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Live Feed Discussion - 10/16 - Day 73

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 10/16 - Day 73

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    So Enzo still wants himself and Cody as final two, at least at this moment. Guess he is going for second place. Oh foolish foolish Jersey Boy😜


    • Tizmee
      Tizmee commented
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      Good Morning!
      I’m hoping Christmas can talk Enzo into putting up Cody and Nicole together! It would be a hard sell, but E needs to have his eyes opened wide ..... Then, either E or X win POV and oust Cody .... 🤞

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    I guess it doesn't matter much who goes up, as long as Christmas can pull off this extremely important veto.
    The talk between Nicole and Cody is just so horribly entitled. I can't even listen to it anymore. For Nicole to be calling people selfish, and being appalled that anyone would dare to talk about putting Cody on the Block ... of course they should want to put Cody on the Block . He just about has that money in his pocket right now, and pretty much has most of the season with all the protecting of him that's gone on.
    Enzo just has no guts at all.
    I can't believe it's come to rooting for Christmas LOL
    what a disappointing season. I need to find a new TV hobby LOL
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      So Enzo pulled out the HOH. Now Christmas must win the Veto.

      Was really kind of disappointed when I saw what the HOH comp was going to be. That is the kind of comp that two people can gang up on one person. They were also given advanced notice of what they would be playing so Enzo and Cody had time to strategize. I am curious to see how it played out. Did they gang up to take out Christmas. I think the F4 HOH should be something where everyone has an equal change of winning or losing on their own. Anyone think there is a possibility that if Christmas was out first the Cody let Enzo win. It would be an extremely risky move but if he wins Veto then he has ultimate power to decide who goes to F3. I know he wants Nicole. Maybe he didn't trust Enzo to keep Nicole over Christmas.

      He is extremely ****y this year so he may have taken that risk. I think he wants him, Nicole and Enzo F3 with him and Nicole F2. Only way to make sure that happens if for him to be the Veto winner. (or Nicole. I think she keeps Cody over Christmas)

      If Cody had won HOH:

      Enzo Veto/Not on the block - I think he votes out Nicole
      Christmas Veto/not on the block- It would be a toss up but I think she votes out Enzo
      Nicole Veto/not on the block - She may vote out Enzo.

      And I read that Enzo really wants to go to F2 with Cody. Is he crazy?

      So F3 is Cody, Nicole, Enzo

      Cody choice- Takes Nicole
      Nichole choice - Takes Cody (but probably should take Enzo)
      Enzo - Takes Cody (but probably should take Nicole)

      So unless Christmas wins Veto and evicts Cody. I predict Cody wins.


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        I think, however stupid it is, Enzo would prefer to take Cody to the F2. That whole Jersey Boys thing, but Enzo will never beat Cody. However, he may be finally rethinking it because Cody has made it clear he will not cut Nicole over Christmas. It's so hard to tell with Enzo.


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          Enzo has to play the "it doesn't matter" card with Cody right now and put him on the block with either lady. #1---it really doesn't matter---whoever wins the veto gets to choose the two nominees in the end. #2---it is his only way to say "I was the only one never on the block".

          It should be an easy sell to Cody under the guise of "bro--it doesn't matter....I will take you off if I win the veto. This makes us look like we don't have a solid final two deal. If Xmas wins, you're up anyway. If Nicole wins, you're up anyway. If you win both the girls are up." Kind of what Dan did putting Memphis up to cover their final two.

          The only question is if Enzo wins the veto does he really have it in him to MAKE THE BIG MOVE--put Cody up and out and WIN $500,000.


          • #7
            Cody would probably pitch a fit if he was put on the Block, even though it doesn't matter. And I'm not sure Enzo's smart or ballsy enough to do it . He talks a good game amidst all the ramblings, but so far he's done nothing to back up the talk. He needs to take a page from Tyler's book and go after a strong player. This game has pretty much been nothing but weak moves with the exception of Danielle being evicted. I'm just worried he's to wrapped up in his bromance with Cody to do it, given the opportunity.


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              Will Nicole gun for veto, knowing that if she wins and uses it that Cody goes up?


              • Lynette
                Lynette commented
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                She would be the one voting though so she would vote out Christmas. Whomever is not on the block will be the sole vote to send someone to jury.

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              I read that they had a luxury comp this afternoon and Nicole won $10,000.


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                Lynette thank you for adding that to the Live Feed Updates!

                Memphis also won $10,000 ( it sounds like each house guest had to pick a jury member. If the hosue guest won.. so did the jury member.) Nicole picked Memphis ( most likely because she was trying a little jury management since he went out on her HoH - not that it makes a big difference to Memphis ( he's not that warm/fuzzy type ) but, of course, he'll take the $$ )

                Head of Household Enzo nominated Christmas and Nicole for evition.

                Christmas didn't win $10,000 - and she was nominated by Enzo - which in her mind - was a surprise - enough said.

                Christmas is not only mad that she didn't win ... she's also mad that she didn't pick Memphis., and by not picking him, she somehow betrayed him ... so yeah ...

                But, none of that really matters because it really, really does all come down to tomorrow's Power of Veto Competition.
                Pretty sure it won't be a good holiday feeling if someone doesn't win ... just sayin' ....


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