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Live Feed Discussion - 9/8 - Day 35

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 9/8 - Day 35

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    Morning all


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      Wow, Davonne, Bayleigh and Christmas really got into it last night. I can't remember the last shouting match like that one. No love lost between them any more. Flashback around 10 PM BB.


      • Palmleaf
        Palmleaf commented
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        Oh man, really? I'm not able to access the feeds (I'm in Canada) and there hasn't been an update in the live feed forum yet about this. Hopefully someone will post a recap of it soon

        Update: I was able to look up the fight on youtube. Daaang!
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      I like both Bay and Day. Bay is young, and she's had to deal with a lot. She's correct that other people - even this early in the game - have declared someone their untouchable *and that was fine* when speaking with a supposedly trusted other ally. I agree with her, that she has in general been far calmer this season and people are not giving her the room and freedom to have the exact same emotional responses other people have as a normal and reasonable human reaction to stuff that is happening to and around them.

      I understand their point that in 20+ seasons, a black person has never won. But their gameplay approach to that is all wrong. They have made the EXACT same mistake that Janelle and Kayser made - they have isolated themselves to large extent and made themselves into a clear "duo". Even when there are big individual threats in a game, having that kind of duo - even if you break out of it now and then to have some game talk with other people - paints a massive target on your back.

      I believe Tyler was sincere, but he would also have been better off to advise them to break themselves up and get out and be seen as individuals by other people in the house, hang out with other people in the house on a regular basis for more time other than game talk. Do not so obviously pair up when your intent is to get one of you as far as possible. That doesn't mean don't pair up - it means don't be so friggin visible and upfront about it. There's no "guessing" whether they're in an alliance for the whole house. Everyone is clear as day that they are.

      Because of that, game-wise, I get why Christmas put them up. I think that even as a game move it was a bad move - at least give them another week or two before you go after them - but it was also a bad moving going into the house on the heels of a season where the first 4 people evicted were PoC and what a big thing was made about that and conscious or unconscious bias. I felt ZERO sympathy when she was crying about doing it.


      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        If I give Tyler every benefit of the doubt, I’m still angry at him. so he wanted out of the game... he uses Bay and Days BLM platform to try to make himself look good to achieve his own stated goal of getting himself home. He then gets told he won’t get paid and can’t plan to be evicted by tptb. He does not tell this to Bay and Day. He does tell it rather joyfully to Christmas. He meets with Bay to set her up to cue Christmas during her nom speech (in collaboration with Christmas!) knowing he is not going up. wash, rinse, repeat his old season rubbing salt in her wounds. Now that he’s not going home, I see no remorse whatsoever. He must really have a huge chip on his shoulder against Bay. He could have confirmed with Christmas up front that she would nom him, but he didn’t.

      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        They were on the block guaranteeing one of them was going home. The psychological mind games he set in motion are just very cruel unnecessarily.

      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        Hello, Chirperr, nice to see you posting.

        I don't even remember what Bayleigh and Tyler got into on another year. If she got played, well, isn't that the game? You aren't owed anything because you come back to play another season.

        As for Tyler, he caught himself in a web of his own making. Not smart, really sloppy playing.

        Christmas should not have to rearrange her HOH for any of them. It's her HOH, she puts up who she wants, she shouldn't even have to consider changing her picks for elimination because of Tyler, Day or Bay.

        As for Bay, if you aren't in an alliance with someone, you shouldn't be angry to have been put on the chopping block. Well, sure, be angry, but you should acknowledge the fact that you let game information out and realize it's your own fault, instead of insisting it was personal information and acting like it was the other person's fault. Well, you still opened your mouth and gave the information out, it isn't a best friend's club. It's a game for half a million dollars, for Pete's sake.

        I just hope DaVonne isn't affected too badly by Bayleigh acting like that. But she'd better start winning or she'll be out the door. I like her, she's fun, and I wanted to see her go far this time.

        And I really, really hate to see this stuff go on, because this is why girls don't win. There wouldn't have been any argument at all if it had been boys involved.

        People keep referring to something that Bayleigh has gone through that was traumatic. I have no idea what that was, but if it's bad enough to bother a person to this extent, they should never have been allowed the in the BB house in the first place.

        Here I am ranting again. Everyone have a good day, time for me to get to work.

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      I did not see last season so I am not familiar with all that happened.

