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Live Feed Updates - 8/27 - Day 23

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/27 - Day 23

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    All HGs sleeping


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      (Not) Happy Live Eviction Day!

      8:31 am BBT

      Memphis and Kaysar are awake and chatting ( could actually be bonding) in the kitchen. Kaysar tells Memphis that maybe he should quit calling everyone assholes when he walks out of the room. They are both chuckling about it.

      David is up and getting ready in the other room. Kevin is up and getting fresh batteries for the day.

      Everyone else is still trying to sneak a few more minutes of snoozing.


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        I Have been trying to get a pic of the view we are given on camera one which is 9 camera views in one, but as you can see in my pic, it is all black. Maybe you can zoom in to see it.


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          9:13 am BBT

          BB is still trying to get people to wake up and is failing miserably. The cams are on Memphis sitting by himself in the living room and Kaysar in bed staring at the ceiling.


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            9:37 AM BBT

            Kaysar and Christmas have joined Memphis in the LR and they are talking about bidets and butt dryers. (You're welcome!)


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              Janelle and Christmas talk about David saying he is the swing vote this week. Talk turns to finales on shows.


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                10:38 BBT

                The four are talking about David and how bad he is at playing the game. Janelle says that he is going around telling everyone how he is aggressively going after Memphis, Janelle and Kaysar. They are all laughing because David knows nothing about the game. He doesn't know how to talk game and had never heard of the luxury comp. Janelle and Christmas talk about how he didn't prepare by finding out how to play BB. We get a quick stars and then doggies!! (Eeeeee! So cute!!!)


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                  Jumping in.......

                  1:28 pm BBT

                  Janelle and Christmas are having a nice chat. Janelle hugs her goodbye in case Janie goes and tells her that she is rooting for her. Christmas says she hopes that she can be as good to Kaysar as Janelle was. They talk about getting together after the show for a glass of wine and discuss some of the stories that have been going around the house. Janelle says her plus one for the afterparty is Britney (Haynes) from BB.

                  Da'von and Kevin are talking about David and how he (may) have overheard the breakfast group talking about him this morning about how awful David was in the game (it's hard to hear them whispering with Nicole talking in the other room.

                  **Sounds like quite a few people are gunning for David if they win HOH**


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                    ( yep Purrwing .. sounds like it ... )

                    Da'Vonne to Kevin - if I get David out this week.... that would give Kaysar another week in the house to try to win HoH and go after them ... do you think David is going to go after Cody??? no .. he wants to Cody's friend...

                    Da'Vonne to Kevin - he (David) just wants to be in with the boys... it's nauseating....
                    Kevin suggests that they make him ( David ) "feel like a leader"
                    Da'Vonne - **** no .. I'm not doing that

                    Janelle tells Bayleigh and Da'Vonne that they don't see it.. but Nicole needs to go .... she tells him Nicole leaving frees up Ian ...

                    Feeds went to PET CAM about 20 minutes ago ....


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                      It's eviction night!

                      And, more than that .. a new HoH takes control....

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                        Here's how tonight has played out SO FAR ...

                        Julie Chen - Janelle and Kaysar they are one of Big Brother’s most historic duos. Tonight they sit side by side on the chopping block..... one stays the other is gone. Welcome to Big Brother All Stars!


                        Julie Chen - Dani has no intention of keeping Janelle.

                        Dani - I vote to evict Kaysar

                        Julie Chen - oh .. let me get back on script! ... ( LOL )

                        Julie Chen - there's no love lost between Nicole and Janelle ... NONE.

                        Nicole - Janelle
                        Enzo - Kaysar

                        Da'Vonne - Janelle
                        Memphis - Janelle

                        Bayleigh - Janelle
                        Cody - Janelle

                        Christmas - Janelle
                        David -Janelle
                        Kevin - Janelle
                        Ian - Janelle

                        By a vote of 9 - 2 .... Janelle has been evicted from the Big Brother All Star House.

                        Julie to Janelle- do you hear that? .... those are your fans screaming at the television right now

                        Julie- who do you think were the 2 people that voted to evict Kaysar?
                        Janelle - Da'Vonne and Bayleigh?
                        Julie- no ... do you want me to tell you?
                        Janelle- no let me guess
                        Julie - okay .. I like this game...
                        Janelle- Memphis and Kevin?
                        Julie - no
                        Janelle - Dani and the ..... New Jersey guy?
                        Julie- Dani and Enzo .. yes

                        Julie reveals that Christmas and Memphis were working with Cody, Tyler, Nicole and Dani

                        Julie -Memphis had a role in your eviction tonight ...

                        Kaysar's goodbye message to Janelle - I'm going to make sure the alliance that sent you out the door, is going to pay.

                        Janelle - but he doesn't know ... he's going to tell Memphis everything ... this is terrible.. I'm very worried.

                        Julie - I just have to defend Da'Vonne, Bayleigh and Kevin, they do love you, but no one wants to make waves right now.
                        Janelle - oh of course, I mean I understand what kind of players they are and I totally get that.

                        Head of Household Competition - Carnival Quick Shot

                        Julie -by random draw, you have been divided into 2 groups of 6 ..

                        First group of 6 to compete are - Nicole, Da'Vonne, David, Ian, Enzo and Kaysar
                        Second group of 6 are - Dani, Cody, Baleigh, Kevin, Memphis, Christmas

                        Each have 3 balls... roll your ball up the ramp .... sink 3 balls ... 1st 3 advance to the final round ...

                        Final 6 will go head to head in the Final Round ...

                        First to sink in the Final round .. becomes the new HoH

                        Round 1- Kaysar is the first to advance


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                              When the feeds return, we'll update you with the HoH Competition results...


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