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Live Feed Updates - 8/23 - Day 19

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/23 - Day 19

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    6:00 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      9:00 BBT All HG sleeping except for Memphis who is sitting outside enjoying his coffee.


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        Kaysar and Memphis in backyard.

        Memphis: what time did everyone crash last night?
        Kay: A tad early. Tyler, Enzo, and Cody fell asleep early. Enzo went to bed really early,
        Memphis: Yah, not doing too hot on that slop
        Kay: No, he was talking big
        Memphis: yah, def not
        Kay: This group (3rd week of HNs) is the worst off. Enzo wasn't doing well within 24 hours.
        Memphis: I think I'll do better the next time
        Kay: I'm still having.... When I see it (slop) I feel like puking
        Memphis: I'm not looking forward to hearing them complain about it today.
        They decide this group complains the most - led by Enzo and Cody

        9:47 BBT Bay joins Kay and Memphis
        Bay: did the baby wake you up last night?
        Memphis: twice
        Bay: I didn't hear it in the HN room.
        Memphis: I think once you have a kid it's not so intense
        Bay: Nicole says she wants a kid immediately when she gets home

        10:02 BBT Stars - waking up the HGs


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          Bay: It's week 3
          Memphis: We're in it. I was trying to do the math this morning. We're coming up on having been gone 5 weeks. In a week and a half we'll be half way

          Just Bay and Kaysar in backyard
          Kaysar: Bay is happy today
          Bay: Yah, I'm happy today but I miss Swaggy so thats bad
          Kay: Sorry Swaggy C, she'll see you soon but in the meantime she's hanging with
          Bay: Dont say it (both laughing)
          Kay: Swaggy K
          Bay: Dont worry Swaggy, I've got the knockoff version
          Kay: She's got the bootleg version. A little shorter, a little older, not as interesting.
          Bay: It's fine, it'll have to do
          Both laughing hysterically

          Bay: Have you been tweeting
          Kay: Yes
          Bay: ok, just making sure


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            10:17 BBT HGs up and getting ready for the day. It's already quite warm outside.
            Bay: that was my favorite playlist so far
            I guess she and Kay and Memphis had a dance party outside and Memphis was really getting into it. She said he was even crawling on the pool table.

            David's middle right finger is swollen and painful. He's not sure why.


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              Caught the tail end of a convo between Kaysar and Ian about the need for more research $ for autism. Especially in adults

              Bay is making slop breakfast

              Enzo says he's grumpy smurf today because BB woke him up overnight


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                Christmas and Nicole talking about kids.
                Christmas talking about her videos/app for workouts, meditations, lifestyle, etc. "It's kind of like Netflix"

                11:32 BBT
                Christmas running while holding her baby. David also running. Memphis just finished his run.

                Cody, Janelle, and Bay on the couches talking about people who are at the gym that know who have good booties. Janelle says hers is because she eats a lot of peanut butter. Janelle talking about having 3 kids in 3 years. Bay asked if she was a nice pregnant lady. Janelle "i wasn't that nice". Bay wants to talk to Janelle's husband.

                11:35 Stars


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                  Bay, Janelle, and Cody talking about slop.
                  Bay: you need to drink coffee to poop it out so you can start over

                  Bay says she likes hanging with the young people in the house. She said she was feeling she needed to grow up but now realizes she doesn't have to seeing everyone else. Janelle says she misses gossiping with other Mom's.

                  Cody shares that the baby told Christmas "Mommy I want to go for a walk in the backyard, 50 laps". This has happened 3 times already.


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                    Ian and Enzo broke a couple of the outside awnings trying to put them up.
                    Cody: we'll probably get locked in while they fix them
                    Bay: I think the reason they gave us the backyard so early this week is because they are going to do something major for Thursday.
                    Cody, Tyler, and Bay think it will be an endurance type comp.

                    Enzo was laying on the living room floor this morning. He is miserable. Says he's going to die.

                    Cody and Bay talking about slop again and what they want to eat after they are off slop.

                    The inflatable duck in the pool is losing air. Bayleigh keeps saying Kaysar killed it.

                    Tyler: we gotta get Enzo in the pool today cuz he hasn't taken a shower.
                    Bay: he told me he was going to take a shower today
                    Enzo: I'm going to take a shower today, do something productive. I changed my shorts, now I'm going to shower. (ha ha ha)


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                      Bay, Janelle, and Tyler outside on couches.

                      Production calls "Nicole Franzel" to DR. They talk about it being pre-recorded since they wouldn't need to use her last name anymore.
                      Bay: I hope Nicole A is doing well
                      Tyler: I hope she's home
                      Janelle: can you imagine going back into sequester?
                      They start talking about if there will be a battleback. Janelle starts to talk about something she was told and production shuts her down. They laugh that all of us (feeders) know the answer already because we can see if the evicted guests are on social media. They laugh that we like to see them discussing it.

                      Tyler: good morning Angela
                      Bay: good morning Swags
                      Janelle: my husband doesn't watch the feeds. good morning Chris and Angela. My kids have the feeds though. The nanny has to take it if people are whatever
                      Tyler; like being mean
                      Janelle wonders if her kids will be in school. They talk about not knowing if schools have kids in them and we gets stars.

                      *First timer with the feeds and posts. Will take any advice on how to do better and will try to post more later.


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                        You did great!

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                      12:35 All cameras in backyard. Cody, Bay, and Christmas talking about kids. Christmas' baby needs to be fed. Kaysar is in the pool talking to David about what's for lunch.

                      I haven't seen Da'vonne since she was doing her beauty routine in the bathroom mirror upon awakening.


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                        Christmas is burping her baby. Now see Memphis is laying out in the sun with Enzo.


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                          12:43 BBT

                          Dani finally showed up! Came outside and they gave her grief for hiding/hoarding towels.
                          Dani: you have to


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                            Christmas joins Cody and Janelle on the couches outside. She has her arms full with a bowl of something, a drink, and her baby. Cody offers to hold baby. He's adorable with the baby. The starfishes' mouth has fallen off and he asks baby what happened to her mouth.
                            Cody: I love baby mouths, chins, and hands. (so cute as he has baby nestled in the crook of his arm)

                            12:58 BBT

                            David and Tyler alone in kitchen
                            David: need to talk to you later when we get a chance
                            Tyler: need to, need to


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