      However, I do not believe that anyone should win or lose because of race. I understand Bay's drive and reasoning but it really should be win on your merits, PERIOD! Christmas said last night that when Bay named Day as her "untouchable" that was it. She said "in this game you split up duos". Christmas is not wrong in that in this game. She also said that it isn't her job to allow Tyler to get his way in going home. Again, she is correct in that. All that said, I think it was crappy of Tyler and Christmas to go along with it enough to get Bay and Day hopes up. After seeing a bit of Tyler and Christmas talking I do not believe he was sincere in wanting to leave. He didn't seem the least bit upset about not getting out.


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        I do think Tyler was being completely sincere. I think he just got caught up in what production was telling him and then what Christmas was saying afterwards.


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          Replying to a few people here: People/HoH's change what they do based on other people all the time. They take in information/new perspectives, updated opportunities or mood shifts in the house, etc. and revise their game plans based on those. If you only have one game plan and can't even think of short-term adaptation rather than long-term, that's a strategic flaw in your game. "Shouldn't" have to do is not real world. Ideal world, no "shouldn't" have to do - but this is not the ideal world, it's the real world both in and out of the game.

          Also to say - public duos, yes, they do get split up. That is why I am saying that Day/Bay have made a major mistake in the gameplay on that front. Private duos don't always get split up. The issue was not declaring "untouchable" even this early in the game to another theoretically trusted ally (even if not in an explicit alliance).
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            I feel like Bay and Day have totally made this game about race, and that's such a shame. Not sure how much more of them I can listen to.


            • Tizmee
              Tizmee commented
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              I feel that way too. How sad that they are doing that. It paints a very bad light on the whole idea of the GAME of Big Brother ......

              I have, on no occasion, heard reference to their color by anyone other than themselves.

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            I watch big brother for entertainment not for political causes, race injustices etc. It is not the place and no one deserves to stay in the game based on their skin color, religious values or political preferences. IT is entertainment and a game to win the title and the reward. Those crying about I came here for a cause or to make a statement need to go Home. Kayser even with this was more than playing the game, Bye Bye


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              In my opinion, the division between Bay/Day and Christmas is an exact replica of the division of our nation. I feel for all 3 but Christmas brought it on herself. Either way Bay will go this week and either Christmas or Day will follow soon after depending on who wins HoH.


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                Thoughts on Nicole, Dani and Christmas Please get over yourselves. Would love to see Nicole go next she is a sneaky twit.


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                  I just watched the video of the fight and wow Christmas is so out of line with her I am afraid they will fork me in the face. It really puts another spin on her making the nominations she did. No one's game should be based on their skin color period. Christmas though wow just wow.


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                    Bay/Day are 100% playing a race related game. They isolated themselves and created a duo which was naturally targeted. They seem to expect that their "higher good" (black person winning BB) be supported by the other HGs. They must realize that the other HGs want and need the prize money and they are not there for Day/Bay.

                    Bay/Day have been relentless in getting Christmas to do what is best for them. They expect that the other HGs fall in line. They need to be reminded that the people with power WIN CONTESTS.

                    I regret that many people in BB see themselves as representatives of their "group" black, gay, women, mothers, etc I think there are many black people who could represent the black race far better than Day/Bay or David.

                    I believe Tyler was 100% wrong in trying to get Christmas to use her HOH and her Veto Power for his and Bay/Day's benefit. BB and Christmas rightfully stopped this plan. If he wants to quit then self-evict (without BB money being paid to him,).
                    Last edited by BigNick; 09-08-2020, 04:45 PM.


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                      BigNick, basically you're objecting to the casting, editorial and ratings-generating philosophy of CBS's Big Brother. Bay and Day are on the show because the producers felt they were needed for the producers' goals.

                      Bay and Day have a platform and the producers expect and encourage them to use it.

                      I get that you don't like it. But in those immortal Big Brother words, "It is what it is."


                      • sdkgeo
                        sdkgeo commented
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                        David did earlier in the game. He hasn't said as much lately.

                        Even Kevin has talked about the homophobic prejudice he encountered in his previous season.

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                      Day and Bay also have to put up with people taking jabs trying to make them explode so that they can label them the angry black, scary, aggressive woman, that is one of the big reasons they have been upset about being tested. Tyler, Christmas, and others have made comments about them being over emotional and aggressive. Yet they didn't make those comments about Dani when she was throwing things and crying and they don't say those things about Nicole who is crying every day.

                      They have a layer on top of the game because of the stereotypes that they have to fight.

                      Christmas was being aggressive last night trying to provoke them and it back fired on her.


                      • about2483
                        about2483 commented
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                        This! All of this!!!!

                      • Chirperr
                        Chirperr commented
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                        Yes, this is what I was talking about with how calm Bay has been this season, and not being given the room to have a normal human reaction even while others around them are.

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