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Live Feed Discussion - 10/10 - Day 67

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 10/10 - Day 67

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    Good morning everybody.

    Veto today. I am pulling for whoever will screw up the plan. I'm about at the point that I want either Memphis or Christmas in the final 3 with Enzo there, they win and take Enzo and Cody and Nicole both get screwed.


    • #3
      Please at least let Nicole get screwed. All I want to hear right now is "Nicole, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house."


      • #4
        If Nicole makes it to the final 2 I would really consider giving her my vote. I mean, she shoulda been out a long time ago!

        they’d be smart to take Memphis out while they have the chance.

        Enzo really has played pretty good. Yo.

        I really wish Christmas would have gone over Tyler.

        mostly I wish Janelle and Kaysar were still there.

        and finally I want a camera to follow Nicole after the show when she sees and reads what’s happened to her.


        • #5
          Enzo has played a good social game, but but I don't think a good game all around. With being able to talk to everybody, he's had opportunities to convince others to make big moves, but has not done it. He has had at least one opportunity to vote in a big move way , and has not done it. And obviously has not won enough to make the big moves he keeps talking about wanting to make himself LOL.
          And protecting Cody the entire way through is not going to get him a win in the end if he is sitting next to him.


          • #6
            Big question Will Cody take Nicor Enzo?

            i think he will take Nic just in case he thinks this is an emotional jury. No one realizes Enzo’s dirty tricks.


            • #7
              I agree, I think Cody would take Nicole over Enzo. Nicole in there talking to herself today saying that she's crushing this game, that she's so good at it. No she's not. She just happened to be lucky enough to be close to Cody this season, and because Cody is so protected by everyone, she's coasting right through. I think if Cody had not been on this season, Nicole would have been gone by now. My opinion, anyway.


              • #8
                If by some strange chance it’s Nicole and Christmas in F-2, who wins?


                • lyriele2
                  lyriele2 commented
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                  The first refusal to vote for a winner in Big Brother history? LOL

              • #9
                I swear, BB22 is like the 2020 of BB seasons.


                • #10
                  I hope this veto is Nicole's last win of the season.😔


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