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Live Feed Updates - 8/15 - Day 11

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/15 - Day 11

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    Just going to add a few game/drama talk convos that happened last night after I left off ....

    Nicole A and Da'Vonne

    Nicole A tells her that David "got ****ed badly last season" and he ( David ) is "getting ****ed again"

    Da'vonne - it's the disrespect and the verbiage.

    Nicole - welcome to the big kids table? What are you ( Memphis ) trying to imply?... we're all part of this cast

    Nicole A and Da'Vonne talked about Janelle ...

    Nicole A told Da'Vonne that she really doesn't know if Janelle is with them ... OR against them ...

    Nicole A_ - she ( Janelle ) is like ... I want it to be Kaysar, me, you, and I want to bring in Da'Vonne and Bayleigh

    Nicole A - allegedly he (Memphis) told Janelle that he said to me to ... play in the Safety Suite competition and that I told him that I wasn't going to do that .... ( Janelle told her that )

    ( saying that's the reason she's on the block )

    Nicole A - which is not at all what I said....

    Da'Vonne - do you believe her ( Janelle ) ??
    Nicole A - I don't know

    Da'Vonne tells Nicole A that Janelle has never propositioned her about anything ...

    They talk about how that's not what Janelle has been telling Nicole A ...

    Nicole A - oh .. my .. God ... am I that stupid that I got completely pumped for information?

    Da'Vonne told Nicole that she thinks that David is the target .. because Memphis knows how much she ( Nicole A) is loved by everyone....

    Nicole A - I'll feel so guilty if I'm the reason that David goes....I want to win this veto..... but I have it in the back of my head that I'd rather David win

    Da'Vonne tells her she can't do that .. she has to play to save herself...

    Nicole A tells Da'Vonne that all this ( being on the block ) beside David is "triggering her" .... and she has to process through it ...

    Da'Vonne tells her not to worry .. that anyone that she is sitting beside on the block ... would go home....


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      Kevin tells Nicole A and Da'Vonne that Memphis and Janelle are in the HoH room alone sharing his wine.

      Kevin and Da'Vonne tell Nicole A that she has to distance herself from Janelle ...

      Kevin to Nicole A - she ( Janelle ) sees you as a vulnerable,... and easy target that she can milk.... she is a spider weaving a web.... you're going to get used

      Nicole A - I'm going to be disappointed in her as a game player..... knowing the type of game that I play .... I'll be very disappointed if that's how she's treating me

      Kevin - you should continue to have a relationship with her .... but you should not be giving her information... she's using you ...

      He tells her that the excuse about the Safety Suite that Janelle is trying to feed her is bull**** ...


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        Meanwhile ... Memphis and Janelle talk ...

        Memphis telling her that he doesn't think she ( Janelle ) will be a target any time soon ...

        Memphis tells her that if someone comes for her .. and misses .. then they are ****ed... that everyone is scared of her ..

        She tells him he's wrong... and that she truly believes that she would have been on the block last week with Kaysar ...

        They continue to talk ... about how they ( She and Kaysar ) have to win HoH .. or they ( Her/Kaysar and Memphis ) are ****ed...

        Janelle to Memphis - why not scoop up Nicole A? ... she is super loyal

        Memphis - If she's still here....

        Janelle - David is definitely a bigger threat... she ( Nicole A ) would be a vote on our side.... if David won HoH.. he's coming after this side of the house.

        Memphis tells her that he "doesn't see that ... but she sees it .. and he respects it "

        Memphis to Janelle - if it ( nominations ) is the way it is ... then I think David could easily be gone.. and after talking to you .... I'm more inclined to do that and regroup with Nicole


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          Memphis to Janelle she (Nicole A) is straightforward... and I was straightforward to her 0 telling her ).... use your thing.... you are definitely part of who I'm thinking about putting up


          • #6
            Janelle asks Memphis if he would be inclined to getting rid of a bigger target.... like Nicole F ...

