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Live Feed Discussion - 9/12 - Day 39

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 9/12 - Day 39

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    Morning all. I knew I went to bed too early.

    It's a glorious day in the BB house. The 6 finally had something that didn't go their way. Sounds like things may have gotten ugly, so I am off to catch up. I heard someone compared David to OJ and they were yelling in his face. Wow, really, just Wow. What a bunch of entitled 5 year olds.


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      Well now that Dani possibly wants Tyler to stay... Yay if that happens... I hope Kevin goes home, and this totally messes up Dani's game😀


      • sdkgeo
        sdkgeo commented
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        Just think about if someone wins veto and she has to name somebody else. I would love if Day won the veto and took Kevin down. Things would get really messy though.

        If not, I'd be ok with Kevin going home. He's so bad at reading the house.

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      Can't imagine there was yelling in the face. Memphis apparently told David "congratulations on winning your first competition" and gave him a punch on the arm (convo in Kitchen , Dani, DaVonne, and Kevin talking around 12:15 AM) . Remember when they were all upset when Memphis told David a few weeks ago, welcome to the adult table, or something like that? And it was on the show and it was nothing at all. I suspect the same thing this time.

      Why David is crying and acting like it wasn't his power? That's just nuts. David needs to be out of the house. Maybe next week. I really hate to see Kevin go this week. I don't know what it is about him, but I like him.

      Glad Dani will not put DaVonne up.


      • Summerbbfan
        Summerbbfan commented
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        Cody, Dani were rehashing what Memphis said and did to David and it is now it was described above. I agree, there is something about Kevin that I like, I would hate to see him have to spend this Birthday alone in the jury house. I hope that Christmas's power gets used as well, just to see Dani's reaction when she has to nominate yet another houseguest. The core 4 was also talking about the season where the job had to nominate 5 people and Dani has threatened to quit if she has to put up anyone else. Go Kevin for the veto win. Could the veto be nice and go seem since they had the yard last night?

      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        Memphis commented that he was told by production that it was OK to intimidate. Why, I don't know. You may be right Summerbbfan, about what went down. But I also stand by the big deal they made out of what Memphis did before that turned out to be nothing. Memphis certainly doesn't like David, that's for sure. He's probably annoyed that he's a total newbie who didn't even bother to research the game, and he's on an all star season, at least, that was the impression I came away with.

        I don't think Memphis is a really nice person. I watched some of his talks with Kaysar early in the morning when they both were up drinking coffee, and it's just his views on running his restaurants and Covid-19 that were a real turn off. Especially when it comes down to "it's your right to go to a restaurant if you want to make that decision" totally ignoring the fact you can make the decision to get the virus yourself, but you are also making the decision to spread it to others. I understand business, just heard the other day that the top three job areas in the country are the school systems, government jobs, and restaurant workers, but he's talking about people's lives. So if someone wants to vote him off, I'm all for it.

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      I meant hide-and-go-seek.


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        Yeah, I agree about David. I wish she had never gotten that power so he would be gone this week. He's doing a terrible acting job pretending he never got it, and on top of it complaining that he's always a constant Target when he hasn't been on the Block for weeks.
        in any case, I think it's going to be a crazy time from now on LOL. And I'm fine with Kevin going home. I do give Dani some credit for playing hard, but she's always just annoyed me so much and I'd like to see her be the first to get turned on by her Alliance.(s)
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          We've had pets for awhile, and the HGs have been talking about a trip away from the house now and then. Wonder if they are doing that now for Veto?


          • Border57
            Border57 commented
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            Nope! Veto players picked, can't tell who is playing, though.

          • Palmleaf
            Palmleaf commented
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            Looks like Ian, Davonne and Enzo got picked to play in the PoV

            Personally, I hope Day wins and pulls Kevin off the block. Dani would have to come up with possibly TWO other noms (lol) if she first tries to replace Kevin with Xmas, cause I assume she would use her block power. And then on the spot Dani would have to nom ANOTHER person. Dani's face would be priceless looool
            Last edited by Palmleaf; 09-12-2020, 01:07 PM.

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          I'm very disappointed in Cody's comments about David. I do not care for David as a player but what Cody said just rubs we the wrong way. IDK, I'm disappointed with quite a few houseguests this season.


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            I think Dani is saying she wants to keep Taylor now to save face before Veto. If he is still on the block after Veto I think her narrative will change and she will start pushing for him to go.

            Enzo and Cody were talking and I really hope Enzo was paying close attention. Cody was telling Enzo that Dani thinks that she and Nicole are so close but the Nicole tells him everything. Read between the lines Enzo. Nicole and Cody are together. You would think with the wall yellers, these guys would be figuring that out. I haven't heard anyone talking about putting them up together and trying to split them up.


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              And we have pets! Veto time! I hope we don't have to listen to the music for too long this time.


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                How are they out in the yard, if they are supposed to play veto soon? Did I miss something?


                • #12
                  I think it's in the house, possibly the basement?
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                    Oops, forgot about the basement room. Duh.


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                      As far as keeping Tyler, I think Dani is also concerned about her alliance members and their true feelings as to her putting Tyler on the Block. Sounds to me like they would have definitely preferred Day to go up, or even Ian. The fact that Day is being 100% protected this week by Dani could seriously hurt her game next time around. I hope that's the case, because I really want Dani out of there asap LOL


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                        Originally posted by Border57 View Post
                        Can't imagine there was yelling in the face. Memphis apparently told David "congratulations on winning your first competition" and gave him a punch on the arm (convo in Kitchen , Dani, DaVonne, and Kevin talking around 12:15 AM) .
                        If Memphis really didn't punch David's arm he should be expelled from the house. CBS shouldn't allow any kind of violence or "rough-housing" by anyone. They should be ashamed to let him get away with it. They got rid of the guy who "playfully" put a knife to that girl's throat in like the 2nd season, why should Memphis be permitted to strike someone. If he had hit one of the girls that way he's be in serious trouble and let's face it David is a pansy wipe so he should be given the same consideration as over of the girls. We all know if Memphis did that to Kevin Twitter would be up in arms over it and Kevin would have gone straight to the DR to complain. Doesn't seem fair that Memphis is given special dispensation to strike other members in the house. IMO!


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