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Live Feed Updates - 8/30 - Day 26

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  • Live Feed Updates - 8/30 - Day 26

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      Everyone is still sleeping...

      I just wanted to add a little bit from last night ....

      Enz's talks with Cody and Dani ... revealed (again ) that he won't nominate Ian .... he's thinking of nominating Christmas as the re-nom.... since she offered to go up as a pawn. He told them that he would talk to her about it today.


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        6:35 BBT

        Christmas, Memphis, and Kaysar on the backyard couches. I can hear others out there, working out maybe. Wall yeller shouts very clearly, "Nicole and Cody are playing everyone." twice.

        Davonne was in the kitchen.

        Feeds have been down since.


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          Just going to catch us up super quick ...

          Christmas talked to Ian about how she volunteered to be a re-nom pawn
          Ian tells her that he thinks there's a risk
          She tells him no ... that Kaysar has already pissed off her, Tyler, Cody, Dani, Nicole and Kevin .. and that Bayleigh and Da'Vonne won't go against the house

          Cody and Enzo talk about how "awesome" it is that Christmas volunteered to go up

          Cody and Enzo talk about bringing Kevin in with them.. get him closer to them ...
          Enzo says he trust Kevin more than he trust the girls in his own alliance...

          Cody talked about how paranoid Da'Vonne is .. and how Bayleigh would be better off without her ...
          Enzo agrees...

          Enzo tells Cody that Dani worries him the most
          They talk about Ian ... Cody assures Enzo that Ian wouldn't target him
          Enzo tells Cody that he will talk to Ian ... tell him that they don't have to be in an alliance.... but can be good allies for each other

          Enzo talked to Kevin .. told him that he won't put him on the block again .. that he knows he's loyal ... cause he "didn't talk **** about him"

          Enzo tells Kevin that he has his ( Kevin's ) back and Christmas' back until the end

          Enzo talked to Christmas,.. asked her if she's really okay with being the pawn ..
          She tells him yes.. if it needs to be done
          He says he will say that he chose her as his Plus One ( in the Safety Suite )
          Christmas - and I am repaying the favor

          They both agree that no matter what .. Kaysar goes home.

          (that's pretty much it in a nut shell .. then the yelling over the wall happened that sdkgeo posted about - and we are still on PET CAM )


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