            Memphis- yeah ... if we can get through next week and not have any casualties, meaning you or Kaysar win HoH.... if we survive until week 4.... we'll take the shot


            • #7
              Janelle told Memphis that it really wouldn't be "taking a shot" at Nicole F .. she's already won the game... she would go easily once on the block

              He says he feels the same about Ian ...


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                Memphis to Janelle - I don't want to be a dick... but I don't want to live with ****ing Ian.... and I'm a little annoyed that Christmas saved him


                • #9
                  They talk about how Nicole F and Ian are the same ( past winners ) but how Nicole F .. plays the game better socially than Ian does...

                  Janelle - David is o bad at this game....he's really playing for the first time...

                  Memphis - that's why I said that I said ( during the nomination ceremony ) ... and the DR is like .. why did you say that??? they ( the DR ) was like.... " do you not think he belongs here?" .. and I was like... if you my honest ****ing opinion..

                  And the feeds cut ...

                  ( LOL )


                  • #10
                    Janelle tells Memphis that if he wants to pick her to play in the PoV .. she'd use it ...

                    Janelle- I'm already a target

                    Memphis - we'll see if I get a player's choice....

                    Janelle- If I save Nicole A.... they would be like.... Memphis is going to be pissed at Janelle


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                      Kevin and Nicole A continue to talk about Janelle...

                      Kevin tells Nicole A .. that she can't keep giving Janelle info ....

                      Nicole A- after my season....., one person tweeted "Nicole craves acceptance and friendship.... and that's why she ****s up"

                      Nicole A - it's so true....

                      Kevin - and Janelle smells it on you ... Janelle is a predator... she sensed it off of me.... and I was like bitch.. I'm no ****ing snack


                      • #12
                        Memphis tells Cody that he got "all the information) out of Janelle ...( by sharing his wine )
                        Cody- you savage...

                        Memphis tells Cody that Kaysar and Janelle think they have everyone outside of their 6 ... and that they think that Nicole F is the mastermind ...

                        Cody - Kaysar and Janelle are going to put me on the block with Nicole F...... then line has got to be drawn

                        Memphis - if that shows its face..... the line will have to be drawn


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                          Memphis to Cody you have to get the numbers to get rid of Nicole A ...
                          Cody- Da'Vonne, Bayleigh and our group

                          They continue to talk about how very soon . they will target Janelle and Kaysar ... and they think that Kaysar needs to go first...


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                            Janelle tells Nicole A that Memphis is going to pick her to play (in the PoV ) ...

                            Nicole A - oh .. okay ...

                            Janelle - do not tell Kevin..... his ( Memphis ) first choice is David but he is thinking of maybe backdooring someone

                            Nicole A - okay

                            Janelle tells her that Memphis is "warming up" to the idea of working with Nicole A ... with them ...

                            Nicole A - then why would he put me up?

                            Janelle- he doesn't know what he's doing ... she tells her not to take it personally .. and assures her she will be fine...

                            She tells her that he ( Memphis ) didn't know how close she was to her and Kaysar .. and that he ( Memphis ) should have really talked to them before he made his nominations ...

                            That pretty much catches us up ...

                            There was a little talk between Cody and Dani ... ( about Janelle and Kaysar ) ... they compared notes ...
                            Dani thinks Janelle should go first before Kaysar
                            She also tells Cody that Nicole A tells her EVERYTHING

                            Also .. Kaysar told Janelle that he told Christmas that now that she played and saved Ian .. the other side of the house is after her
                            Janelle's response... " you let her know? Are you crazy??
                            Kaysar told Janelle not to worry ... that she ( Christmas was SO grateful .. and that she almost started crying )


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                              Currently @ 6:13 AM BBT

                              All still tucked in and sleeping

                              (I'm out .. and I'll be out for most of the day .. *family thing* .. so if anyone can jump in today .. that would be AWESOME .. and I know everyone ( especially me ) would appreciate any updates )


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