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Live Feed Discussion - 10/19 - Day 76

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 10/19 - Day 76

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    Good morning everybody.


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      Good afternoon Sdkgeo! I don’t want you to feel all alone 🙂

      In your expert opinion, do you think there’s any remote chance Cody might evict Nicole this week?
      Also, who do you think is truly each persons choice for final two?


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        LOL, hi there Tizmee. There's just not much left to say because nothing is up in the air.

        No way Cody evicts Nicole. Christmas is the only one that wouldn't take him to the F2 and he knows it. Nicole and Enzo will both take him.

        Enzo will take Cody.
        Nicole will take Cody.

        Not entirely sure about who Cody will take, but likely Nicole. Aside from the pre-game gaming and agreement to split the money rumor, she would probably be his best bet because she hasn't done much except cry and get dragged along. She has also burned more jury members than Enzo has. He may view Enzo as too well liked.


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          What Sdkgeo said.😁


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            So, here's a question for you.

            A spoiler with a so so reputation, @spoilergirl1, has said that with no Survivor this season, CBS is considering either a winter edition or a celebrity edition.

            Which would you prefer?


            • KennyERJ
              KennyERJ commented
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              A 30-35 day Celebrity Edition!

            • helenb
              helenb commented
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              I like celebrity but fewer days like Kenny said!

            • sdkgeo
              sdkgeo commented
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              .I think that one of the reasons I like the Celebrity editions. They move along quickly and don't seem to drag as much near the end.

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            I read that too sdkgeo. I would prefer the Winter edition with newbies. I almost forgot BB is on tonight.


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              After this season, definitely a winter Edition. Bring on the newbies!


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                I think that I would like a winner edition. I also hope that Christmas can work some magic and have Cody evict Nicole. To me he acted like a spoiled brat on tonight's episode just because Enzo was playing for himself.


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                  As some of you may already know, it appears we'll see the POV Competition this Wednesday but the actual POV Ceremony will take place LIVE on the Thursday show along with the Eviction. In other words, since Cody is safe with the POV, he'll basically just decide and cast his vote to evict either Nicole or Christmas.
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