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Live Feed Updates - 8/9 - Day 5

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/9 - Day 5

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    Its 5:20 am BBtime. It appears that the last of the night owls has crawled into bed (Nicole A) All of the have nots seemed to be the holdouts this morning. Before Nic A turned in, she appeared to be counting ducks & memorizing stuff in the house (The theme is very "busy" this season, so good luck) Ian and Kevin both crawled into the have-not room before Nicole A. Goodnight my little hamsters, see you in the morning!


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      Its 8:15am BB time (I think lol... new to this) and all is quiet in the BB house. Its a little eerie... lumps in beds and strewn clothing on the floor. (I tried to post a screenshot but I guess I have to upload it somewhere first?)


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        Just adding a little convo here between Kevin and Ian that happened before they all headed to bed...

        Kevin to Ian - we're gonna get a 7-6 situation
        Ian <sighs>
        Kevin - I have a feeling it's going to be a close 7-6 situation
        Ian - really? wow.
        Kevin - yeah
        Ian - I can see it that way
        Kevin - yeah .. she's a good .. I'm a good competitor .. she's a good competitor...
        Ian- yeah

        Kevin - I'm not just going to roll over and die
        Ian - You're good ... your social game is solid
        Kevin - ugghhh... I don't know about that

        Ian - let me tell you .. I remember when I was first on... there was a podcast I was listening to ... with 2 guys ... and they were talking about good Big Brother players .... and you know... they said that I wasn't very good ( he chuckles ) but they said that you were very good ... and I was like that's interesting .. I never really thought of it ... you are really solid.

        Kevin- but yeah .. that's why I'm thinking that Keesha is here .. we are all here for some reason ... and because of that .... I have a feeling that it's going to be a situation where I can get the majority ...
        Ian - mmm hmmm

        Kevin- I'm going to obviously try to secure the majority ... and if I can get the majority
        Ian- of course

        Kevin - so if you are with the majority ... would you be willing to vote on my side?
        Ian - well... absolutely

        Kevin- okay .. and even if you were the tie-breaker - not the tie-breaker but the tipping point ...
        Ian - whew .....

        Kevin - it wouldn't be you ... it wouldn't be like Ian is the tipping point... but it's going to be like a 7=6 situation ...
        Ian - my vote is up in the air ... but I mean I think you'r solid

        ( and back to current - like TerryK395 said up above .... all HG's are sleeping @ now 8:34 AM BBT )


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          8:59 am BB Time Bathroom
          Ian was up and just sitting and rocking on the bench. Kaysar was next up and Ian warned him that the bathroom might be smelly LOL. Kaysar and Ian are discussing the aspect of BB that requires reading social cues and how that is really difficult for Ian. Both just discussing their seasons (again).


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            Kaysar asked Ian who he trusts and Ian says he has a comfort level with Janelle since he played with her before. He is comfortable talking to her but isn't sure he would call it a close relationship. Kaysar agrees a history is helpful.


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              Apparently they have not been allowed outside at all and Kaysar and Ian are hoping they will today. They are hearing some noises from outside. (I heard one HG say last night that due to COVID-19 and extra sanitation and cleaning precautions that their outdoor time was going to be very limited)


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                Memphis is up and making coffee and food (exciting stuff lol). He has not yet joined Kaysar and Ian.


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                  9:30am BBTime:
                  Memphis still in the
                  Ian and Kaysar still talking in the bathroom. Kaysar gave a very detailed but very interesting breakdown on how to approach social cues and social manners like a computer program analyzing data and documenting in the relative outcomes. Dani came in briefly, complained about being cold all night, brushed her teeth and left.
                  Ian talking about reading an online post about him being on BB and how difficult it was to read and accept that he is "on the spectrum".
                  Memphis is complaining to someone how the other HG's are not keeping things clean.


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                    Cody has a long talk with Memphis in the loft upstairs. They talk about an alliance that includes: Cody, tyler, Memphis, Enzo, Dani and Bayleigh.

                    After that, Cody talks for awhile with David (he accidentally calls him kevin yet again, but this time david corrects him) in the storage room. Says the two of them are good, solid.

                    then tyler and david leaves. talk about enzo winning the veto and that cody was thrilled, but tried to hide it. Says he's just very relieved not to have to nominate anyone else.

                    Dani enters and the three joke around a bit, but game talk stops.


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                      11:08am BBT Political conversation about COVID between memphis and kaysar.


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                        Enzo, David and Bayleigh working out. Janelle hiding in bed to avoid wearing costume and talking food with Kaysar. Christmas and Keesha in bathroom discussing depression.


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                          Currently - @ 5:08 PM BBT

                          Da'vonne and Kevin talking

                          Kevin tells her that he knows that Cody doesn't want to have to name another nominee ...

                          He asks her to keep their convo private ...

                          Kevin - I have no game ... I don't have anything to go off of ... I just go off of instinct ...


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                            Kevin - I only trust you and Nicole ( probably A ) at this point..

                            He goes on to say that he talked to Cody ... trying to figure out what was going on ... and Cody was telling him that he's not going to take him off the block ...

                            Kevin - like he has the choice... Enzo won the Power of Veto ... but he ( Cody ) was telling me ... like.... it's not going to happen


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                              David and Tyler in the SR

                              David to Tyler - I don't know what the **** I'm doing..... am I doing good?

                              Tyler- everybody loves you...... you are good, bro

                              Tyler - who are you feeling closest with?
                              David - Da'Vonne. .... we have deep conversations.

                              David telling Tyler that people like him ( Tyler ) ...

                              Tyler- you think so?

                              David - the girls like you for sure....

                              Tyler- I feel like nobody has approached me and is coming to me as much as last season

                              Tyler to David - I think that me and you are playing it perfect... no one has any idea....

                              Tyler - everyone likes you ... no one has said your name....


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