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Live Feed Discussion - 9/13 - Day 40

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 9/13 - Day 40

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    Good morning all.

    Let the scheming and gaslighting begin.


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      C'mon, Day .... don't let Derrick's octopus stop you from saving Kevin!


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        Morning, everyone! Things are so interesting now in the house I'm not sure what's going on! LOL! Getting hard to follow.

        I sure hope Tyler goes. He's a vote for the big side of the house, but they don't need him and he'd have to go sometime. I like Kevin, I don't think he'll go much further so keep him for now. David should just go. Nice guy in a personal way, but all he's done so far is destroy Tyler's game for no particular reason that I can see. I didn't like to see him commiserating with Tyler when it's his power that put on the block, either. Why wouldn't he own up to it at least to Tyler, when he was supposed to be working with Tyler? There's certainly nothing wrong with saving your own skin in the game but other than that, he doesn't seem to have a clue. I know I go on and on about David, it's pointless for me. And I want Tyler to go, anyway. I wish I could talk about how Production cast David in the first place, but then we'd get STARS again. LOL!

        There's who I'd like to evict! Button Boy! They used to say "Please stop talking about Production" and the hamsters would whine but we'd get no FISH from it and the conversation wouldn't be interrupted. Now, it's Stars, stars, stars at the drop of a hat. Is it because it's All Stars and they all know quite a bit about the production side? Or is it just Button Boy? If I can't follow what's going on because of it, not much reason for the feeds. You come back three minutes later and it's "him or her" that they are talking about and you have to start guessing who the conversation is about.

        Unless Davonne, Ian, or David (or Kevin) win an HOH very soon to stop their numbers falling they are gone. And they need multiple wins, too. One HOH won't do it. Veto wins will be meaningless to them as well, as they'll just get substituted out of the game.

        So dump Tyler now so things can be interesting for us feeders later on!

        Sorry for book writing. It's a rainy morning.

        Off to make a donation for all of Lexie's good work!


        • SmilemakerRDH
          SmilemakerRDH commented
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          Noooo I want Tyler to stay! Kevin is annoying, all his does is whine oh poor pitiful me. His reads are so so bad. Day would be better off without him.

        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Yes I do vote to evict button boy. The button is pushed not only when HGs talk about production but worse when HGs are talking game. Another rant, why so very often do we have all four feeds on the same thing?

        • Pioneer
          Pioneer commented
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          Kevin is annoying, but Tyler has to go. Otherwise, we do not even have Big Brother. As Border says, they just walk all over the rest. What fun is that for us?

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        I know it always makes sense to try and get rid of the better players early, but for me that takes away from the fun of some alliances having to go after each other near the end LOL. I'd rather see Kevin go this week, as I just don't feel he contributes much to the game play and has such a bad read on the house. David would have been my preference but obviously that didn't work out.


        • Border57
          Border57 commented
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          Well, that's kind of the thing: Tyler doesn't seem to be playing that well this year. We know he was at the DR to talk to a doctor about the weight he has lost, which is probably because of psychological issues. I just don't think his heart is in it this year.

        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          He's probably worried about Angela finding another man! LOL. Let's be honest, Angela is a 10 and Tyler is maybe a 6. lol 😂😂

        • cutencuddly
          cutencuddly commented
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          Tyler only a 6? Dayamn, Kenny. You have high standards.

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        I agree, he is not the player he was last time. I think he's trying to get his head in the game, but having a really hard time with it. Hopefully he will get some of that Spirit back, because I enjoyed him so much in his last season. Yet bottom line of course is that if the game is affecting him in such a negative way, healthwise or other, then maybe leaving is best. If he goes, I wish you well and hope he is okay. He does have a wonderful life to go back to, and that's awesome.

        But that said, I feel like other people are barely playing at all , and of course there is also the likeability factor for me, and simply why are some of them even there at all. I'd rather see Kevin go over Tyler, but I do wish David had never gotten that power so he would be the one going this week.
        which brings me to Dani and Nicole LOL. My hope Is that the house turns on them first over others, as I just want to plug my ears whenever they open their mouths lol.( Not a fan of Memphis either, or Day.)
        This really makes me miss past seasons, and some of the awesome gameplay, just wonderful good gameplay and fun.(in which I include from people like Tyler.) Maybe we'll get some yet, we'll see
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        • Border57
          Border57 commented
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          I've liked Nicole other years. I started out with feeling OK about her this year, but she just seems to be being dragged along and isn't doing much this time around. Because she's a prior winner, she's probably useful to take to the end, but she doesn't seem that much of a player this time around.

