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Live Feed Updates - 8/12 - Day 8

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/12 - Day 8

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    7:10 AM BBT All Cams

    All house guests are sleeping. 😴


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      8:40AM BBT CAM 1
      Memphis is the only one awake getting his coffee


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        I'll catch us up ....

        Dani and David talked a little game...

        They both believe that Kevin will stay over Keesha...
        They both will vote to evict Keesha

        Dani talked more about Janelle to David ...

        She tells him that she doesn't know what Janelle is doing .... that she hasn't talked to her much ... that she ( Janelle ) seems "closed off"

        Dani also talked to Nicole F

        She talked about Memphis ... said he's annoying and that he thinks he's running "****".


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          Kaysar and Janelle talked.... they agree that they can't risk anything trying to save Keesha.... and that they will just have to go with it ( her leaving).

          Kaysar tells Janelle that he thinks that Cody wants to work with them.
          Janelle asks who would be Cody's target
          Kaysar says he thinks it would be Memphis.

          Janelle asked Kaysar if they win HoH .. who will they target
          He says he has no idea....
          He also says that he "gets the sense" that everyone is wanting to work with him ....

          Janelle warns him that they can't play like that for long.... because all people have to do is talk to each other ...
          Kaysar tells her that he thinks they are "okay for now"

          Janelle tells him no ... they aren't okay with Christmas....

          Kaysar says that he thinks that the "emotionally volatile" people in this house are Kevin, Christmas and Nicole F


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            Kaysar tells Janelle that he thinks he will go to Kevin to "tell him the good news" before anyone else does.... ( that he's staying ) to "make it seem" like they were part of the reason ... the way the house went


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              Dani and Cody talked...

              Dani told Cody that she thinks that Janelle wants to target Christmas
              Cody says he's surprised... didn't think that at all .... but he's glad that Janelle talks to Dani like she does ...


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                The HG had to answer questions ... debate ... about previous house guests ... BB Debate... is the task ...


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                  Kevin campaigned to Janelle ... telling her "if he can get 5 votes" ...
                  She says she will be his 6th .. as she's leaning towards him

                  Kevin to Janelle - I want to work with you.

                  He tells her that he can work for her in "different ways" .. "different circles" ...

                  He also tells her that if she leans in his favor ( to keep him ) that he's more than "just one person" that will return the favor

                  ( remember it's his favorite thing to promise )

                  Kevin to Janelle - I will work on your behalf
                  Janelle tells him okay .. and then asked if he's heard anyone say her name ( as in a target )
                  He tells her no ...


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                    Kevin continued to talk to Janelle about keeping him ...
                    He tells her that he's loyal ...

                    Kevin reminds Janelle that she doesn't have the "safety suite" any more ..
                    She tells him she knows and that she might need his help ...

                    He says he wants to use the Safety Suite strategically....

                    Janelle to Kevin - would you be willing to give me your plus one if I voted for you?

                    Kevin tells her that he's "not that easy" ... not for just voting for him ...

                    ( LOL )

                    They both tell each other that they like each other ...
                    He tells her that she ( Janelle ) is the one that he always said he would die to play with ..
                    She tells him that he's the " fabulous gay man" that she's always said that would work together perfectly with her


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                      Kevin and Enzo talked...

                      Kevin promising to "pay Enzo back" for voting to keep him ...


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                        Nicole F and Tyler talked...

                        Nicole F saying that if Paul were in the house .. he would have her back ... just like Kaycee would have Tyler's ...

                        Nicole F tells Tyler that she thinks the house will split into 2 sides next week...

                        Nicole F - it's going to be Nicole A, Janelle, Kaysar,, Bayleigh, Da'Vonne and possibly Kevin


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                          Keesha and Da'Vonne talked....

                          Keesha tells her that she doesn't think she's staying ... that everyone is being fake with her ...


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                            Ian confirms to Kevin that he will vote to keep him ...

                            Kevin tells Ian that in turn .. he will look out for him ....


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                              Janelle and Bayleigh talk about the vote ....
                              Da'Vonne tells Janelle that Kevin told her that 5 people gave him handshakes.. and that she thinks that they are Christmas, Nicole A, David, Enzo and probably Ian ...


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