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Live Feed Updates - 8/14 - Day 10

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/14 - Day 10

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    All HGs are sleeping. Safety Suite and Nominations today.


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      Hey guys ( I had a minute or two so I thought I'd just add a few of the key convos from last night )

      Janelle and Memphis talked after he got his HoH Room

      They talked about how they hated that they had to lose Keesha. but felt like they didn't have another choice ...

      Janelle tells Memphis that everyone is scared ( about what he'll do as HoH )

      Memphis - everyone should be a little scared.,, I don't know who the **** I'm going to put up......

      He goes on to say that out of the two people he puts up ..... he will have a clear mind of who he wants to go home....


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        ( From last night )

        Memphis told Janelle that even though they haven't talked that much in the house .... he likes having her around....

        Memphis to Janelle - we have to find a small group that we trust......


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          Memphis also talked to Christmas and Nicole F last night ...

          Memphis t told Christmas that his concern is that the 5 people in their group .. won't play in the Safety Suite Comp today ...

          She tells him they can work through that problem.... she also says she will play ...

          Nicole F - at least 2 or 3 of us have to play


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            Memphis also talked to Dani (Christmas there too )

            She asked him what he's thinking ..
            He tells her he "has no idea who he is putting up"

            Memphis to Dani - my biggest concern is the Safety Suite.

            Christmas says again that she will play in the comp ...

            Dani says that Cody or Tyler should also play ....


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              Nicole F and Christmas talk about Janelle..

              Christmas talks about how someone might give Janelle safety again ...
              Nicole F - that would be pathetic....
              Christmas - yeah .. the only way Janelle is going to be safe is if she wins the veto


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                Da'Vonne and Memphis talked...

                He says he will figure out who is putting up tomorrow ( which is now today )
                He says he can go down two paths .... target someone who is a threat to his game later on ... who is easy to get out

                Da'Vonne tells him that she has no reason to go after him... and she just wanted him to know that ...


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                  Cody and Memphis

                  Cody asking who Memphis is thinking of putting up ....
                  Memphis says he really doesn't know .... but the "easy way" is to put up Nicole A and David.


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                    Memphis to Cody - but there are obvious other options...
                    Cody - we talked about Ian ...

                    They talk about how if he didn't win the veto .. he would go home .. since he's a past winner... and people see him as a threat

                    Memphis to Cody - everyone.... outside our 6 ... is on my mind to put up ... I could put up Kaysar and Janelle

                    Cody - I think you have a good rapport with them....

                    Memphis - yeah .. and I can use them.... I'm really more concerned about Da'Vonne and Bayleigh than them two ( Janelle/Kaysar)


                    • #11
                      Memphis told Cody that he wants "everyone sweating" ...
                      He also wants as many people as he can get to play in the Safety Suite Competition


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                        Cody tells Memphis that he wouldn't mind Nicole A going up .. because she's becoming a "number for Janelle"

                        They talk about how Memphis can most likely get super tight with Kaysar

                        Memphis- I think this is a good week to leverage that....


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                          Both Ian and Nicole A tried to talk to Memphis and he just told them that he think about what he's going to do tomorrow ( today )


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                            Memphis and Kaysar talked...

                            Kaysar asking Memphis what he's going to do ...

                            Memphis tells him he has some people in mind.....

                            Memphis - there are 2 options.... make it an easy week... or pull the trigger on someone that I think is a threat .....


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                              Memphis tells Kaysar that he has told everyone that has talked to him that they should play in the Safety Suite ...

                              He says that he thinks that they ( him and Kaysar ) have a "similar rapport"with Janelle


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