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Live Feed Updates - 8/25 - Day 21

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/25 - Day 21

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      Going to catch you guys up a little bit from last night ... a couple of key convos ...

      Tyler and Bayleigh talked ... she told him that Da'Vonne is her #1 girl ... but she's been thinking that he ( Tyler ) should be her #1 guy ...
      She talks about him and Dani ... about her and Tyler being close
      Tyler tells her that he's not as close to Dani as she thinks.
      They agree that Dani is in the "middle' of it all
      Bayleigh tells him that if Cody, Enzo or even him (Tyler) had to pick a girl .. it would be Dani ...
      They talk about building a friendship both inside the game - but outside the 6 (alliance ) as well as outside the house

      Tyler tells her that he wants to remain true/solid to the 6 ...
      She tells him they can ...
      They all ( the 6 ) are loyal

      They hug it out ...
      Tyler - let's do this

      Bayleigh talked to David .. she tells him to trust her ... she tells him she has to gun for HoH this week.. has to make sure another girl doesn't walk out the door next week...
      David tells her it's time to take action ... "time to chop some heads"

      Janelle talked to Christmas she tells her that if Kaysar leaves.. she ( Janelle ) is a free agent.. and she wants to work with her .. thinks they can do some damage... she can trust her ...
      She tells Christmas that both of them ( her and Kaysar ) need 6 votes to stay ... that she doesn't know what is going to happen .... but she has 2 for sure votes right now ... Bayleigh and Memphis
      Christmas talks about Janelle being a "legend"
      Janelle thanks her .. tells her she doesn't expect to win the game.. but she doesn't want to go out week 3 ... she wants to do what she can to help the people she's aligned with...

      Janelle tells Christmas that she has "the drive" and "the desire" and that 'she's hungry to win an HoH" ...

      Janelle to Christmas- we can do some damage in this game together.

      Janelle talks about "girl power" .... and how she would be the 3rd girl to leave....and how she knows the fans don't want to see that

      Da'Vonne checked in on Kaysar
      He tells her he's disappointed .. hates losing ... he talks about how getting to be back in the house with Janelle is special .. good to play this game with her again .. sad to see it end so quickly ...
      She tells him he is acting like he's packed his bags.. ready to go home..
      He says he wants them to think he's just over it .... that he's just going to "blend in"

      Then he tells her that if he does stay ... that they ( he and Da'Vonne ) will work together .... they will "move fast" and "kick some ass"
      Da'Vonne to Kaysar - light some **** on fire
      Kaysar - hell yes...

      Bayleigh and Da'Vonne talked about David... they are worried .. and agree that he has to go.
      Da'Vonne asks Bayleigh if she's going to throw a vote to Janelle .. she tells her no .. not if it's just her and Memphis

      Cody and Tyler talked about how they think that Memphis needs to stay in the game as long as he can .. cause he will continue to build a target on himself
      They talk about how Bayleigh has already mentioned Memphis as a target
      Cody says his "worse case scenario" is Bayleigh winning HoH
      He thinks she would try to backdoor Memphis ...
      He also talks about how she would put up Memphis and Nicole

      Janelle talked to Kevin she tells him she's not coming after him ...she's going after the "other side' .. she tells him his game is better with her in the house
      He agrees... saying that he likes that she wants to stay and fight .. doesn't feel like Kaysar does
      She tells him that she does want to fight ... she just needs some power.

      ( that's the jest of the the convos last night )

      ( I'm not really here )


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        Just popping in quickly

        Tyler and Memphis talked about voting Janelle out ...

        Tyler counted votes - saying they already have the 6 that they need to get her out - Nicole, Cody, Christmas, you ( Memphis) , Dani and Ian... he also says that Enzo will vote however Cody tells him to vote.

        Christmas and Nicole also talked about Janelle leaving - saying that they are sure they have the votes to send her home.

        They plan on talking to David to secure his vote to get Janelle out

        ( he's already voting her out anyway )

        ( I'm really not here )


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          12:15 BBT
          Dani is trying to talk David out of having Memphis as a target. It seems that David has his mind set. Christmas and Nicole are working out.


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            12:17pm BBT

            Christmas is gone and Nicole is talking to the camera. She says Cody and Dani want Christmas out but Nicole wants her to stay. She thinks she (Nic) is Cody, Dani, Ian and Christmas' number one person. She wants to figure out a way to keep Christmas and Ian for certain.


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              12:25 pm BBT

              Janelle and Kaysar going over the votes and who they have talked to (which is sad considering they are up against each other). Kaysar asks how Janie is doing and she says fine. He tells her that she seems down sometimes. Janie is kind of surprised and says she's hungry, wants coffee, and water. She said she feels kind of sick because she hasn't had coffee yet. She heads out to get some.


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                12:38 BBT

                Janelle and David are talking. Janelle says she has a headache on day 5 of slop. She asked David if day 5 was hard for him and he says only because he found out people were trying to get him out of the house. Janie said he is really hanging on to this thing and she explained to him last week that she was close to Nicole A. David is being very dismissive of the things Janelle is saying. (whew! that man holds a grudge!!) David is intimating that Janelle has tried to lead him astray with the votes the first week, and then he was targeted the next week and he thinks it's fishy.


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                  12:50 BBT

                  David flat out tells Janelle that he spent every night with Nicole A when they were on the block together, and Janelle trying to tell him how close she was with NicA when he heard different from NicA own mouth is irritating. He keeps saying that he didn't appreciate her campaigning against him and she keeps saying NicA was her friend so he is and at her for trying to keep her friend. David keeps saying that's not it. He repeats the same thing, she repeats the same thing, back to him, back to her, and the camera goes to another room.


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                    Janelle is offering David three weeks of safety if she stays and David tells her that her offer is no benefit to him. They split up and I am out for now.


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