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Live Feed Discussion - 10/22 - Day 79

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  • Live Feed Discussion - 10/22 - Day 79

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    Good morning everybody. Live veto ceremony and eviction tonight. Let's get this last week going.


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      Is there any hope for Enzo to win the final HOH? He's not going to beat Cody in the first part endurance (probably wouldn't beat Nicole either).....and if he's head to head with Nicole in second part can he beat her if it's a put things in order or climb the wall thing.....probably not. (but, I do admit I didn't think Holly was going to beat Nicole in the second stage last year).

      If Enzo somehow does win the final HOH here is my biggest fear----he is nearsighted enough to take Cody with him. And the irony of that----Cody wins $500,000 the same way he lost $450,000 during his first season----by taking the wrong person to the final two. There is NO way Victoria would have beaten him but he was loyal to Derrick and lost. If the scenario plays out---I see Enzo being loyal to Cody and losing.

      Enzo has played a pretty flawless game---staying out of the target spotlight--getting along with everyone---but he will get squashed with comp wins if against Cody because Cody also has no real haters in jury.


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        I would love Enzo to pull out a victory!

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      We've got a big night and a big weekend coming up with the 2 of the 3 HoH Competitions playing out ...

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        I haven’t commented on any thing all season. It has been a snooze fest. I am bored with a big alliance running the game, and everyone else waiting too long to start playing the game.
        I have laughed quite a bit at Enzo - He has been highly entertaining
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