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Live Feed Discussion - 9/27 - Day 54

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 9/27 - Day 54

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    Morning all.

    Cody won the veto. It's 2020 so of course he did. It's possible David could go since he took the money.

    Dani is going to regret not taking out Tyler when she had the shot. She'll look back on the season and realize that's where things went wrong. She's deferred to Cody way too much.


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      Good for David for taking the money.

      What was he supposed to do? Count on everyone else in the power alliance wanting to drag him to the Final Two?

      Sorry-not-sorry to all the pearl clutchers in there trying to spin it into him doing something stupid. Probably the smartest thing he has done since walking into the house. He got the money, you didn't. And you had no respect for him anyway, so how is this different? Except now he has life-enhancing money.

      Edit: oh, I see he says he is donating the money, so he's trying to play this as a social conscience thing. Whatever. That makes him slightly less interesting to me again. But whatever. He did something moderately interesting for once.
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      • sdkgeo
        sdkgeo commented
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        I agree. He knows he has no chance. I would have taken it too.

      • Summerbbfan
        Summerbbfan commented
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        I tend to agree. If you know you are on the losing team, why not win something for yourself.

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      I guess I feel like when you're on the Block, you should try play for the veto, assuming you agreed to be on the show to actually play the game as far as you can possibly get. I think what's most irritating about David is obviously that he has no idea what the show is even about, trying to learn as he goes. And with a personal agenda. On the losing side or not, I can see where it would be irritating that he didn't go for the win. If he wasn't on the Block, absolutely go for it.
      On the flip side, there are a lot of irritating people in the house this season LOL. Can we just have some fun now and go after a Danielle or a Nicole or a Memphis?😀
      Last edited by lyriele2; 09-27-2020, 11:11 AM.


      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        100%. Getting on a GAME SHOW and not knowing anything about it is about as dumb as you can get.

    • #5
      I read this on Twitter.... interesting perspective!

      "It isn’t the 10k everyone is mad at. David taking the money is a problem bc he was SUPPOSED to spend the week kissin' ass, begging for safety and sweating the week out as THEY decide his fate. David taking the money is like taking control back and they can’t handle it."


      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        yep these smug ones think everything should go their way... David is mystery. Of course Cody is not telling folks he told David not to worry.

      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        I disagree with that. He's simply disrespecting the spirit of the game. I sure as heck DO NOT watch this so I can see some idiot who professes not to know anything about the game to act like he's playing. Let this 60 year old woman on there and I'll know more about how the game is played than he does. And how many times have we heard him say "I've got to step it up this time" and then "I'm disappointed in myself" when he doesn't do well again. Go be disappointed in Jury, and it's a shame he even gets to Jury when real players were voted out early.

      • lyriele2
        lyriele2 commented
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        Border, I agree with everything you just said. David is definitely disrespecting the spirit of the game.

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      By the way, the best thing about this season is you guys.

      I was excited to see it was All-Stars. But I would definitely have dropped out of the season by now if I didn't have you to come hang with.



      • #7
        So what the heck is up with the Dr. Will stunt casting? Is he going to show up again at all? If he wasn't part of the HoH or the Veto, how else would they see him?


        • #8
          Originally posted by sdkgeo View Post
          So what the heck is up with the Dr. Will stunt casting? Is he going to show up again at all? If he wasn't part of the HoH or the Veto, how else would they see him?
          Hosting the triple?


          • #9
            That would be cool! I would certainly hope he's going to host something, though it may be from the privacy of his own house LOL


            • #10
              I hope, in the interest of getting something interesting on the live show, they don't tell the about the triple at first. Just tell them about the double eviction, play the hour out, then send them to HOH, and tell them then, that the winner must immediately nominate two HG's for eviction. With two hours, they should be able to keep the HG's in the dark for the first hour, since they only have to run another POV and eviction in an hour, without the need for filler.


              • mimichick
                mimichick commented
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                Great point - I hope they keep them in suspense as long as possible!!!

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              Hi there...does anyone here know how I can watch tonight's episode through my All Access account? Due to living in a red-flag warning, high fire danger area, our electricity was recently turned off. Which means: my Directtv DVR didn't record the episode. When I go to my CBS account, the most recent episodes available are way outdated. Any help or any link you can throw my way will be much appreciated. Thanks!


              • Mary4BB
                Mary4BB commented
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                Hmmm I’m seeing tonight’s episode available and rest of season. In CBS app go to Shows and select BB All Stars. Should be top of list.

                Good luck!

              • zbear57
                zbear57 commented
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                Thanks everyone. It did just pop up as available on CBS through my All Access account. I guess there is a delay in posting the most current episode. You know...kinda like the endless stars, puppies and kittens they make us endure while they take their time giving us what we pay for! Haha!

              • KennyERJ
                KennyERJ commented
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                Hi zbear57 I see by the post below that you already found the episode but just to let you know, on the night the episodes air, they post it on the CBS website (you don't even have to have CBS All Access) around 1 AM ET/10 PM PT.

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