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Live Feed Updates - 8/7 - Day 3

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/7 - Day 3

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    I thought I did yesterday but now I'm not sure. Might have accidentally resigned up for live feeds which I already had.


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      Why can't I find the live feed updates for day two?


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        Kristkae, you can find day two in the Live Feed Discussions. We had combined the Update and Discussions thread but people asked that we go back to having them separate.

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      Overnight happenings-

      Janelle got her punishment costume. It is a yellow star with a little pointy hat.
      Janelle, Kaysar, and Nicole A talked in the lounge. Kaysar and Janelle have the Cody, Tyler, Nicole F alliance pegged and say David and Enzo are with them.
      They also have Dani pegged as playing the middle.
      Janelle, Kaysar, Nicole A, and Ian bonded in the lounge. (Kaysar admitted to Ian that he had autism after Ian told Kaysar he was autistic and the house was hard because of it)
      They say if they win veto they will take Keesha off.


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        Around 11:50 AM BBT Cams 3 & 4

        Cody, Nicole A. & Dani in the bathroom area. Ian in the shower.

        Just general talk about when Noms will be. Cody says they need to hurry up and have them so they'll have something to talk about.

        They were talking about how the bathroom door doesn't lock. They only have a little thing that turns to say rather the bathroom is in use or not. Dani says she always forgets to turn it back when she gets through so they were joking about people having to use the bathroom standing out there waiting because the thing says, "In Use".

        Cody says he walked in on Derrick during their season. Nicole A. says she almost walked in on Cliff during her season. Cody says that had to be traumatizing (I guess because Cliff is a bigger older guy. Guess she would have been lucky if it were someone hot like him? IDK.) Nicole says 2 people walked in on her also.

        Starting at 11:54 AM BBT we have gone to Stars. Maybe time for the Nominations?

        In case you don't know, when we say gone to Stars it means the Feeds are down...

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          12:15 PM BBT

          Feeds are back but they haven't done Nominations yet. I heard them say something about tonight and Dani saying she wishes they'd spread out stuff (competitions?) to give them something to do.

          Kaysar & Bayleigh are in the lounge talking.

          Dani, Cody, Nicole F., Keesha & Ian are in the Bathroom area talking. Talking about having/shaving body hair.

          Ok, Janelle, in her Suite suit costume comes in and says the screen now shows "Nominations".

          (Just a quick update. I've got to go. If anyone wants to jump in and post some little updates, please do! Thanks)


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            I'm just logging in at 145PMBBT
            Cody and Kaysar in the upstairs lounge
            Kaysar asks Cody why he came back to BB. Cody says money. He goes on to explain that he left college with a lot of debt. Says he paid off some of it with his first season's money. He says he isn't where he wants to be financially, so he came back to help with that. He wants to take the next step with his girlfriend and he can't do that without having some money saved up. Cody mentions that he was affected by covid, but didn't file for unemployment because he didn't want to draw attention to himself. Kaysar says his heart goes out to him. Cody asks what Kaysar's motivation was for coming back. Kaysar says his job wasn't affected by Covid, so that wasn't it. It was stressful, but he was very fortunate to not be affected. The reason he came back to BB was because it's been so long and what were the chances this opportunity was going to happen? He didn't even think his job would let him do the show. He explains what he does for a living (sorry, didn't follow his explanation that well.)


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              Christmas has joined Kaysar and Cody in the upstairs lounge. They're talking mostly about personal stuff relating to life goals and aspirations.

              On the other cams, Janelle/Kevin/bayleigh are in the downstairs lounge. Chatting about her kids and her pregnancies.

              I'm sticking around because with noms today things are going to have to pick up here soon...


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                Kevin tells Janelle he's so happy she's there. Janelle says she's happy kevin's there. Kevin says he wishes she could be his coach. She says she did terrible in the competition yesterday and lost the HOH. They go on to talk about the sports they played in their youth.

                Back upstairs, Kaysar is telling Cody that when they leave the house, to contact Kaysar so he can help him with his path forward with his career.


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                  Da'vonne and Kesha in the bathroom
                  D: I thought maybe Memphis
                  K: i think if he was putting memphis up...i could see him doing that
                  D: maybe memphis and ian
                  K: i don't think ian though
                  D: i think so. ian is so smart.
                  K: i know.
                  yeah but sometimes for the first HOH people don't know....they don't go like (gestures big). you know? you're not stupid. you've done this game a million times. I don't know. I just have that feeling.
                  D: But you know what, somebody told me that Nicole in your room was down here crying last night
                  K: who?
                  D: nicole.
                  K: oh yeah she was.
                  D: she was in here crying because she was scared she was gonna go up. so apparently since their season that relationship has been tarnished, but i don't know if i believe that.
                  K: no i don't think so. i dont know necessarily peple are targets right now. it's like two people have to go. I don't know if it's like malicious at this point.
                  D: one thing i can say, he's very tight lipped
                  K: really?
                  D: he's very tight lipped. he's telling everyone the same thing. "i dont know what i'm doing yet." he's very tight lipped.
                  K: he's saying the same thing to everybody?
                  D: from what i've been told.


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                    Day goes on to tell Kesha that she doesn't think Kesha is going up because it doesn't make sense. Kesha says she's not sure. Day says she thinks maybe Ian. Kesha says that's a big move. Day says it's all stars and people are thinking they should play like all stars. Day says she thinks Cody is a straight shooter. Kesha says he may be but he isn't telling her she's good. Maybe she's being paranoid.


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                      Cody and Danielle in living room
                      Cody: I'm gonna do kesha and kevin. And i have no idea what I'm gonna say afterwards.
                      Dani: just say something nice
                      Cody: yeah. the same bull****.
                      Dani: yep. I think that's easy. and i don't feel like they'll be any repercussions after that either.
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                        Kevin pulls Cody into the storage room.
                        Kevin tells Cody he struggles to connect with people that are super different from him. he says he's trying to develop a relationship, but that he is having a hard time having a conversation with someone different from him. Cody asks why he feels their different. Kevin says it's his own insecurity. Kevin starts to cry. Cody asks if he did something. Kevin says no, he doesn't want him to think that. Cody offers Kevin hug. Kevin says he is making the same mistakes as on his first season. He says he didn't really make enough effort to talk to Cody. Cody says he hasn't had much chance to talk to everybody. Says he feels bad. Cody tells kevin not to get into his head about being awkward. He tells him not to work himself up. Kevin says he didn't want to be thirsty and grab cody to talk, but that he doesn't want to make the same mistakes that he did before and he needs to work with people who are not like him. Cody says he doesn't think they're that different. Kevin says he's bringing his past trauma with him. He says he wants to get to know Cody when he's not HOH so there isn't a power situation. Cody says he doesn't know what to do and there's nothing to go off of right now.


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                          Cody heads up HOH after his convo with Kevin and is visibly distressed. he sit alone for awihle in thought. Christmas comes in and talks to him.

                          On the other cams, Kaysar comes to kesha and tells her that he believes she's going up and she needs to figure out if memphis can be her HG choice and will fight for her to stay if he wins veto. She is on the same page with him. They both believe they are the outsiders on the clique that includes cody/tyler/david. Keesha thinks maybe Dani is safe as well. She says that no one is talking to keesha so she knows she's outside. Kaysar says she can trust him and he hopes he can trust her. She says he can.


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                            Cody was just called to the DR at 4:33pmBBT


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