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Live Feed Discussion - 9/16 - Day 43

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 9/16 - Day 43

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    Morning everybody. Let's see if anyone can make any headway on changing the eviction target to Tyler.


    • helenb
      helenb commented
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      I definitely like that idea!!

    • Lyvonne
      Lyvonne commented
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      No...I want tyler to

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    Morning Geo, and all who follow.

    Nothing is going to save Ian at this point, other than Enzo throwing a hinky vote, and Nicole voting to save Ian, despite what she tells Dani. Also, Day has to convince David to make it a 4-4 vote (on the mistaken belief that Nicole will vote to keep Ian in the house). The trajectory they are on is for David to evict Ian, Nicole to evict Ian, leaving only Kevin/Day to vote to keep him. If David does flip to keeping Ian, then Nicole gets her wish, David will be blamed, and split from Day/Kevin and the big alliance will continue to steamroll the house. But all that is really just window dressing. The crux of flipping the house is winning the next HoH. If Kevin, Day or David win HoH, they will cut into the core group, if they don't then we are in for more of the same (with possibly Enzo going after Dani and Nicole, but more likely Kevin/Dani or Kevin/Nicole) meaning Kevin would go home, and further obscuring the blurred lines in the house.

    Ian needed to come clean to Kevin, or Day, to save his position in the game, and I just don't see that happening. Kevin and Day still do not see the big alliance for what it is, and at one point laughably thought Ian was more central then Ian. Day has the right thought though, to push David to vote to force a 4-4 tie (assuming Nic votes to boot Tyler), and force Dani to make the actual eviction choice. It would be great TV, and reveal alot of where she stands in the house. Day is not likely to get much more than 2 cycles down track, but at least she went out impacting the game.

    Things to watch today: Enzo and indications of what he will really do (I am still only 60% sure he will vote out Ian at this point). Fall out from Ian telling Dani he blames her. Cracks between Nic/Dani as Nic realizes Dani sacrificed her number one to protect Enzo (which just from a game perspective is obviously a better decision, both from connections in the house, and competition record), and what David (Cody's useful idiot) will actually do. David is very smart, but completely unsophisticated about this game, and is being used by both sides, without seeing where he stands, or that he has almost no ability to control events or how he is perceived in the house.

    Best positioned is Cody, who won't go up unless Kevin wins HoH, and who would survive eviction against anyone in the house right now. Worst is Ian, followed by Kevin. Ian obviously going home, and Kevin as the number one target, being in a must win HoH position to survive the next cycle.


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      Thanks KeninVA, your read on the house is flawless. Even David can't hold a candle to you (bad joke) That man really thinks that he knows exactly whats happening in that house. The crying on command thing is stunning tho. I don't think I've ever seen anyone be able to do that before. I hope Tyler stays, otherwise I don't see anyone else going after the 2 blonde mean girls and their Mommy Dearest Holiday. I'll be nervous right on thru 9pm Thursday.


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        Looking pretty good that Tyler is going to stay. ☺


        • Summerbbfan
          Summerbbfan commented
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          I guess that is a good thing. To have him stay.But whose to say that Ian wouldn't also go after Dani. Is there any chance that Ian could pull out a mirCle?

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        It's hard to say, on both counts. You just never know with this game LOL . Eviction day is usually a nail-biter for me , because you never know what's going to happen the night before or even last minute.😀
        With Ian, it doesn't seem to me that he's been trying, for the most part, to win anything. I think he was feeling too comfortable by flying low under the radar, and then when he does get put on the Block he's a really poor sport about it. I guess for me, it just still goes back to the fact that he has won before, and if you have a chance to get him out you should take it. Same with Nicole, who I would love to see go to jury soon.


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          After listening to Nicole at the end of last nights episode and crying that Ian is her ally and best friend, then adds that if he goes she, will be the only previous winner - and that, would put a huge target on her back ....

          My question is, how genuine is her friendship with Ian? or is it so shallow she only cares that he is her only true chance to win at the end?

          Then, there was Enzo and Cody’s late night chat about actually voting out Tyler ...... what the .... ?


          • Border57
            Border57 commented
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            No target on her back if Ian goes! She will be the only winner and who is best to take to F2 with you? A previous winner! No one will give her the money over the person sitting beside her who has never won. She's the perfect F2.

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          I think it’s more sinister than that . I think Nicole knows that she is going to get a huge backlash because of how she mocked Ian (along with the other horrendous HG.) now she’s trying to save face by boo-hooing and calling him her best friend. Nic is trying to come across AGAIN as a nerdy oppy dopey from small town USA...But she’s really a snake 🐍 . She’s going to get a lot of black lash for various things But I wish they didn’t give her the heads up.


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            You know, this is the first time I have gotten the live feeds since Tylers season, and I'm so disappointed in seeing these stars pop up continuously. I really want to watch what's going on in the house, but if this keeps up I may just cancel the feeds😕
            Last edited by lyriele2; 09-16-2020, 05:37 PM.


            • beckyd30
              beckyd30 commented
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              The button boy is craziest this year. He doesn't know when to press the "Please don't talk about production" instead of the cut feed button.

            • Border57
              Border57 commented
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              I sent a complaint to CBS and will let everyone know if I get an answer. I don't think I'll get anything beyond a form letter, though.

              It's been so bad this afternoon that I really don't know what's going on. It's interruption after interruption, and I can't follow any conversation at all.

              They could make the feeds free right now and it would hardly be worth listening to.

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            Thanks Border for sending a complaint in (even if we only do get a bs response), because this is beyond ridiculous. Essentially stealing people’s money (and at least half the fun of watching BB in the first place 😒)


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              I, too, have sent in a complaint. The feeds are so bad this year with interruptions.


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                I sent a complaint as well.
                Wow, I've got to say that Ian is just being a real jerk right now. I really didn't think he would be such a poor sport, but he is seriously being one.
                Last edited by lyriele2; 09-16-2020, 07:55 PM.


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                  Why is Ian throwing Day and Kevin under the bus. They're not on the block with him. He needs to focus on telling people why they should get rid of Tyler.

                  How did some of these people make it to the end. All I can think is that someone carried them.


                  • lyriele2
                    lyriele2 commented
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                    I want Tyler to stay, but you are right, that is exactly what Ian should be doing. Not this poor sport, poor strategy, being a total jerk nonsense.

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                  Earlier, they were mentioning how bad Ian was last night. Does anyone have details of what happened?


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                    Maybe Ian thinks that being an ass that no one likes will make him a good person to drag to the end.


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