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Live Feed Updates - 9/5 - Day 32

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/5 - Day 32

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    All HGs sleeping.

    Veto comp today.


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      Feeds have been on puppies and kittens for about 45 minutes.


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        Before puppies and kittens.

        Dani and Cody in the bathroom 7:48 BBT

        Dani asked Cody if he knew Tyler was throwing me under the bus?" Cody said, ya, he didn't know what to do. If he said anything to her then she would freak out.. Dan said OK. Cody said he knew where it was coming from. And he was really p*ssed at him.

        Dani asked him if he was ever going to tell her? Cody said he was planning on it, but he didn't want it to be a huge blow up, but it inevitably was, that is how the world works.

        Dani told him yak but she's not going to blow up on anyone.
        Cody hems and haws about because of everything going on. and then the whole thing made him feel like it was and they (Day/Bay) were flipping on you and me. So he was really p*ssed.

        He tells her he just didn't want her to get upset, and then it unfolded in the worst way


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          Veto Players-


          Picked players-


          As Nicole (or maybe Dani) say, the veto comp is a girls world, + Ian.


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            9:22 BBT

            Dani and Nicole were talking when the feeds came back about Tyler being a piece of crap.

            Nicole says Dani cooks for him, hangs out with him, genuinely likes him. She's confused why Tyler would betray her. Dani calls him a stupid idiot

            Nicole said he could have just been honest with you.

            Dani said he starts talking about her (Bayleigh) being erratic and biting her cheek and stuff. and the blood. He yelled at Bayleigh for talking to Dani. He is freaking out. Dani is just going to act like everything is fine.

            Nicole tells her to go talk to Christmas.


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              12:31 BBT

              Dani tells Davonne in HoH that if she and Baleigh are still on the block at the end of the week, then Davonne will probably go home.

              They talk about if Nicole wins that she would want to take Davonnne down, but she'd have to talk to Christmas and get her to agree.

              Dani said if she has a chance, she will throw it to Davonne.


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                feeds went to puppies and kittens about 12:15 BBT


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                  It was the prize/punishment comp. Christmas won the veto.


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                    Christmas won the Power of Veto

                    Da'Vonne won $5,000 -

                    Da'Vonne to herself - not only did you lose ... but you were the first one out. What are you doing?

                    She's crying .. tells herself she shouldn't be crying .. she won $5,000 .. there are people out there that really need $5.000 right now .. so she shouldn't be crying

                    Da'Vonne to herself - fact, you lost, fact, there's still game to be played. Get it together.


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                      Cody tells Enzo that he thinks that Dani will try to get Christmas to put up Tyler ...

                      Cody says he's not going to tell Tyler anything.... thinks they should keep the nominations the same.. doesn't understand why people were upset .. the 2 people that are nominated .. lost ...

                      Cody tells Enzo that he doesn't think that Christmas will do anything with the Veto ...
                      Enzo says that she ( Christmas ) is good with everyone in the house ....


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                        Da'Vonne tells Cody and Enzo that she's sorry she's upset... it's the same Veto competition, that sent her home in Season 18 .. she's a little emotional right now ... she's going to fight to stay .. but she's not going to campaign against Bayleigh .. she says she wants to talk to them later...


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                          Nicole got the slopitard.


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                            Memphis joins Cody and Enzo

                            They talk about how before the veto .. people were being pulled into rooms...etc.
                            Cody says he wasn't ...
                            Memphis says this is all bull**** .. it will blow over .. one of them ( Day/Bay) are going home this week.....

                            Enzo - they both got to play in the POV ...

                            Dani comes in

                            Dani won "No Slop for the rest of the summer"


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                              ( just before that )

                              Dani to Christmas - I personally think if Day stays she would be easy for us to pull in for us girls.
                              Christmas - this is Day's 3rd time... I feel like she has a lot more "skin in the game" ... she's quieter.... more chill

                              Da'Vonne tells Christmas that as soon as she saw the comp.. she was a wreck.. because it's the same comp that took her out in Season 18

                              Christmas - you obviously want to stay.... you are obviously very close with Bayleigh. ... she's obviously wants to stay.... how do we figure this out without it being any sort of campaign or flipping the house ??

                              Da'Vonne to Christmas - I don't want to campaign against he

                              Christmas- I don't want either one of you to campaign against one another. What are our options to be as gentle... and understand.... and kind as possible?


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