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Live Feed Discussion - 10/20 - Day 77

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 10/20 - Day 77

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    Good morning everyone!

    Happening today: Nicole will yawn; Cody will look in the mirror and tell himself how pretty he is; Enzo will say, "It is what it is, meow meow"; Christmas will keep believing she's safe this week

    ðŸĪŠ 😂😂


    • #3
      Except for that awful beak of a nose Cody hates so much. 😁 Must say, I never noticed until last nights episode. And you can only see it in profile.


      • #4
        And Christmas will cry because she truly believes she's entitled to win this game.


        • #5
          I haven't really been keeping up with the feeds much this year. Just wondering if Enzo has started to realize that he has to win F2 HOH to have any chance at going to the end. He is going to go out F3 again this season if he doesn't win. He really should have taken Nicole out when he had the chance.


          • Summerbbfan
            Summerbbfan commented
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            Hi agree. He is already regretting not voting her out.

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          Hi. That's all. Just hi.

          Life has gotten pretty hectic so I haven't even had time to read update threads the past few days.


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            Sorry to be so negative but... I hate this season so much!!! At this point, I say production interjects and declares Moolan the winner, have this flaming piece of s*** season finally done with, and then never look back at season 22 ever, ever again. What a horrible stain on the fabric of the classic BB game 🙄


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