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Live Feed Discussion - 9/28 - Day 55

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 9/28 - Day 55

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    Everybody is all tucked away.


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      I hope they put Kevin out of his misery soon, and let him know, he is the one to go. Stringing him along seems pointless. The Neighbor house is a bust, IMO. With only 3 shows available, one of which is going to be focused on Triple, making a big deal about Will, and then only having him on the Wed show (probably to host some kind of old school luxury comp), seems really lame. To quote another prolific website/BB blogger "This season doesn't need a Dr. Will, it needs Dr. Kevorkian". Lets just get down to 3 and end this mess. My prediction for Thursday is Kevin, followed by Dani, followed by either Tyler or Xmas. If Tyler or Xmas get that last HOH it will be Dani, followed by Nicole.


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        Good Morning everyone! I’m sure Cody will be keeping noms the same, so no excitement at the POV ceremony.

        I agree, the Dr. Will/neighbor is a bust. The HG’s are not talking about him so I don’t think he has made an appearance other than on the Live Show last Thursday. I don’t think he had any involvement in OTEV as he hasn’t been mentioned by the HG’s, so he probably won’t be on Wednesday show either. Who cares if he is there Thursday, just want to see that TRIPLE eviction! I sure hope they don’t give the HG’s a heads up on it....give us some excitement!
        Last edited by Lynette; 09-28-2020, 06:43 PM. Reason: Cody won POV, mistakenly put Tyler.


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          Good morning all, Lynette, didn't Cody win the Veto? That's what I thought, so I've been hoping for a big backdoor plan, praying that someone pisses Cody off so that he uses it. Oh well, a girl can dream. I'm kinda ready for Dani or Xmas to get the boot.


          • Lynette
            Lynette commented
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            Yes, it was Cody! Tyler was last week and I must have still been thinking about that. Thank you for updating the Live Feeds. It is much appreciated 😊

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          Ok guys, I know this isn't about season 22, but I just watched a you tube video of Dick Donato, when he stood on a stump for over 8 hours in pouring down frigid water ( and yes BB, I noticed how so much more water was being poured on Dick, than on Zack. So unfair. I literally cried all over again! A skinny 44 year old man took that kind of abuse, all for his daughter (who I still consider to be an ungrateful brat) even tho at the end she said it was OK if he couldn't go on. That was way back when the houseguests were actually trying to win. They gave it their all. They didn't throw the veto away in 5 seconds, for a $$ prize. I think I'll watch season 8 again, seems to be better than the current season. End of rant. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


          • lyriele2
            lyriele2 commented
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            That Dick and Zack competition was a classic. Unbelievable. Those were definitely the days of Great Big Brother . And you're right, Danielle is a little brat LOL

          • Lynette
            Lynette commented
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            Those were the good old days.....and CHUM baths, the BEST!

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          My hope for the triple...oh course it will be kevin...than tyler wins hoh and buh bye Dani...then maybe christmas wins and bye bye nicole...i can dream or cody can win and christmas can needs to just get down to cody, memphis, enzo, tyler and some random person that squeeks thru and let the blood bath will be the only fun this season


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            I know nobody likes David and thinks he's a sheep/goat/someone to drag along for a sure win from the jury, and that is exactly why I want him to win an HOH toward the end and win the whole thing. The only way that happens is if Da'Vonne and Kevin work magic at the jury house, but this season has been way too predictable, and David has been persona non grata since before the show began. He was a goldfish thrown in a shark tank and has never been given an opportunity to play because nearly everyone there treated him like he didn't belong there. Memphis has been pushing that narrative since day 2. I'm just so over the cool kids.


            • Summerbbfan
              Summerbbfan commented
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              I would like David to win an HOH and nominate Memphis, just to show him and the other houseguests that he knows how to play the game. I would also like him to get to the end. I am so over cool, kids or attractive people winning and controlling the game.

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            And to elaborate, this cast is like some weird alternate universe John Hughes/Lorne Michaels/Adam Sandler/Key & Peele movie mashup.
            Christmas = Taylor Vaughn, She's All That
            David = Malcolm, Dope
            Nicole A. = Natalie, The House Bunny
            Dani = Regina George, Mean Girls
            Cody = Ferris Bueller, Ferris Bueller's Day Off
            Kevin = Damian, Mean Girls
            Tyler = Dean Sampson, She's All That
            Bayleigh = Katie, She's All That
            Nicole F. = Karen Smith, Mean Girls
            Memphis = Chet, Weird Science
            Enzo = John Bender, The Breakfast Club
            Janelle = Courtney, Jawbreaker
            Kaysar = Javed, Blinded by the Light
            Da'Vonne = Isis, Bring It On
            Keesha = Shelley, The House Bunny
            Ian = Brian, The Breakfast Club


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              I actually disagree that David has not been given the opportunity to play. He certainly has had the same chance as everyone else to win HOH, but just hasn't.
              As for Memphis, I am so over him too. I would like to see him be the first of the guys to get evicted. Definitely want to see Tyler win HOH and get rid of one of the girls. Enzo might do that as well.
              As for Cody, he has just been sitting pretty all season and needs to feel some pressure. But the great and comfy position he has been in so far is mostly other HG's fault who are aligned, or semi aligned, with him. And it's mostly the girls who have kept him in that comfortable place, because they protect him way too much.
              Last edited by lyriele2; 09-28-2020, 06:05 PM.


              • BBJedi
                BBJedi commented
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                You're comment just reinforces in my mind that Cody is as Teflon-coated as Ferris Bueller.
                Also, I don't disagree about David not being given the opportunity to play in comps. I had in my head that his social game had no chance coming in, and it was my intent to convey that. He has had just as much opportunity to win HOH and POV as anyone else. I apologize for not being clear. Again, he's a goldfish in a shark tank.

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              LOL a goldfish in a shark tank certainly about sums it up. With David, I would liken it even more to just a fish out of water. Im not sure his social game would have been much better with different players, though, because he just had no idea what Big Brother was about coming in. To me, that has been his biggest downfall, along with some of his own personal agenda. He's trying to learn as he goes, but that lack of knowledge ( not to mention not taking the time to study the game from previous seasons) is likely going to be used against you when you are playing with people who have been around the Big Brother block more than once and gotten much further before.
              That said, he's gotten pretty far, though most of that has not been his own gameplay. It just could bite others in the butt if they continue to tow him along. Always the chance he could win an HOH at any time, and possibly at an important time, and spin the game in a direction that nobody expected it to go. Guess we'll have to wait and see LOL


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                I know everyone probably already knows but:

                Cody did NOT use the POV.

                Kevin & David remain on the block.


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                  I think they need to just put Kevin out of his misery and send him out.


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