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Live Feed Updates - 8/28 - Day 24

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/28 - Day 24

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    All HGs sleeping.

    Enzo is the new HOH.
    He plans on nominating Kaysar and David as a pawn.
    If Kaysar wins veto, then Ian will go up to go out.


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      Here for just a few minutes...

      Enzo and Kaysar talked...
      Kaysar telling him that he has his back... he doesn't like floaters... wants to play with someone that came to play the game.. someone like him (Enzo)
      Enzo tells him that he's going to talk to everyone in the house ... see where it goes ...
      ]Kaysar asks if everyone says "Kaysra, Kaysar" .. is he going up
      Enzo tell him no ... he's doing it for himself ( Enzo ) ....
      Kaysar tells him again that he can trust him ..

      Once Kaysar leaves ...
      Enzo says to the camera that what's he to do .. that Kaysar's a good kid... likes him.. but he ( Kaysar ) hasn't talked any game to him up to this point.. so he really can't trust him ...

      Tyler and Enzo talked...

      Tyler asked if Enzo is putting up Kaysar and Kevin?
      Enzo - I'm thinking a pawn, yeah....

      Enzo to Tyler - me... you... Cody ... we can run through this house...
      Tyler- we can win every HoH


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        Earlier - Enzo asked Bayleigh if she knew who cast the 2 votes ( Janelle to stay vote )
        She asked if it was him ...
        He told her no
        She told him that then .. it's a trap ... she says that she thinks that one was Memphis and the other David

        Enzo asked if she thinks that someone in their Slick Six alliance is "trying to be slick"
        She tells him no .. she doesn't think so ... but she does think that whoever did it .... was trying to pin it on her


        • #5
          Tyler to Enzo - - I think Dani was one of the votes ( to keep Janelle )
          Enzo- I'm starting to think that too. ... she's trying to get Da'Vonne and Bayleigh in trouble


          • #6
            Enzo and Tyler talk about how they want Christmas to be their "pit bull" ..
            They agree that she will do stuff for them .... especially if they can cut Kaysar out now

            (meaning they want to use her to target the girls in the 6 ... so they don't have to )


            • #7
              Dani and Enzo talked...

              ( this convo )

              Dani to Enzo- what was up with the two votes yesterday? ... it had to be Bayleigh and Da'Vonne,....right?
              Enzo- I would thin so... or maybe Kevin

              (so if you missed last night's show ... and I'm sure you didn't ... but if you did ... Dani and Enzo were the 2 rogue votes/hinky votes to keep Janelle )


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                Enzo nominated Kaysar and Kevin for eviction.


                • #9
                  Catching us up quickly

                  Kaysar and Ian talked with Ian telling Kaysar that he can't promise him anything ...
                  Kaysar saying that at some point they have to take a stand... can't keep getting steamrolled like they are now


                  • #10
                    Kaysar talked to Enzo

                    Enzo tells Kaysar to win the PoV and he will put someone else up and out ...

                    Enzo to Kaysar -you want to work with be bro, I'll work with you


                    • #11
                      Enzo talked to Ian

                      Ian tells Enzo that he feels badly for both Kevin and Kaysar ... but that ( if he won POV ) he would "leave them the same" ( nominations )

                      Enzo encourages Ian that if he's picked ... just win .. leave everything the same and that's that.


                      • #12
                        Ian to Enzo - if I win ( HoH ) ... I can guarantee you're good.
                        Enzo - yeah .. cuz in this house ..... actions speak louder than words... I didn't put you up .. please do the same for me ...
                        Ian to Enzo - exactly .... I would not put you up


                        • #13
                          Kevin tells Dani that Enzo has assured him he's the pawn ...

                          Dani leaves
                          Tyler joins ...

                          Kevin tells Tyler that he's just taking this week .. day by day ... get to the PoV first .. and then go from there ... lean in on the connections that he made early ...

                          David is there too ...

                          They chit chat about winning comps ....


                          • #14
                            David to Tyler - I learned my lesson ... no more bull**** .. those mistakes need to be behind us.... cause you know ... not any more

                            Christmas comes in ... so that convo ends...

                            Talk turns to who will play in the veto

                            Christmas says she would love to play ...

                            That gets us current...


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