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Live Feed Discussion - 9/29 - Day 56

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 9/29 - Day 56

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    Morning everybody.


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      Lyriele: "I think they need to just put Kevin out of his misery and send him out."

      I agree with that.

      But I also agree with the hamsters who are figuring out that there's more than one person who would like to drag David to the end instead of honoring other F2 agreements. With the house numbers shrinking and all those other big targets still in the house, odds are getting better and better for David to make it to F3, and thus to F2.


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        Not a fan of David’s but should he win an HOH, I think Cody will be in for a rude awakening. Cody thinks he has pulled David under his wing but I think David holds resentment towards Cody for putting him on the block. Cody refers to David as his Victoria. I do think David is much more aware than her.
        Cody also wants David to target Memphis. And I know David is a prime out for Memphis.
        Here’s the thing I find most interesting, David has only complimented two HGs, Memphis and Tyler. I think David would target Cody


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          I think David is an enigma. I sure can't figure him out. I do think he has more awareness of the game connections than he lets on. Sometimes, I wonder if he's playing a great game, acting the town idiot. But then he opens his mouth, speaks incoherent partial sentences without ever getting anywhere and I just shake my head - "Nope. Nope. Nope." I'd like him to win an HOH to see if he acts in his own best interest or is as easily manipulated as some think.

          I am in agreement that Kevin needs to go to jury house. Let him go enjoy his time with Day!

          The triple eviction should stir things up - even if it's only momentary. If we're lucky, we'll get to see drama all week - or we could get a lot of feeds down and stars. I'm not overly fond of any one left. I would like to see any of these go during the triple (2 if I'm lucky): Cody, Memphis, Tyler, Enzo.

          How do you think they'll do the 2nd and 3rd evictions? My guess is 3 people will be nominated and 2 voted out. I don't think they'll do 2 HOH, 2 veto, and 3 votes. It would be tight time wise with everything live.


          • CubbyBrother
            CubbyBrother commented
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            koko---it's a two hour "live" show so they should have time. Since there are three evictions we should expect the HOH comps and the POV to be more random when it comes to a winner---which could be good.

            Even if CBS keeps that third eviction under wraps until it happens I am going to dread those 4-5 minute commercial breaks where they will be able to scamper into rooms and chat. I'm for rapid fire----HOH---nominate immediately---go to POV---and play the game the "expect the unexpected" way.

            At this point, I still don't have a favorite to lean on----maybe Enzo because he has gotten the good, funny edit. (and maybe Tyler because I may be in the minority but I think all of his "I want out. I'll take the sword for you, Day" was brilliant game play in retrospect). note: I am not a Tyler fan.

            I also find it crazy, in my mind, that Memphis is playing a Dan (S10) game and Cody is playing a Derrick game. To me, Cody is the really the ultimate floater---he doesn't appear to be on anybody's radar other than Kevin's and that means nothing now.

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          My Hope for the Triple eviction is Kevin, Dani, and one of Nicole, David, or Memphis. I would say Cody, but I think the odds of him going are incredibly Slim. If someone managed to get him out during the triple, that would be pretty impressive, and then the fun would really begin. The only people I can say I would like to see survive the triple are Tyler and Enzo, and even Christmas.


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            For the triple eviction I would love to see Memphis, Christmas and Dani go. Nicole and Cody would have to start playing! Jmho


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              They were apparently shown a video that has made them all think this is a fast fwd/double eviction week. Everyone is talking game & preparing for the possibility. Definitely getting catty.


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                Please please don't tell them about the triple until the double is over.


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                  If Enzo gets to F2, he wins over anyone. His social game will duplicitous is stellar. Tells everyone what they want to hear.


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                    Wow .... they might figure out the triple. Dagnabbit.

                    Originally posted by Lexie View Post
                    Tyler and David speculate about what's happening this week...

                    David tells Tyler that he thinks that there will be an eviction tonight,... and then 2 people evicted on Thursday,......
                    Tyler to David - 3 steps ahead.

                    David to Tyler - has there ever been 3 people evicted in one week?
                    Tyler - - no ....

                    David says that would take them down to 6 .... going into next week ...

                    Tyler- I just want something to happen.... 3 going this week.. I'm good with that ...

                    David - yes .....


                    • CubbyBrother
                      CubbyBrother commented
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                      Seems like they are giving them hints—-dang!!!

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                    Tyler is out gathering information. I am glad to see him preparing for this week.


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                      Me too. I'm just wondering why they started thinking there might be three people evicted this week. Darn it, I wanted them to be surprised LOL
                      Everybody is freaking out and scheming, and nobody really trusts anybody right now. Let the game begin!😀
                      if I understand correctly, Dr Will made a comment along the lines of not being one or two steps ahead, but THREE. I'm guessing that's where they got the idea.
                      Last edited by lyriele2; 09-29-2020, 07:21 PM.


                      • NYGIANTSLOVER56
                        NYGIANTSLOVER56 commented
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                        lyriele2, its something in a message from Dr. Will. He told the house that he needs to get 3 or 4 of them out of there this week.

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                      Has anyone ever referenced the small photos in the bedroom, that they might play a role in a comp?


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