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Live Feed Updates - 9/3- Day 30

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/3- Day 30

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    All HGs sleeping.

    At some point yesterday (?) there was a banner that said Nicole is a liar.

    Kevin and Day were talking about it. 3:32am BBT

    Talking about who they would put up. Keving talks about some options like Memphis, but Memphis would get the votes (to be evicted I think)

    Kevin says that he could put up and Nicole but he would have to break his word to Nicole.

    Day said she would put him him.

    Kevin asks if Nicole would lie to him.

    Day says "Hell Yes"

    Kevin asks, even after the banner said she was a liar,

    Day asks, Is that what the banner said...

    And it went to stars


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      ( thanks Sdkgeo )

      A little quick catch up on some other convos from last night ....

      Ian and Kaysar talked ..
      Ian talking about how Kaysar is smart.... wishes he didn't have to go ... etc.

      Ian to Kaysar - I think the people in here are not intelligent.... I'm actually really appalled at how lackluster the play has been.

      He goes on to say that he does give Nicole and Cody credit ( quietly teaming up together and for getting together with Derrick pre-game)
      He says it was a good idea.... but ... something like that .. isn't going to slip by

      Kaysar tells Ian that he's not sure where Nicole will decide on between Cody and Dani ( alliance wise )
      He tells Ian that maybe that is something he ( Ian ) can blow up )

      Ian asks him .. ( if he did) who would go ... ?
      Kaysar tells him Cody would
      Ian - I need to make sure that he goes if I do this

      Ian talks about how he knows he ( Ian ) would be the one going home over Nicole, if they were on the block together

      Kaysar tells Ian that "Nicole is out for herself"
      Ian - I know..... I just need her to think that I'm looking out for her

      Ian tells Kaysar that the beauty of it is .. that he has " plausible deniability" because of the bullhorn


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        Nicole tells Cody and Enzo that she thinks that they need to "take control of the game this week"
        Nicole- I feel like we are starting to lose control


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          Dani tells Cody that she thinks they ( he and she ) are Bayleigh and Da'Vonne's targets ...

          Cody says he wants someone to call out Bayleigh and Da'Vonne for never naming names of their targets, when they have meetings.


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            Nicole checked in with Ian .. she asked him if anyone said anything crazy to him... because she see people being "weird" and "pulled into rooms"
            He tells her no ... no one said anything crazy

            She asks if Bayleigh said anything ..
            He tells her no ..
            She tells him .... he's smart.. people know that they are doing
            Ian tells her he knows

            Nicole talks about if the competition is a knock out ...
            She asks if he knows the people to knock out
            He tells of "of course"
            She says she doesn't want it to be that kind of comp .. because she doesn't want to have to show their cards
            She tells him to "just look panicked" and say he didn't know who to pick


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              Nicole told Dani that she doesn't trust Tyler.

              Nicole talked to Tyler and told him he could trust her. She tells him if she wins HoH .. he doesn't have to worry .


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                Kaysar talked to Bayleigh telling her that Nicole and Cody are controlling 2 sides of the house
                He told her that a plan would be to put Tyler and Dani on the block ... with Cody as a backdoor plan

                He also had this discussion with Da'Vonne.


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                  The Slick Six alliance met up ..
                  They talked about how they can nominate Memphis (since his back is hurt) and that David could also go up.


                  • #10
                    While they are meeting upstairs....
                    Kevin tells David that he thinks they are plotting up there ... and talks about how everyone but he, ( David) himself ( Kevin ) Ian and Memphis are not up there


                    • #11
                      Kaysar told Christmas about how he thinks that Cody and Nicole are controlling 2 sides of the house.


                      • #12
                        Enzo and Tyler talked about how they want Nicole and Dani out

                        Tyler says if he gets the a power... he would use it against Nicole

                        Enzo "says" he would put Ian and Nicole on the block together.


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                          Bayleigh and Christmas talked about how Kaysar told them that Nicole and Cody are controlling 2 sides of the house


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                            Da'Vonne and Kevin talked about Nicole...
                            He tells her that he ( Kevin ) and Nicole both promised each other that the wouldn't put each other on the block
                            Da'Vonne tells him that she thinks that Nicole would put him up

                            And..that's where Kevin mentions the banner plane .... saying that it said "Nicole is a Liar"

                            Right at 3:32 AM BBT - ( where sdkgeo said )

                            Hopefully, tonight's new HoH will shake up some things up in the house !!

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                              Likely time of banner was 9/1 at 4:52 BBT, camera 3 Almost everyone is in the backyard. You can hear the plane and see Tyler staring up at it, Then a lockdown is called.

                              I think this was about the time Ian and Kaysar were having their heart to heart so most feeders were probably watching that instead of the backyard,


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