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Live Feed Updates - 8/26 - Day 22

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/26 - Day 22

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      Looks like we have a LITTLE bit of catching up to do...


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        David told Christmas that he told Kaysar that he's voting for him to stay.


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          Janelle asked Kaysar that if she is the one that goes home... he has to promise to send Nicole F out.
          He does.


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            Janelle, Bayleigh and Kaysar talk ...
            Janelle trying to plot how they can get Nicole F out ....
            Janelle says that Nicole and Dani on the block together would cause major chaos ...
            Kaysar agrees saying it's the right move towards getting Nicole F out the door


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              Nicole and Dani talks about who will be Have Nots next week ...
              They say that Cody will pick Ian ... and they think that Enzo should pick Da'Vonne and that Bayleigh will pick Dani
              They also talk about Janelle's vote
              Dani wonders if she should cast a hinky vote
              Nicole F tells her no ...


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                Janelle asks Dani about her vote ...
                Janelle tells Dani that she would want to get 7 votes.....
                She says she has 4 now .... Kevin, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh and Memphis ...
                Dani tells her that means she would need Enzo, Cody or Christmas ... 2 of those ...
                Janelle - and you
                Dani- yeah .. and 2 of those 3 ...
                She tells Janelle that she will talk to the guys to see where they are ...

                Jaenlle asks Dani if she wants to keep her
                Dani tells her that if she can get to 7 .. shes in ...
                Janelle to Dani - but you don't want to be (the ) 6th
                Dani tells her that she doesn't want to be the one that splits the house ...
                Janelle to Dani- but it would save me...
                Dani - I know

                Janelle talks about how it would be good for Dani game wise if she stays... etc.

                ( lot of talk for no reason .. cause she's not going to vote for her to stay )


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                  Cody and Tyler both agree that they are done with David ....

                  They talk about how they were trying to help him... but he threw them under the bus

                  ( there was a whole "fact checking" thing with Da'Vonne, Cody, Tyler ... a discussion about "David said that you said" kinda talk )

                  Tyler tells Cody that he " specifically prefaced" his convo with David saying " if you tell Da'Vonne" ... you "**** me over" ...

                  They both say that David is a rookie ....

                  Cody - he ( David ) has completely ****ed us now


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                    Kevin and Da'Vonne talk
                    Da'Vonne telling him that she's upset with both David and Bayleigh ....

                    Kevin tells her that she has to act like things are good with them ( Her/Bayleigh/David)

                    Kevin asks what did Bayleigh do ( to upset he so much )

                    Da'Vonne talks about how Bayleigh went to Cody about how she ( Da'Vonne ) and David were flirting with each other

                    Da'Vonne - why would you (Balyleigh ) go to Cody and say that?


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                      Cody tells Nicole about how they are done with David


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                        Bayleigh checked in with Tyler about the whole David and Da'Vonne ordeal ...
                        Bayleigh tells Tyler to keep checking in with Da'Vonne
                        Tyler says he wants to build trust with her ...


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                          Janelle continues to campaign to stay
                          She talks to Tyler.. tells him she talked to Dani ..

                          Janelle to Tyler - I'll make a deal with you right now...... if I'm HoH .. you are not going to see the block ...
                          Tyler - until Final 3 ???
                          Janelle tells him that next week is a "reset week" for her .... she tells him if he's truly alone ... she wouldn't be coming after him anyway ... and that they can work something out ... where she doesn't touch him .... ( nomination wise )

                          Tyler to Janelle - who are you touching?

                          She tells him that she will target the floaters... that she wants to play All Stars like she did last time...

                          Janelle - I want to be my OG self....

                          She tells him it's All Stars so she wants to see heavy hitters make it to the end to battle it out ... and.... that the fans love it when she targets floaters.

                          Tyler reminds her that she just told him that he was "alone" .. ( aka a floater )

                          She tells him "he's not floater material"


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                            Janelle to Tyler - ... my legacy .... I ****ing hate floaters. ....
                            She says they disgust her ...

                            Tyler says he hates floaters too ....

                            Janelle - they ( floaters ) are like a parasite in this house,...they feed off of people like me and you


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                              Janelle and Tyler talk about Dani's vote ...
                              Janelle says she thinks she really wants to keep her .. she talks about how they've been friends for 13 years... etc.


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