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Live Feed Updates - 9/4 - Day 31

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/4 - Day 31

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    All HGs sleeping


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      10:07 AM BBT

      Just a little update.....we have been on puppies for quite some time now.


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        Catching us up

        Ian and Enzo both saying that they are "done" with all of this ..

        Enzo says he has to talk to Dani .. she's upset with him...

        Enzo to Ian - I've ****ing had it...... I'm this close to ****ing snapping.

        Ian says he feels the same...

        Memphis and Christmas -

        Memphis asking her if she's talked to Dani ...
        Christmas - I'm not going to approach her until she calms the **** down
        Memphis- she's losing it


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          Bayleigh was crying ...
          Da'vonne with her behind the bathroom door

          Bayleigh said something about someone ( I think Dani ) said " you just blew up my game"

          Feeds cut


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            Nicole and Ian

            Nicole tells him that Bayleigh went to Dani .. and said " 3 people confirmed that you are coming after me ( Bayleigh )

            Nicole - now the 3 people who told her are sweating buckets..... they're probably about to be revealed


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              Enzo and Dani

              Enzo tells Dani that they told Bayleigh to "go talk to Dani" about everything ...

              Dani - she (Bayleigh) iwas like... 3 people told me..... and yet ... she won't tell me.

              Enzo - exactly

              Dani - she ( Bayleigh ) kept turning everything around on me...

              Dani tells Enzo that she's not mad at him...

              Enzo - she ( Bayleigh ) is on the outskirts.. and she knows that she's going up .. so she's desperate

              They then talk about the basement comp,, and how now .. having to be worried about 3 powers....

              Memphis joins them ...

              They start laughing about Nicole losing her pants ....

              (apparently ... BB told Nicole she could go ahead and play without her pants )


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                Bayleigh still crying
                Da'Vonne comforting her

                Feeds went down again


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                  Once back

                  Da'Vonne is in the HoH room with Christmas

                  Christmas tells Da'Vonne that the new twist are freaking her out...

                  Christmas- I don't know anybody who has one...... and they have never been in the house before.

                  Da'Vonne - it's scary on your HoH cause whatever they are..... they probably could potentially mess it up ...


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                    Da'Vonne reminds Christmas that yesterday's HoH comp .. was an elimination game,..... get out the people you didn't trust....

                    Da'Vonne to Christmas - I had five opportunities to pick you... and I didn't..... I felt safe with you, me or Bayleigh


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                      Da'Vonne tells Christmas that she hopes that the security that she ( Da'Vonne ) has with her ( Christmas ) being HoH ... is the same that she ( Christmas ) has the same security with her ...
                      Christmas - yes... ma'am


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                        Da'vonne tells Christmas that she doesn't know what she's doing ... but if she's going up .. can she let her know so that she won't be blindsided...

                        Christmas tells her no ... she's not telling anyone....


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                          Christmas to Da'Vonne - no matter who would go up..... I can't tell them beforehand,,,,. I hope that makes sense.
                          Da'Vonne - mmm hmmm .. I got you .. whatever happens... I hope it's best for your game... either way .. I got your back .. you tell me Da'Vonne I want to get whoever and I'm like "lets get'em"


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                            Talk turns to the BB Basement Competition ...

                            Christmas to Da'Vonne -these powers kinda freak me out too.
                            Da'Vonne - well .. the curse is still upon me..... I didn't get one

                            They talk about it being pitch black..
                            They laugh about Nicole losing her pants and having to finish in her underwear


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                              And.. that gets us current .. and back to PET CAMS @ 2:56 PM BBT


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