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Live Feed Updates - 8/17 - Day 13

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/17 - Day 13

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    Veto ceremony today


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      People are up.

      Janelle is talking to Memphis. Tells him that the votes are there for keeping David. Tells him that is dumb because Nicole A is not a threat.

      Talk about Janelle's lake house.

      Janelle said she can't believe Ian is mad at her for saying Dan deserved to win.

      Memphis says there are about 20+ things that go into winning.

      Janell telling Memphis that if the old school players are in the jury they will vote on game, if it's the new players, they will vote on feelings and who needs the money. Memphis says he doesn't care about your feelings and laughs.
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        Cody, Dani, and Nicole F talking in the bathroom while cleaning up. Topic of conversation? Janelle and Kaysar.

        Nicole F said that she think she's (Janelle) is just shocked that everyone isn't on her side. Dani said they wondered how were they going to change their game. Thought they can't play the same game, but they're playing the same game.


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          9:23AM BBT
          Nicole F & Bay talking in bathroom about eating habits & how they slept last night. Bay telling Nicole F how Ian woke her up to do some of his punishment early this morning. He had to go to each room to yell "Noooooo" Nicole F only remmebers because Bay brought it up.

          Big Brother woke them up at 8:00AM they are complaining about it because some HG are still in bed.


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            Memphis and Janelle have pegged that Nicole F and Ian are protecting each other and wonder how far they would go to protect each other. Talk about testing it. Saying you would have to put them up together. Janelle says that Nicole F would definitely stay.

            Janelle tells him that if it's Nicole F and Keesha in the jury that if one of them gets backdoored next week, they wwould have a better shot at winning the battle back


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              9:30AM BBT
              Outside with Janel & Memphis

              Memphis said between the two of them Memphis is going to win all the comps because he knows he is high risk of getting back doored Janel agrees.
              Janel tells Memphis that she thinks that there will be a battle back and Memphis doesn't think there will be cause it doesn't add up because there are all ready to many people in the house. Memphis started talking about Enzo and says he remembers him but doesn't remember how he played and Janel told his he formed the Brigade.
              Cody came and joined Janel & Memphis outside Cody is upset they woke him up early for DR.


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                9:40AM BBT
                *Back to the Bathroom*
                Bay, Nicole F, Christmas, & Tyler in there.

                Bay is sweeping and cleaning up.
                Nicole F is doing her hair & makeup getting ready for the day same with Christmas.
                Tyler left the bathroom.
                Bay is saying how much she would love a small vacuum.
                Dani is awake now she is talking about how Ian came in the room last night (which was around 6:00AM)


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                  12:15 BBT

                  Gone to kittens for nomination ceremony.


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                    Memphis did not use the veto. Nicole A and David remain on the block.


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                      I'll catch us up ...


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                        David talked to Enzo asking him if he can count on him to keep him.
                        Enzo tells him - of course - they are in an alliance together ... he also tells him he will have Tyler's vote to keep him ..


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                          Kaysar talked to Memphis telling him that Nicole A will be the one leaving ....

                          Memphis to Kaysar - I don't think so.

                          Kaysar to Memphis - 100% ( she will go )

                          Memphis tells Kaysar that he will talk to Enzo


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                            Bayleigh and Kevin talked about how their votes will go ...

                            They both like Nicole A and David...

                            Kevin says he's leaning towards keeping David ...

                            Bayleigh tells him that their votes "need to be synced" because they are in the middle ....

                            Bayleigh - they will need our votes to make things go their way.....


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                              Enzo talks to Da'Vonne and Kevin about the vote

                              Enzo tells them that he doesn't think Memphis cares which one goes home...

                              Kevin tells him that he thinks that Memphis wants Nicole A to stay

                              Enzo says he will talk to Memphis


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