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Live Feed Discussion - 10/18 - Day 75

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 10/18 - Day 75

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    Good morning everybody.

    Congratulations Cody on winning BB22.


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      Unless Enzo or Nicole wins final HOH and finally makes a big move. But this game was made for Cody to win. Will Cody definitely vote out Christmas?


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        Between Enzo, Nicole and Cody who do you believe will win the first part of the HOH?


        • Snipers35
          Snipers35 commented
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          Nicole has a better than 50% shot if the endurance is a wall endurance.

      • #5
        There is absolutely no way Cody will not vote out Christmas. She is the only one with brains enough .. and that's saying a lot ... not to take him to the final two. Enzo is not good at endurance so I think the only way he wins the first HOH is if it's thrown to him, which won't happen.
        Part of me just doesn't even want to watch anymore, but the only thing that keeps me semi -interested now is the remote possibility that overly-entitled Nicole will get voted out before final two.
        Not a big Cody fan because of the arrogance and entitlement either, but between the pre coaching, his own wins, and the foolish protection of others that he's managed to maintain all season, he is the only one of the three who should win this thing.
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        • beckyd30
          beckyd30 commented
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          One could only hope somehow Nicole end up leaving this week.

        • lyriele2
          lyriele2 commented
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          I would absolutely love that, but without some bizarre endgame twist don't think it's likely to happen lol

        • zarby16
          zarby16 commented
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          I wish Nicole gets cut from F2. She doesn’t deserve to win this season

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