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Live Feed Updates - 9/7 - Day 34

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/7 - Day 34

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    All Hgs sleeping


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      Conversation Tyler had with Day and Bayleigh last night-

      9/6/2020 6:00pm BBT
      Tyler: I want to apologize and say thank you at the same time. I've been struggling in this game and I think I was beginning to self sabotage. *Stars*

      ... I thought it would come back around and when it didn't I felt so guilty because I knew you guys didn't really trust me. I told David this earlier in the season, I know you guys are here for a higher reason. *Stars*

      I knew Dani was coming for you guys, but I thought she would pit us against each other, but that wasn't the case. I kind of owe her an apology too, but I'll save that. I guess I'm apologizing for you you not fully trusting me. That's just like game stuff I guess. as far as you guys and wanting to go far. I'm a competitor and I love this game so much, I want to stand for something bigger, does that make sense. So I've been like, it's been like a clash in my head going off, my heart I want to win, but I want to do it the right way. And then when you two were put up by Christmas, and she didn't have any malicious intent, it was pure game, but something clicked and that's why I haven't been talking to you the last few days. When something is difficult for me I try to avoid it.

      But with that, especially seeing you lose yesterday, I see how bad you want to be here and I feel guilty that I don't want to be here. I don't want to take that away from either one of you guys., so I'm going to ask Christmas to use the veto and take one of you off and put me up and I want to go home. I owe you guys that and I think you can do better and you deserve bettter, (he's starting to choke up and cry) and I'm sorry for anything I said bad about you guys. Like I said you were a bad game player the other day because of the way you reacted the other day, even though you were justified, and I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry if I positioned you guys in any bad way, but I was telling the truth about Dani. I thought I could sit in the middle, but it doesn't feel right and I think I messed up your games a little bit, so I want both you guys to stay, so I'm going to ask the house. I just think you guys deserve better. You're standing for something greater than me, & I wanna see that play out.

      That's what I told David earlier in the game. I know we had our beef (talking to Bayleigh)and that's what I wanted to work through with you and make sure you know that's genuine. I want to see you do well and I don't want to see you break down like you did before I know you're better than that. I know you're great when you're dedicated, because I've seen your character and it's beautiful. You're an amazing person and I don't want to see you cornered and see you down like this.

      (Talking to Day now) I know you're a single mom, you're a competitor, you love this game and you've never made it as far as you deserve. You deserve another chance, so I'm going to ask Christmas today that one of you come off the block and I'm going to ask the house if I can go.

      Bayleigh- Let's make this deal. Let's ask her to take that Day be the one to come off the block and you and I sit next to each other.

      Tyler-Why is that?

      Bayleigh- Because she deserves to be here more than anybody.

      Tyler-And you deserve to be here too.

      Bayleigh- I do, I want to be here100% . But, most of the drama was mental attacks, people using our games against each other. This entire week I've been sitting back and being quiet because after you got down on me for the way I handled that, I internalized all of it and thought maybe he's right, maybe I do suck, maybe my attitude is terrible.

      Tyler-You were justified to be upset.

      Bayleigh- Whether it's right or not, people don't always handle the way I come off very well, so during that time there was plenty of people that played into that and it made me feel bad. Even when I was having conversations with Christmas, Christmas well telling me, "you're a totally different person than I expected on 20 and I'm really surprised by the way you're handling yourself.

      Tyler-I know your true character and I know that's not because people are being rude to you. You know I'm really proud of you for that.

      Bayleigh- So what I am saying is that I feel guilty for dragging Davonne into all this drama with us being paranoid of each other. That had nothing to do with her.

      Tyler-I don't know Christmas' game so I don't know the reasoning, I don't know if it's justified. It might have something to do with that, it might not, but... All I can do it tell you guys this truth now and I'll give you guys a second wind because I don't want to be here anymore, you know.

      Davonne- It breaks my heart because I know you're not a quitter. and it breaks my heart.

      Tyler-I'm not a quitter. I can fix you guys' game however you want, I can announce to the house that I was lying about Dani coming after you guys, just to keep Dani at ease. But I am telling you guys the truth with Dani, so watch out for her.

      Bayleigh- This is so much, so let me turn around and apologize to you because even now my head is in a scramble. I'm walking into traps and it's really messed up my head

      And they switched the camera to Ian and Kevin in the backyard speculating about who would go up next week.


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        We are on stars, probably for wake up.

        Veto ceremony is today.

        Things to look for-Tyler talking to Christmas again to confirm that he still wants to go on the block and Dani trying to talk to Christmas to see if Tyler is trying to get her put up.

        I expect a lot of drama today if she goes through with putting up Tyler.


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          People are getting up and doing their morning ablutions.

          Memphis is sitting on the backyard couch and David is in the kitchen.


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            9:42 BBT

            Christmas called to the DR downstairs.


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              Oops, wrong place.
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                11:15 BBT

                Christmas called to the DR.


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                  Christmas and Day were in the bathroom getting ready and Talked about the 4 women and they are good, Christmas said she wants to gauge how Bailey reacts before doing anything.

                  Day asks her if she is going to put up Tyler and Christmas says she can't say.


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                    Tyler went up to talk to Christmas in the HoH and the camera immediately switched. (Arrrrggh)


                    • Livzee
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                      i caught part of it... these two are doing Dans funeral i think.

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                    Tyler and Christmas talking in the HoH. Tyler talking about less than two months left.

                    Day and Bay talking in the lounge. Day telling Bay she needs to say something like Day doesn't deserve to be on the block beside me. She needs to set the stage to give her a reason.

                    Christmas saying that she doesn't want to backdoor anyone. (I'm so confused).


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                      Tyler and Bay talking about what Bay should say, Bay says she was told it just needs to make sense. Tyler told Bayleigh he doesn't know if Christmas will use it and he found out yesterday he can't tell or ask people to vote him out. That's like quitting.

                      Dani went up to talk to Christmas. Christmas tells Dani that she needs her to talk to Tyler. He said he wanted to chat with her. Just don't make it obvious. Dani said she will catch him and talk to him.

                      Dani said she doesn't want to be there with tension. This just doesn't make sense.
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                        Tyler talked to Dani and apologized. Said that he was self-sabotaging and he would like to reset.

                        Dani said she's never said a bad word about him or said she wanted him out.

                        12:33 BBT

                        We're finally on kittens.


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                          Christmas did not use the veto.

                          Came back to Bayleigh crying in the living room.


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                            I'm out for a bit.


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