          I actually like Dani, though, and other years I didn't.

          Yes, we need some fun!!

        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          I am hoping Tyler breaks out of his depression. I want to see him enjoy the game again. Maybe some hope, as I see him interacting more with others.

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        Please do not posts links without prior approval from the administrators.
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          Memphis is delusional saying HE set it up so that Dan would take him to F2 rather Jerry.


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            Lol there's that Memphis ego, and probably a lot of still lingering embarrassment in that he didn't get a single vote in the final 2! Dan ran that season in every way shape and form. It's rare we get to see that kind of amazing strategy, pre -thought. and being able to adjust and come out on top of every situation . They don't call it Dan Mist for nothing LOL. Just an amazing player, that Dan.
            Last edited by lyriele2; 09-13-2020, 01:25 PM.


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              Fine , so I can’t believe that not more people are taking about how racist of a comment it was for Cody to compare David to freaking OJ Simpson. Just wow


              • Mary4BB
                Mary4BB commented
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                That will take us down a road we prefer to avoid here on BBU. I could write a volume about how I feel about all of it. David, Bay, Ian, Kevin. How the feeling of -ist is surrounding every moment. Racist, mysogonist, all of the -ics too. I am incensed over all of it.

                There are lots of conversations to be had. But this site is not the place for them. I am not an administrator or moderator, this is just my opinion.

              • Dog Lover
                Dog Lover commented
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                That statement was Racist and truly delusional.
                I hope they were just too stunned to believe it.
                Thank heavens the fans are in an uproar.

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              So DaVonne is in such a tough spot. If she doesn't use the Veto then Kevin goes home and she loses one of her allies. If she uses the Veto, she moves up on everyone's hit lists.

              For selfish reason, I want her to use it. Not necessarily that I want Kevin to stay or Tyler or Ian to go. I just would like for one time this season for something to not go the way the big alliance wants it to go.

              I really wish that Dani had the details of the power that Christmas has. She has to use it after the veto is used but before the replacement is named. So if she felt super safe, maybe she would not use it and end up on the block. Once she is named as the replacement it would be too late for her to activate the power. But now Dani is spooked by her power and will not even entertain putting her up.

              I would also rather her put up Memphis and they send him home. I just can't with him.

              But no matter what happens, this week will defiantly shake things up.

              And just as a side rant. I really am tired of CBS censoring these conversations. I have had the feeds for the last several years and each year they block more and more of the conversations. They are also warning the house guest on how they are being perceived outside of the house. (apparently Nicole was warned about the Ian incident). Let them play the game without information from the outside. Giving them that information to me is no different than the wall yellers.


              • Summerbbfan
                Summerbbfan commented
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                I can see your point Aprilshowers, but maybe they felt the need to tell her so she wouldn't be surprised.

                What gets me is the talk of not wanting to go to jury house. I know that most of them have not experienced that part of the game, but it is part of the game . It is not a group win so they all had to realize that they could end up in the jury house. They all should have thought about that before saying yes.

                I would love to as Day use the veto on Kevin, but I am not ready to see Ian go, he is one of my favorites. I am also warming up to Dani, and Chistmas is declining on the houseguests that I like. Who is Body's final two truly with? Is it with Memphis?

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              Cody shouting out to BBU!


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                I know house guests have said over the years that they don't want to sit in the jury house, whether it's out of game frustration at that point or just having been confined to the house first, and then having to move on to the next phase of being confined. Yes of course they know that going in, and it's probably not a big deal before the fact, but maybe once you are in the game for a while that just sometimes becomes part of the thinking process. It doesn't really bother me that they say those things. Maybe I would be saying them too if I were in there for a while, whether out of anxiety or frustration, missing loved ones, or just being in there with some really annoying people lol.
                Last edited by lyriele2; 09-13-2020, 05:40 PM.


                • #14
                  As for Cody, I wonder if he really even has a set final two. I can't imagine he would want to take Nicole after she is already won, and I know I certainly don't want to see her there LOL


                  • Twirlly
                    Twirlly commented
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                    I think there may be a feeling that taking a previous winner to final two is a good thing; the idea that no one will vote for someone to win twice. Seems like I heard or read that Ian and Nicole have had that conversation..... I may have dreamed it too.

                • #15
                  Yes that's a very good point. I guess if it were me, my worry would be that if they were allowed to get that far after having won already, they deserve to win again LOL Definitely 2 ways to look at it. I hope Nicole and Ian don't get the opportunity to sit in those two chairs yet again


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