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Live Feed Updates - 8/16 - Day 12

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/16 - Day 12

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    2:10 AM BBT

    We are on PET CAM - we've been on it for just over and hour .....

    PoV Competition is being played. ( I kid you not! )


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      (@Lexie 🤔 Ummm ... Don't know if this means I'm a Doofus or Winner of said 👆 Endurance POV Challenge. I was still hanging on over @ Day 11 🤣! (Just noticed y'all are 24 posts into Day 12 🤦‍♀️.)

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    we are back

    Not sure who won yet ...

    But it was NOT Nicole A or David


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      Enzo, Dani, and Nicole F have been doing nothing but talking about Janelle ....

      They also have talked about how Memphis doesn't let anyone in his HoH room


      • #5
        Enzo and Nicole F continue to talk ....

        Enzo telling Nicole F to go to Memphis .. offer up a deal .. say she didn't use her Safety Suite pass this week ... so next week when she uses it.. she can safe him if he needs saving.

        Nicole F - I don't think he ( Memphis ) will put me up

        Enzo tells her to make the offer just in case ...

        Nicole F back talking Janelle ... how she ( Janelle ) was starring at her at the PoV competition ... even when she was out


        • #6
          Just a few minutes agao ... there was a convo between David and Tyler ...

          Tyler in the shower ...
          They are whispering ...

          David says that now " his" head is going to get even bigger...

          ( which makes me think that Memphis won the PoV )


          • #7
            Enzo to Nicole F - what happened with Cody, he was all ****ed up and in the DR .. was it some personal **** ?
            Nicole F - someone brought up something that he didn't....

            Feeds cut


            • #8
              Nicole A to Da'Vonne - it's embarrassing ... literally 10 seconds into the comp .. I drop .. it's embarrassing...


              • #9
                David to Nicole A - that ****ing comp was unfair ...

                David- first off ... you tried...

                Nicole A- that was laughable ...

                David- there was no way .. the way that comp was set up .. the way the weight was distributed ...

                Nicole A- I mean I ****ing went out like 10 seconds in ...


                • #10
                  David- that was a physical comp that was not ... I talked to Tyler ... he held on as long as he could.... it just sucks....

                  Nicole A- and again .. you won ... say it .. but don't say it mean ... I have no patience for him ...

                  YEP .... Memphis won


                  • #11
                    Dani joins David and Nicole A ... she tells Nicole A not to worry about it ....

                    Dani - that comp was for a guy... I would not have won ...

                    They talk about how "he" is so arrogant

                    (arrogant = Memphis)

                    Dani tell Nicole A and David that Memphis is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way and that it won't get him far in this game.

                    She gives them both a pep talk .....


                    • #12
                      Cody to Nicole F - how are you feeling?
                      Nicole F - I feel like I'm going to go crazy..... . I need your help.. to make sure that I stay off of the block this week


                      • #13
                        Da'Vonne asks Bayleigh if Memphis put up Nicole F ... what do they do ??

                        Bayleigh - Cody wants to keep Nicole F..... Enzo doesn't care.... David doesn't care


                        • #14
                          Da'Vonne tells Bayleigh that any time she tells Dani something about Cody.. then Cody comes to her and will say "Dani told me you said"....

                          Bayleigh - Janelle told me it's Cody, Nicole F, Dani and Tyler ( in an alliance )

                          Da'Vonne- I believe Cody, Nicole F and Dani .. I'm not sure about Tyler

                          She says that Tyler tells her that he doesn't trust Dani


                          • #15

                            Bayleigh to Da'Vonne - I'm not going to be the person that gets caught in the middle of two alliances....


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