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Live Feed Discussion - 9/22 - Day 49

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 9/22 - Day 49

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    Good morning everybody.


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      Good morning. Looks like things are finally starting to spin a bit of a different way in the house. I really don't like the fact of dragging David along, wish he'd been gone a long time ago. But now some want to use him to get further . Typical LOL
      I would love to see somebody, anybody, go after Dani and Nicole. I guess I just would like to see anybody who has not been on the Block get a dose of it.


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        I'm pretty disappointed with this season so far. I was bummed to see Janelle and Kaysar out so soon. A lot of the other HG's I didn't like the first time around (Dani, Nicole, Cody...) and they are even worse now. Especially Danielle. And even though I'm ambivolent towards David, the way he's been treated has been downright ****ty. These houseguests aren't very smart either.. They're playing emotionally and not logically. Blaming David for the rogue vote? HELLO!!! Danielle put him and Kevin on the block!!! Why wouldn't he want it to be a tie to force Dani to show her cards ??? I'm still watching but this season has been so predictable and these HG's seem like a bunch of entitled brats.


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          Feeds seem to have been down for awhile today. Are they introducing the next door neighbor?


          • sdkgeo
            sdkgeo commented
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            They had the plumbers in. Apparently they've been having a lot of plumbing trouble.

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          Maybe Christmas has them all tied up and is explaining to them why she should NOT be a have -not. That could take hours LOL


          • Mary4BB
            Mary4BB commented
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            I tell you what, if she cut her eyes at me like she did when she was given that have not, she and I’ll be having a meeting behind the woodshed

          • lyriele2
            lyriele2 commented
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            Lol!😀 she was definitely mad in a very entitled kind of way.

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          Feeds are back up. Everyone just eating so far.


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            First day in weeks I’ve been able to watch feeds and they’re down, then up for half a second then down. Frustrating!


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