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Live Feed Updates - 8/11 - Day 7

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/11 - Day 7

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      I just jumped on.

      Janelle did Nicole A's makeup. Nicole then went spilled everything Janelle said to Day. (I'll have to flash back to catch what Janelle said)

      Day did David's hair.

      Nicole A, Day, Kevin, Christmas were in the upstairs lounge chatting about aura's and that sort of stuff. Tyler just joined them after showering. They say they like him with wet hair.

      Day and Tyler left that group.

      Keesha and David are at the dining table talking about David's business.

      Janelle joined the upstairs lounge group talking about flat ironing Tyler's hair. His hair is apparently really long now, but the curls are tight.

      Nicole and Cody in the bathroom talking haircuts and things.


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        It looks like they may be locked down inside again.


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          What Nicole A spilled to Day was that Janelle said that Janelle wanted to keep Keesha because she would be with the girls and Kevin couldn't be trusted. He will make up lies like he did on his first season.

          She also told Kevin what Janelle said.
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            There's a lot of chatting tonight as people talk in small groups and the groups shift. they're waiting for 10:00 to go to bed.


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              I'm going to catch us up with some of the "game talk" for today ...

              Janelle has been doing a little bit of campaigning for Keesha today
              She talked to Nicole A .... telling her that she really doesn't' think that Keesha would come after them .. that she ( Keesha ) would go after the guys

              Janelle talked to Nicole A about how she thinks that Kevin is a lot like Jackson ... how Kevin was one that tricked Jeff.... and got Jeff out of the house because of a lie...

              Janelle to Nicole A - I'm big on being as loyal and honest as possible.

              Nicole A and Janelle both say they like Keesha and Kevin ... but ...

              Nicole A says that she thinks that Kevin is more "mold-able" ....
              Janelle agrees saying that "Kevin is a flip-flopper
              Nicole A says that she thinks that if Keesha has a "plan" that she will stick to it ...

              Nicole A and Janelle talk about how it's 7 votes to keep someone this week ...

              Janelle wonders if they vote together .... could they talk to Ian ...
              Nicole A says she thinks they could ... and that she likes Ian a lot ...

              Nicole A - your ( Janelle's ) vote.... Kaysar's vote, Ian's vote, my vote..... Memphis?
              Janelle - I would think so....... but we'd need two more

              Nicole A to Janelle - I worry what if I keep Keesha,.... you'll all be like.... ahahaha... and then I'll get ****ed the next week ...

              Janelle tells her that's just "paranoia"

              Nicole A talks again about how Janelle told her that Keesha would work with the girls and put up the guys ( if she stayed )

              Janelle tells her that she ( Keesha ) said that she would nominate Cody ...

              Janelle tells Nicole A that Kevin's going to go wherever the wind blows.

              Janelle- Keesha is not like that... she ****ing took out Jessie

              Nicole A tells Janelle that they ( she and Kaysar ) might think that they have Memphis ... but she thinks that he will side with Cody over them ...

              Janelle says he probably would... but she's not sure... she says that she sees David, Tyler, Nicole F and Cody hanging out all the time... but that Memphis doesn't hang out with anyone.

              Nicole A- that's true...

              Nicole A tells Janelle that one minute she's leans towards ( keeping ) Keesha .. the next she leans toward ( keeping ) Kevin .. but now she's back leaning towards Keesha ( keeping her )

              Nicole tells Janelle that she would like to see "strong women band together"

              Janelle - hell yeah ....

              Janelle goes on to say that in a season ( like this one ) where there's no potential for a showmance... that the guys are going to "bro out" ...

              Janelle- they ( the guys ) have no one to use

              Janelle points out that Cody and Nicole F are tight ...

              Talk turns to David .... with Nicole A saying that she doesn't see David hanging with them much
              Janelle tells her that she always sees David hanging with Nicole F. ....

              Nicole A to Janelle - the way my brain works is..... Cody and Tyler..... then Cody has Nicole F... then Nicole F has Dani,.... then Tyler has David

              Janelle tells her that Dani is friend with Nicole F ... but she doesn't think she will commit to anything with them ..... that she thinks Dani is smarter "game wise" than that .... but she does think that ( her friendship with Nicole F ) could influence her ... ( Dani )

              Janelle tells Nicole A that she thinks that Christmas wants to work with the guys
              Nicole tells her that she "can see that" ...

              Janelle to Nicole A_ if you and Ian voted together... ( to keep Keesha ) ... , Bayleigh and Da'Vonne ... me..... and Kaysar...... we would just need Memphis.

              Nicole A says she will talk to Ian ...

              Janelle tells Nicole A .. that Nicole F told her last night that she is "super close" with Ian ...

              Nicole A - that scares me too then.

              Janelle - Nicole F is dangerous as ****

              Nicole A talks about how Nicole F said to her that "her ( Nicole F ) co-host ( of the podcast ) hates her ...

              Nicole A to Janelle - she (Nicole F) tends to gravitate towards men

              Janelle- she never works with women... the writing is on the wall


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                Keesha did a little campaiging of her own ...

                She talked to Da'Vonne .. asking her if she thinks it's ( the vote ) is going a certain way ...

                Da'Vonne tells her that everyone just keeps saying "the house" ( meaning they will go with the house on how they vote ) ...

                Keesha to Da'Vonne - obviously you and Bayleigh would be fine with me ( staying )
                Da'Vonne - of course

                Keesha talks about how no one wants to be the first to say anything ( about the vote ) .... she says she understands....

                Da'Vonne to Keesha - but then ... it's like what are we here for?


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                  Nicole A tells Cody that she leans one way and then another ( about how her vote will go )

                  Nicole A to Cody - I personally lean toward keeping Kevin...... I talk to him more

                  Cody tells Nicole A that he's talked to Kevin and that Kevin says he understands why he did what he did ( with his nomination)

                  Nicole A - I feel like Keesha would have a vendetta.... and Kevin would weigh all options


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                    Kaysar and Christmas talked about the vote ... with neither of them really saying who they would vote out ...

                    She asked if he's super comfortable with anyone...

                    He tells her that he loves Da'Vonne and Bayleigh ....

                    She agrees saying they are "fun"


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                      David tells Janelle that at first he felt like he was leaning towards Keesha... but now he feels like it's Kevin ...


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                        Janelle tells Kaysar that she talked with Nicole A .. and that she's onboard to keep Keesha ....

                        ( but IS she... )


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                          Janelle talks about how Keesha is terrible at "campaigning" ...

                          Kaysar tells her that he really doesn't care which one stays or goes ... because it's so early .. that it won't really affect their game...


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                            Janelle and Dani talk about how they don't think that anyone knows they are working together....

                            Dani talks about Tyler .. saying he's "super nice" ... but what is he doing.. is he trying to play the floater this time around....

                            Janelle tells her that she thinks he's working with Cody ... and that includes David ...


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                              Janelle asks Dani what she's thinking this week ( if she were to win HoH )
                              Dani tells her "maybe a David ... or a Nicole A" ...

                              Dani- or someone bigger???
                              Janelle says for sure .. someone bigger....

                              Janelle to Dani - what do you think about Christmas?
                              Dani - I don't know...

                              Janelle - it's the people we don't know their game that are dangerous

                              Janelle tells Dani that Christmas will work with the guys
                              Dani says she can see that ...


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