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Live Feed Updates - 8/21 - Day 17

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/21 - Day 17

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    From last night -

    Christmas, Tyler and Cody

    Christmas - if Janelle's going to be nasty and full of drama .. I'm not going to stand for it .. it's just all dirty game play ... and so unnecessary
    Cody - it's so old school
    Tyler - it's old school and nobody likes that ...

    Tyler and Dani

    Tyler tells Dani that they ( him/her and Cody ) are going to need to "move as one" ... because of all the "double dipping" going on
    Dani tells him she agrees...

    Dani - I feel like she (Da'Vonne) would definitely not be afraid to strike against us at some point....
    Tyler agrees
    Dani - she's dangerous because of her mouth

    Tyler to Dan i- this week is going to be straightforward..... Janelle or Kaysar gone


    • #3
      Enzo, Nicole F, Memphis and Dani swiped to play in today's Safety Suite Competition.

      Enzo won the Safety Suite
      Enzo made Christmas his Plus One granting her safety for the week.

      Da'Vonne to Dani - I think Janell and Kaysar were banking on him (Memphis) to win...
      Dani- I think Memphis wasn't even trying.

      Enzo to Tyler - me, you , Cody and David.... I can trust you guys.
      Tyler- and now ... Christmas is going to love us after this.
      Enzo- That's what I'm trying to say... why not use this opportunity to get an ally?

      Tyler to Enzo - we need to see how Da'Vonne reacts to this ( Enzo giving safety to Christmas rather than her )
      Enzo - I don't have to explain nothing to her. ( Da'Vonne ).... I won this ****.
      Tyler - all you have to say is that you didn't want to sell out the alliance

      Enzo- to Tyler - what are you (Da'Vonne) so worried about??? We're in an alliance .....
      Tyler - you know why ... she ( Da'Vonne ) is spreading **** all over the ****ing place... she has a guilty conscience

      Enzo to Tyler - everyone says that on every season ... she ( Da'Vonne ) gets really paranoid and blows everything up

      They talk about how there wasn't an "all guy alliance" when Da'Vonne was saying there way ... but now there is ...
      Tyler- you ( Da'Vonne ) forced it to happen

      Why not join us in a conversation in our Forums and tell us what you think about Enzo's choice to save Christmas ...

      Tyler's Nominations are next ... no surprise what's going to happen ...

      Tyler to Enzo- I talked to both of them (Janelle/Kaysar) and he ( Kaysar) was like a guilty dog that chewed up the couch... he owned it .. but Janelle didn't ...

      Janelle to Kaysar - I talked to Tyler..... he was super nice...he's like ... I have to do what the house wants
      Kaysar - the house wants what the house wants... and here we are ...
      Janelle - about to go on the block together again...... Jennifer put us up together......Danielle Reyes put us up together ...
      Kaysar- it's what the house wants

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        Tyler nominated Janelle and Kaysar for eviction


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          Da'Vonne to Tyler - if Janelle happens to win .. and take herself off the block .... then .. of course.. it's Kaysar ( going home ) but ... the question is .. who are you going to put up next to him?
          Tyler - that is the question ....


          • #6
            Tyler to Da'Vonne - I feel like if Janelle sticks around for the next twist.... she is more likely to get a power ... she is Janelle .. she is Big Brother.


            • #7
              Tyler tells Da'Vonne that he's been up in the HoH room all day by himself.... because everyone is scared to death ... no one wants to be seen with him right now ... because everyone is still scared of Janelle and Kaysar ...

              Tyler- I put them on the block..... and no one wants to come and hang out


              • #8
                Da'Vonne to Tyler - I've never seen people treat the HoH like they have the plague.... ( like they have this season )


                • #9
                  Tyler and Da'Vonne talk about how they will really need to gun for this veto
                  Da'Vonne says she hopes she gets picked to play .. she's ready to play
                  Tyler says of course he's gunning for it
                  They talk about how Janelle is queen of the veto


                  • #10
                    Da'Vonne leaves...

                    Cody there now ...

                    Tyler tells Cody that he might as well enjoy his time as HoH .. because he will probably be on slop next week ....

                    He also tells him that Janelle said .. that she's going to "give it right back" to Nicole F.....

                    Cody - that's ****ing awesome


                    • #11
                      Tyler tells Cody that he's been up there ( HoH ) room all by himself... because no one wants to hang out up there ... because of Memphis .. ( how he was when he was HoH )


                      • #12
                        Tyler and Cody talking about how they are in a good position right now ...
                        They talk about how things are going to get chaotic


                        • #13
                          Tyler - if you sit back and not get in your head.. then everything is so black and white
                          Cody - it's not getting ahead of yourself ... like we have some good stuff around us .. it's just not getting ahead of ourselves...

                          Tyler- the Committee is 3 for 3 on HoH
                          Cody - I know .. that's huge

                          They talk about how Enzo is "pretty good" and how he's not holding back ....


                          • #14
                            Kaysar to Da'Vonne - I already knew this was going to happen.
                            Janelle - he ( Tyler ) told us... so we already knew... he ( Tyler ) said ... every single person in the house wants you out
                            Kaysar - and that has been the case since day one... let's be honest


                            • #15
                              Tyler to Cody - I'm bored as hell
                              Cody - we are not bonging as a cast .... and that's where the fun is ...

                              He talks about how everyone is never together ....


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