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Live Feed Updates - 8/8 - Day 4

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/8 - Day 4

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    4:40 BBT

    All HGs are sleeping.


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      Around 7:15 AM, BB time Camera 1-2, Kevin is in the bathroom with Enzo, enlisting his vote, and then Ian comes in and Enzo leaves. Might be a good flashback. (I came in late, but Enzo looks like he'll give Kevin his vote, Ian not quite saying that).

      Ian leaves at 7:20.


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        7:25 BBT

        Kevin having a pity party in the bathroom. He is talking out loud to his husband. He is trying to figure out who is behind him being put on the block. Is lt Cody, is it Tyler (he wants to talk to Tyler), is it Janelle? He is thinking about whether it is Janelle that is the brains behind Cody. He says that Cody had Derrick as the brains in his season, so there is somebody being Cody's brain.

        He is apologizing to his husband because he is doing the things he said he wouldn't do and he hopes he's not embarrassing him.

        Is there an elitist view of the game and he/other people don't think he belongs there. People he wants to play with seem to be out of the loop (Dayvonne, Ian)


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          He thinks it may be Janelle. He thinks he should talk to Dani and Nicole F.

          He has no idea how he became the target. he thinks he is the target and Keesha is the pawn.

          He feels like an outsider.


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            Went to Stars briefly, came back to Kev talking about wanting her (Day I think) as his ride or die. He thinks there may be an old school/new school thing going on.

            He starts rattling off people he thinks are in a big alliance; Cody, Tyler, Janelle, Kaysar, Memphis, .... He thinks the old school people are running the show (he seems to have a terrible read on the house).


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              11:15 BBT

              Memphis up now too. In the kitchen making coffee.


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                Kaysar up talking to Memphis in the kitchen.

                Memphis says that the best thing may be for him to lose it and let Keesha win.

                Kaysar tells him no, that he thinks that Memphis may be the one to go up if Keesha takes herself down because Cody sees them as a pair.

                Memphis is denying that they are a pair.


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                  Memphis doesn't think he would go up. Says he doesn't know for sure, but he doesn't think Cody would put him up.

                  Kaysar tells him that he's been noticing patterns, which is why he played in the Safety comp.

                  He lays out why Cody would only put up one part of the pair, so he doesn't make enemies.

                  Memphis still pushing that he and Keesha aren't on good terms. He enjoys her company, but there are not allied.


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                    Memphis not committing to Kaysar's proposal that the four of them team up (basically). Says he can't completely trust Keesha because he backstabbed her.
                    Kaysar says let's put in on ice and see where things go in the next few weeks.

                    Memphis emphasizes that he doesn't know what Cody will do and isn;t working with him and isn't opposed to working with Kaysar, Janelle, and Keesha. He just doesn't want to commit yet.


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                      Memphis goes into the bathroom
                      Kaysar gets some stuff from the bathroom goes back to the kitchen and is mumbling to himself, "Slow down man".


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                        Memphis back in kitchen. He and Kaysar talking about not minding cleaning and picking up after people. Say it gives them something to do and they like order. Talks about some of the others being slobs.


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                          9:00 BBT

                          Kevin went back to the Have Not room and he and Ian are talking. Ian just barely scratching the surface on strategies yesterday. Talking about the pre-show gaming.

                          Think Tyler is pulling Cody's strings.

                          Ian explaining why he didn't really work with Janelle in his season because he was on Boogie's team and Janelle and Mike hated each other. Kevin would like to work with Janelle.

                          Kevin wants to get some sleep before wake up, but knows that probably won't happen. Wake up should be soon to pick players.

                          Kevin thinks BB may not be his thing. Ian agrees. Should stick to backgammon. They agree they are not good at social strategy games.

                          Kevin says game is 80% luck.
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                            Sounds like Ian has a rooty tooty booty this morning. He heads to the bathroom. LOL


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                              Bayleigh up now. Just chit chatting now.


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