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Live Feed Discussion - 10/8 - Day 65

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 10/8 - Day 65

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    Morning all. I guess we're still at voting out Tyler tonight. I will laugh if Christmas ends up taking out Nicole or Cody next week.


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      Given the performance by Nic and Enzo during past HOH, I doubt that either will win tonight. If Memphis can throw to Christmas, he will. No matter what Cody and Nic end up on the block. If either win VETO, then Enzo on the block.

      Given the remaining HGs, I am hoping Memphis wins this thing for the reason Slowpoke stated last night. He at least has been the most upfront.


      • CubbyBrother
        CubbyBrother commented
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        We have to be due for the good old slip and slide comp----I'm sure that is not good for Nicole---and it may be in Enzo's or Christmas' wheel house. Sort of hoping for Christmas because this is the only chance to get Cody out and it will be a boring final couple weeks if he's still in the game. It will be free for all crapshoot if he's gone with anyone being able to win.

        Would be interesting if Memphis wins and has to show his "wise guys" cards.....especially to Christmas.

      • kokomogirl
        kokomogirl commented
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        Memphis and Enzo both said they didn't want to win this HOH because then they wouldn't be able to play next week. They both are planning on gunning for POV. Enzo will throw it to Nicole if he can (to keep to his role of doing what Cody wants). Memphis will throw it to Christmas if he can. I expect it to be a battle between Christmas and Nicole if it's slip and slide and the boys can safely throw it. Memphis will have the excuse of his ankle. Enzo - "Yo, I couldn't stand up on that $***. Yo, I kept falling down on my @$$, yo!"

      • cutencuddly
        cutencuddly commented
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        I thought that the slip and slide was considered one which Nicole could be good at. Can't remember who said it. Maybe it was Cody and Nicole talking to each other.

    • #4
      Both Cody and Enzo are dismissing Nicole’s warnings that Memphis and Christmas are really close. She is observant of their relationship and I am sure she has noticed the change in their dynamics. Cody has gotten into his head about his ruling this game. Enzo is playing the same game as before by sticking with one person.


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        Well, not looking forward to Tyler leaving tonight, however I I am looking forward to Cody not being able to play in the HOH, and Nicole hopefully losing it. Best case scenario, Christmas wins it. Just the look on everyone's faces, and the scrambling that will ensue will be Joy enough LOL.
        Even though I very much dislike the pre-gaming that clearly occurred, Cody's ability to keep everyone in his corner is pretty incredible. But now he's very full of himself, and it would be nice to see him sit on the block. Would love to see neither him or Nicole win veto, so they can both be super insecure this coming week.
        I'm a bit ticked off with Enzo, sticking to Cody, despite the fact that keeping Tyler would have been in his best interest. He would then have at least two people targeting both Cody and Nicole, with at least Tyler also wanting Memphis out. He should have backed up Nicole when she had second thoughts about booting Tyler, and tried to convince her that if she really wanted to win this game, Cody needs to go. Okay, that likely would have backfired, since Nicole goes to Cody with everything, but I wish he had taken a shot at it. He's done so much talking about taking shots, big plays, Etc and done absolutely nothing to back it up.


        • belle1
          belle1 commented
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          Other than the pregaming, Cody wouldn’t had such an easy time of it if not for Nic and Enzo telling him everything

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        Originally posted by lyriele2 View Post
        Even though I very much dislike the pre-gaming that clearly occurred, Cody's ability to keep everyone in his corner is pretty incredible.

        Yeah .... gotta give him that


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          Production is sure letting the still-in-the-running players tell the evicted houseguests a lot about their strategy.

          Cody wins if he's sitting at F2. And he's going to be very hard to block from sitting at F2.


          • #8
            If there's an opportunity to get Cody out and nobody takes it, then Cody deserves to win with a unanimous vote.


            • #9
              Tyler is such a class act. Wish he had taken home a win. I have no doubt he will be at least one person who votes for the winner based on gameplay, and not personally.


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                Thanks to the members (you know who you are ) that are keeping an eye out and reporting posts that go against our rules & regulations here. Despite how times have changed with all the attacks on others and everyone just saying any crazy thing on certain social media sites and forums we take pride in being one of the most friendly Big Brother forums out there. Treat people with respect and you get respect. Don't and you won't be around here long. "I hear/understand your opinion but I disagree and here's why..." or just simply, "I think..."

                Personally, I believe you should come in and meet the members and get to know them and the feel of the board/forum before you start posting. It's just like walking into a room of new people you've never met before. You'd never come in cussing and talking bad about folks you don't even know. Be kind and spread love. We need as much of that as we can get nowadays!


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                  Who is truly taking who in a final 3 situation??.?....


                  I would be very interested in your perceptions!


                  • Summerbbfan
                    Summerbbfan commented
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                    Cody, I believe will the Memphis and Enzo, I had forgotten about the commission, Nicole will take Cody and Enzo. Enzo will take Cody and Nicole. Memphis will take Christmas if she survives the see and Cody, and Christmas will take Memphis and Enzo.

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