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Live Feed Updates - 9/1 - Day 28

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/1 - Day 28

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    A quick catch up with some convos from where I left off last night ...

    Dani and Nicole continued to talk about how they need to get the target off of Da'Vonne and onto Bayleigh .... specifically getting Cody to change his mind about Da'Vonne.

    Dani to Nicole - poor Enzo knows nothing about "The Committee"

    She goes on to say that she feels badly about that ....

    Nicole tells Dani that they don't really talk about The Committee .... and that it's not "serious"

    Dani tells Nicole that she feels like she trust The Committee more than the Slick Six


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      Ian and Kevin did a lot of ...let's call it strategy swapping last night ..

      They both agree that Janelle and Kaysar were "distractions" for everyone... and that everyone else are all intertwined in "alliances"

      Ian told Kevin that they ( he and Kevin ) are going to work together ... not vote each other out ... not nominate each other ... and most importantly compare notes .

      Kevin tells ian that "the core" makes everyone think they are included ...

      ian agrees ... tells Kevin that there is really only "one true core" .. and it's 2 people...

      He goes on to say that there are other groups... that are told they are the "core" ....

      Ian to Kevin - probably five permutations possible of this

      Ian tells Kevin that there is one ( a presumed core) that has Nicole and him ( Ian ) ... where the's told that they are all working together ... AND that there's probably one where Nicole tells Dani that they are working together

      Ian to Kevin - Enzo thinks he is in Brigade 2 with Tyler, Cody and David


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        Ian continues to share ...

        Ian to Kevin - there's a group of Cody, Enzo, Tyler and David .... and there's a group that adds Nicole in there ... and there's a group that has Da'Vonne in it ... and maybe Bayleigh ... somehow ...

        Kevin agrees.. saying Bayleigh would be in via Tyler


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          Ian tells Kevin that Enzo knows that Nicole is tied loosely to him ( Ian ) and to Cody ..

          Ian - Enzo thinks he's in the core with them ( Cody/Tyler/David ) and has safety with Nicole ... he says that Tyler probably feels the same way ...


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            Ian tells Kevin that this whole thing is like a bug .. with legs coming out ... strands .... and that Cody and Nicole are in the core of every single one.... because they are the "head of the spider"


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              Kevin tells Ian that he doesn't know what move to make.. how to approach it moving forward

              Ian to Kevin - no one ever made money panicking.

              He tells him that they have to keep it between them...
              He tells Kevin he just needs time to think ... ( to plot and plan )


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                Ian tells Kevin that yesterday ( the wall yelling ) shook up a lot of people... BUT ... he ( Ian ) already had it figured out ... and it just confirmed what he was already thinking....


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                  Kevin and Ian talk about how Ian would be the one to go over Nicole
                  Ian saying he knows that to be true.... BUT .. she ( Nicole ) also thinks that he is 100% with her ... he says if he won HoH .. he would not target her ... BUT ... he would blow the game wide open ...

                  They both agree that if either of them won HoH .. they would nominate at least one person from "the core"


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                    Ian tells Kevin that if one of "the boys" wins HoH ... they will target NOT David .. but Bayleigh and Da'Vonne...

                    Kevin said he thought it would be him ( Kevin ) and David ...


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                      Ian tells Kevin it's good that they talked... needed to have this talk.... they can't panic....

                      He tells him at first .. he thought he was in a good place... but now .... there's a new phase of the game....

                      Kevin tells Ian that he can't figure out where Dani and Christmas fall into place...

                      Ian - Dani thinks she's in the core the same way that I think I am core..

                      Kevin- through Nicole???

                      Ian- yes ....


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                        Ian tells Kevin that Nicole was "told to round up the girls" and that Cody was told to "round up the boys" ....

                        He says that Enzo thinks he's in " Brigade 2" ... because that is "what appeals to him" ...

                        Ian to Kevin - but .. the Core .. is only 2 .... it's Cody and Coco ( Nicole ) ....

                        Ian - that's what Derrick was doing preseason was setting them up for success

                        Feeds cut .....

                        It didn't take long for Kevin to tells Da'Vonne that someone 'spilled some tea" about Derricks' pre-gaming with Nicole and Cody ..

                        She asks who told him.. he tells her he can't tell her ... (she's not happy with that answer )

                        Talk turns to Christmas' as the replacement nominee ..

                        Kevin says that didn't come from Enzo ...
                        Da'Vonne tells him that she has "tea to spill" on that.... but she won't .. until he tells her who told him the "Derrick tea"

                        Kevin talks about how they ( Cody/Nicole ) were "given a playbook" ( advice from Derrick ) and that the games been so quiet ... because they made everyone feel like they are part of this big alliance .... ( to go after janelle/kaysar ) .... like a "Level 8" allegiance ... but there's really only 3 at the core

                        Da'Vonne tells Kevin that she thinks it's "time to go to war"

                        Da'Vonne tells Kevin that Cody and Nicole are the nucleus .. with Ian as Nicole's Plus One...and Tyler as Cody's Plus One... and that everyone else is just a just a circle... a shield ... around that nucleus.

                        Kevin asks Da'Vonne if she was HoH next .. what would she do ...

                        Da'Vonne tells him . .she'd put up Nicole and Ian with a backdoor plan of Cody .

                        (that pretty much brings you guys up to speed ) ... I'm out


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                          I'll catch us up

                          Ian and Bayleigh "cautiously " compared notes ....
                          They agree they are on the same page ( nucleus/core ) and that they should talk more later

                          Ian tells Kevin that they have to be careful... don't want to be seen talking ( to each other ) too often ....

                          Ian asks Kevin if he can make sure that if Bayleigh or Da'Vonne win HoH ... that his name isn't one that they are thinking of putting up
                          Kevin tells him yes.. he will and asked if Ian could do the same for him,... if Nicole wins HoH

                          Ian tells Kevin ( again ) that he thinks that Kaysar should "drop the bomb" in his eviction speech ...

                          Ian to Kevin - it's going to get volatile soon
                          Kevin agrees... saying they've known that for awhile....

                          Kevin tells Ian that he has his back


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                            Ian talks to Cody

                            Ian tells Cody that the bullhorn was very unlucky ... (when the people yelled over the wall )
                            Cody - y'all heard that ... ?
                            Ian - yeah
                            Cody says that it's frustrating that people can link Nicole with him ( Cody ) ... now ...
                            Ian - yeah ....
                            Cody - but it was already happening


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                              Bayleigh and Kaysar

                              Bayleigh asked Kaysar if he "would be opposed" to blowing up Dani's game.... on his way out ....
                              Kaysar says was going to blow up everyone's game....

                              He says that he was going to throw the Core Four out there for everyone .... but now everyone knows about them.. and they still just refuse to do anything about it

                              Bayleigh to Kaysar - the 4 names.... you would be going for would be ... Dani, Nicole, Tyler and Cody?

                              Kaysar tells her yes...

                              Bayleigh tells him that she still thinks that if he would go ahead and do something like that ... it will rattle some people to the core .... like Nicole ..

                              She tells him that as much as the want to think that the next HoH will be the one that turns everything upside down .... it could be another silent week ....

                              Kaysar tells her that "it's infuriating ....
                              He says they are going into week 5 .. and no big moves have happened yet ...


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