kaysar. They always seem to be on the wrong side of the house. Do you think that no one wanted to align with them do to Nicole F being in the house?

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