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Live Feed Updates - 8/6 - Day 2

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/6 - Day 2

    This topic will contain spoilers!

    It will contain BOTH Live Feed Discussions and Live Feed Updates ....

    **The Live Feed Updates for Big Brother 22 will be placed in the Daily Live Feed Discussion Thread like this one!

    If you are watching the Live Feeds, please jump in and post an update anytime in the Daily Live Feed Discussion Thread.

    No update is too big or too small - just make sure to use the HG's names so that others know exactly who you are referring to in your update.

    And... if you would like, it's always nice to have a time stamp ( example - Cam 1 @ 4:30 AM BBT ) in case someone wants to go watch the juicy action.

    I am telling you right now, I already love any of you who can jump in and post updates - this start date is really hard on me - usually things are winding down at this time of the season and I can manage .... but this ... this is going to be a beast .... so any help is appreciated.


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    Day One in the Big Brother All Stars house is done ... only 84 more to go ...

    All the updates from last night when the feeds went like at live at like 2 AM Eastern Time up until now 6 AM Eastern Time are HERE

    Feel free to discuss.. update .. discuss ...update here and there as Day 1 ends and Day 2 begins

    It's great to be back with all of you ... hope you enjoy this season and BBU ❤️


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      3:16 AM BBT

      Tyler and Cody talking in the HoH room

      Cody to Tyler- you already know I got you this week.
      Tyler - Let's go....
      Cody - I got you.... baby

      Cody telling Tyler that he had to win HoH ...
      Tyler tells him it's good .. he will have everyone coming to him... hear what they have to say ...

      Okay... I'm really out now ...


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        Here's the Have Not room ....


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          BB finally turned all the light about just a bit ago...

          Okay.... I'm really, really out now ...


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            Night one alliances can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing! One positive is that most of the Houseguests know each other or at least know OF each other, so they aren't aligning with someone that they don't know at all.

            As far as I can tell no one has made a definitive alliance yet but there do seem to be some pairing up going on ... Cody/Tyler, Nicole F/Ian, Janelle/Kaysar. And they all are discussing who they "like" to form larger alliances.

            The big question is whether the older players (Janelle, Kaysar, Kevin, Dani, Keesha, Memphis, and Enzo) will team up and try to take out the newer players. Or will the newer players team up to take out the older players? Or will they not take that into account and team up based on who they will make a good ally going forward? Seeing as these are all veterans of the game, I am thinking that they will start playing very quickly. Night one was pretty laid back, but I am thinking that they will really start playing today.

            Who do we think Cody will nominate first? And does anyone have any ideas as to what the Suite of Safety will be or how one will obtain safety status? And will safety status be awarded BEFORE nominations or afterward? I would think they would award safety status before the nominations to avoid having the HOH to nominate multiple people. However, it would make for a very messy game if safety status was awarded after nominations ... just think about it. Theoretically, the HOH could nominate two people, both of those people achieve safety status so the HOH has to nominate an additional two people, and then there is the Power of Veto. All of that could make for a very messy game. And while I wouldn't mind that, I am thinking that they will award the safety status prior to the nomination ceremony.


            • beckyd30
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              One can only hope that Nicole Fgoes on the block and goes home because no one can stand that voice the entire summer.

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            9 AM BBT (Kitchen area) All Cams

            They were all looking at their pictures on the Memory Wall...


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              9:15 AM Cams 3 & 4

              Janelle & Bayleigh in the Lounge area talking.

              Janelle worried she's going to be nominated.

              They say that Cody is really quiet so they don't know. They say that Cody is a guys' guy and Tyler and Enzo have been all over him. Bayleigh said folks were up in the HOH until around 3AM.

              They talk about everyone being nice so they don't know what to do. Bayleigh says they need to figure it out soon.

              Bayleigh keeps talking about the women and saying how nice everyone is. I think she's trying to imply they should start an all women's alliance, figuring that Cody and the guys are probably already forming an alliance.

              They think either the Nominations or the reveal of the Safety Suite will happen soon.

              Christmas comes in.

              Just a quick update.


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                Hey everyone!! Not sure where we should be putting strategy thoughts and all that kind of cool stuff now, but normally it went into live feed discussion, so we can keep going. I really haven't watched BB hardcore the last 2 years (I got the Paul burnout and it wouldn't go away). I decided to turn into the premiere last night, and let me just say can they call this All Stars? I get it, Corona, people are busy, some people may not want to come back in a perfect world, but this is what they scraped together? Janelle and Kaysar are living legends of this game, and that is how they should have stayed. Janelle being a 2 time All Star is fine. Kaysar though? Come on. I like the guy, but he never made it jury!!
                My biggest problem though is people being back for the 3rd (or 4th for Janelle) time. Nicole F, Janelle, Kaysar, Day, and Dani should have stayed at home in favor of others. Sure, they were having trouble getting others, but are you telling me that they couldn't have gotten someone? Also, I need to hear from Eric Stein and see if he was invited and turned them down or if they straight up stiffed him. Stein should be on this season dammit.
                Anyway, with all of that out of the way, my faves are Ian and Dani (even though I don't feel she should be on). I really wish they would align and get a couple of meat shields.


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                  I agree that the people that have been there three or four times should not have been asked back. I wish bayleigh was not there at all and hope she's gone soon. I also don't understand why David is there as an All-Star either, or even just as someone who went out so early before. If you are going to call it all stars, then get them LOL. I kind of hope Janelle does go on the Block. It's not for the reason of disliking her, just that she's played enough.


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                    Is there going to be an after dark this year?


                    • KennyERJ
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                      It's not set in stone but appears that it will not be back this season. It is not on the Pop TV schedule and their mascot, Orwell the Owl, who has a Twitter account has not tweeted since last season. The Pop TV BB:AD website is still up but has info from last season and nothing about this season. I've read a couple articles saying it wouldn't return but nothing official from CBS or Pop TV.

                    • Ms. Charlie
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                      Someone mentioned that Pop was also going to be on CBS All Access. Haven't looked for it, so I'm not sure.

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                    10:55AM cams 3 & 4 Bayleigh, Cody, Enzo and David having a really good conversation about racial discrimination and privilege. Really good conversation.


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                      11:27BBT Feeds have been down most likely they are doing nominations.


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                        Janelle and Christmas have been talking in the bathroom for quite a while. Mostly about plastic surgery/skin care and working out. Pretty boring stuff.

                        The other cams are on the general group in the kitchen. Bayleigh doing the most talking with a group at the table that includes tyler, enzo, cody, david and ian. Topics have ranged from racism to Swaggy to chakras. Tyler and bayleigh talk about their castmates a bit like Sam and Caitlyn.

                        Extended FOTH around 11:30BBT, we have kittens! I'm going to speculate that this is twist related. It's too soon for noms, IMO.

                        I forgot how annoying I find Bayleigh's voice. It's just really high pitched in my headphones and she has no chill at all. Side note, why can't I figure out how to bold my updates?

                        Another note, I wonder if the noms are made BEFORE safety suite or after?? Like so you would have to renom if someone got safety? I think the safety suite must come first, but is it a comp for safety? like immunity for survivor? so many questions.
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                        • shutINN
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                          The horrendous voice of Nicole F. - AKA URKLE - is BY FAR hella worse

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                        safety suite comp happened. Kevin is wearing a tag with it.

                        Bayleigh and Tyler talking in bedroom. Tyler says he wants people to think the two of them aren't cool, but they are. She says she agrees. Tyler has the other safety suite tag.
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