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Live Feed Updates - 8/13 - Day 9

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/13 - Day 9

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    BB has wokens HGs up for HOH lockdown.
    8:19AM BBT
    Janel & Kaysar talking about how they would like to win HOH tonight and put up Cody, David or Nicole F. Kaysar thinks that if Nicole F wins she will put up Janelle and Him


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      Hmm. Just turned on the live feed and it is adorable kittens playing. The new fish?


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        now a bunny. Caption says available to adopt etc. HG's are "shooting something awesome"


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            Here's how tonight played out ...


            David - ( his first vote in the Big Brother House ) - votes to evict Keesha
            Nicole A - Keesha
            Ian - Keesha
            Nicole F - Keesha
            Tyler -Keesha
            Christmas -Keesha
            Kaysar -Keesha
            Bayleigh - Keesha
            Da'Vonne - Keesha
            Janelle -Keesha
            Enzo - Keesha
            Dani- Keesha
            Memphis - Keesha

            By an unanimous vote Keesha has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

            Before Keesha leaves the house ... Julie reminds that the evicted house guest to "social distance" and put on a mask.

            Julie - why did you say that I wish "most" of you well.. who are you not wishing well?
            Keesha- people told me that they were going to let me know and then ... everybody avoided me.
            Julie- Want to name names?

            Keesha - Enzo and Cody both told me that they would come to me and let me know either way and they didn't ... they avoided any room I walked into ...

            Head of Household Competition - "Big Brother Watch Party"

            Julie -last HG standing after 7 questions, will be the new Head of Household.

            The HG watch a video and then answer True or False questions ...

            Question 1 - Kaysar and David are out.
            Question 2 - Dani and Enzo are out
            Question 3 - Nicole F and Christmas are out

            The remaining HG watch a second video

            Question 4 - Kevin is out
            Question 5 - Janelle and Ian are out
            Question 6 - Nicole A, Tyler, Bayleigh and Da'vone are out

            Leaving Memphis as the new HoH

            The drama continues on the Live Feeds!

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              And... then there was Julie's parting words ..
              "remember the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


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                We're still on CAT CAM


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                  This is the first time ever that Memphis has won HoH.


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                    Janelle's STAR has been evicted..


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                        6:20 PM BBT

                        There's alcohol ...

                        2 bottles of wine and 4 beers

                        Enzo - cookie crumbs

                        They decide that the Have Nots from last week ... get to chose what they want first...


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                          Nicole F up in the loft alone....


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                            6:35 PM BBT

                            We were on STARS ...

                            Now coming in on Nicole F and Christmas whispering ...

                            Nicole F - she's the reason why I had the breakdown outside...

                            ( pretty sure it's Janelle that they are whispering about )

                            Christmas- I think I am their target..
                            Nicole F- I don't know ...
                            Christmas - I think so ..
                            Nicole F - we have to do something about that ...

                            Nicole F to Christmas- it's definitely go time...

                            Nicole F and Christmas say that they trust Memphis... because he is the one that brought them together ...


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                              Christmas to Nicole F- players like that .. make me so mad...

                              Christmas - I wanted to win that HoH so bad.. and put her up .. I didn't know who else... but now I do ...

                              Nicole F - that's why I am up here ... they are going to talk .. run their mouths....


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