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Live Feed Updates - 9/8 - Day 35

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/8 - Day 35

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    Day, Bayleigh, and Kevin talking in the bathroom.


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      9:57PM BBT Davonne-Christmas argument

      Followed up by a Christmas-Bayleigh argument


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        Here's the jest of that convo from yesterday ( sorry I was out ... still not feeling well... but going to put it here for those of you who do not have the feeds )

        Da'Vonne to Christmas - -unless there was a plan for one of us to go, it was almost like a gift was presented to you.
        Christmas - she ( Bayleighg ) saw it as a gift... I saw it as a burden...... not only would I have already put you and her u ... and you got upset with me ... no I'm supposed to put Tyler up.. and confuse the house I'm expected to execute what she wants.??

        Da'vonne - no .. it's not what she ( Bayleigh ) wanted... it's what HE ( Tyler ) wanted....
        Christmas - Fine.... he can do that on his own terms.... I don't feel like it's my responsibility to put him (Tyler) up there because he wants to go home..... not doing that ....
        Da'Vonne - he ( Tyler ) us and said "I have caused all of this ruckus because I want to go home".... he said .. I am going to talk to Christmas and tell her straight up take one of you down and put me up... and we ( she and Bayleigh ) said .. are you sure ?? and he ( Tyler ) said yes.... "it's either that or I go in the diary room and I self evict"

        Christmas- It's not my responsibility to send him home
        Da'Vonne - but you have cried to her ( Bayleigh ) and told her ... that you want her here ... YOU had the opportunity to keep her and chose not to do that
        Christmas- I know she will hold it against me
        Da'Vonne- how do you know that?

        Christmas- I had reason for what I'm doing.... she ( Bayleigh ) said she wasn't going to take it personal. .... today shows me that that wasn't meant to be true ..
        Da'Vonne - I feel like you are watering down the situation and how she is feeling.. she's hurt... you hurt the girls feelings .. cut the **** ... she trusted you. .... that was personal information. Christmas - Game information
        Da'Vonne - personal game information

        Bayleigh walked into this part of the convo ...

        Christmas to Da'Vonne -there's no such thing as personal game information
        Da'Vonne -you took what she told you and you exposed her
        Christmas - she said you were her untouchable .. what the **** was I supposed to do ?
        Da'Vonne - Christmas, I'm going to walk away ...

        Da'Vonne walks away saying again "I'm walking away ... yo cause you will pick the right one on the right day .. I"m going to walk away

        At that point Christmas stands up and loudly says to Bayleigh - you mean to tell me...
        Bayleigh puts up her hands...
        Christmas says - okay .. my tone needs to come down
        Bayleigh tells her yes.. she just came out of the DR and didn't expect to walk into this ...

        Christmas to Bayleigh - and that .. was not aggression towards you .. that was excitement ...

        Christmas sits back down

        Bayleigh - here's what everyone is struggling with
        Christmas - okay tell me and I will clear it up
        Bayleigh - it's not a clear up situation .. this is game... we are ALL aware that it's a game.... but I was vulnerable with you .. on a different level for myself...

        Bayleigh tells her that she saw it a different way and they've already agreed to disagree... but that Da'Vonne is allowed to take offense for the way she treated her ... because she ( Bayleigh ) did tells Da'Vonne that she wanted to work with her ( Christmas ) ...that she wouldn't touch her ( Christmas ) in the game... etc.

        Bayleigh - she ( Da'Vonne ) feels like you took advantage of me.. I feel like you took advantage of me... you used me to get ahead in the game. ....All I can say is good game move. Christmas- that's a different position than she is arguing

        Christmas - you said you can separate game and personal
        Bayleigh- I have
        Christmas- I don't feel that is true.

        Bayleigh- you don't get to play victim in this situation...

        At that point Christmas gets up and walks away ...

        Bayleigh follows - you used me and you know you used me

        Christmas turns back around to Bayleigh

        Christmas- I did't use you!!!

        Bayleigh - back up and get your fingers out of my face....
        Christmas trying to talk
        Bayleigh - back up and get your fingers out of my face!!

        Christmas and Bayleigh face to face ....

        Bayleigh - I'm talking calmly and you want to yell.... you want to say bitch and ..
        Christmas - I didn't say bitch !!!
        Bayleigh - you did !!! you ask her ... you raised your tone and I have been nothing but nice

        Bayleigh moves to the left ..
        Christmas moves to the left
        Bayleigh moves to the right
        Christmas moves to the right

        Bayleigh - no no no no ... . Stop with all of this
        Christmas- **** off ( she throws her hand up in a stop motion to Bayleigh )

        Bayleigh - cause I can't do that to you.
        Christmas now walking away again says - **** Off Bayleigh

        Bayleigh - if I did that to you .. I'd be labeled crazy ...

        Christmas - (now clapping at Bayleigh says ) well guess what Bayleigh.. there's a difference between game and personal ...

        Bayleigh - please don't clap at me.... and I didn't treat you like this .. why are you treating me like this ??
        Christmas - you came at me first.. you wouldn't even let me finish talking ...
        Bayleigh - you clapping at me.. throwing up your hands...

        Christmas- - you yelled at me first..... good game, Bayleigh.... good game.

        Da'Vonne comes back and grabs Bayleigh

        Bayleigh - what did I do?
        Da'Vonne- you literally did nothing. ... she betrayed you and she is mad about it.... she took her punk ass..... got HoH.... and the first thing she did was throw that **** in your face and she put us both on the block....

        Bayleigh - she (Christmas) clapped at me.... I said get your hand out of my face..... if would have grabbed her hand and twisted it...... it would have been a problem

        Da'Vonne tells Bayleigh that Christmas told her ..that the reason she didn't put Tyler up .. is because she ( Bayleigh ) didn't say his name in your speech.

        Da'Vonne -get the **** out of here

        Christmas - here we go
        Da'Vonne - shut the **** up
        Christmas- I don't have to.
        Bayleigh- Why are you adding fuel? ... stop adding fuel ...
        Christmas - I'm not ..
        Bayleigh - you see that she ( Da'Vonne ) is upset .. don't add fuel to the fire

        And then...

        Christmas to Dani and Kevin- I guess I don't have to tell you who I want to go home......obviously she (Bayleigh) doesn't know the difference between game and personal .. I'm getting dragged through the mud from two people now .....cause I did my ****ing job .....cause I won something. I'm not going to evict Tyler cause of their beef from last season.. I didn't make this personal .. but suddenly I'm the ****ing bad guy cause I don't save her ( Bayleigh's ) game and Da'Vonne's game cause I know when they come off of the block they are going to go for me?? !!!

        She tells them she doesn't want to be blamed for anything .. she didn't trap Bayleigh into giving her info ...
        Kevin tells her no one thinks that way ...

        Christmas - if Tyler wants to go home..... he can go on his own ****ing watch. ... THAT .... just got deeply personal and nasty.... I'm putting my hands up cause I'm animated, and she (Bayleigh) is like .... get your hands out of my face..... that kind of person .. you can't win with ... get the **** out of here. I'm not going to be bullied. ..... that's a bully that makes it look like they the victim

        And then...

        Dani talks to Cody

        Cody telling Dani that he felt bad for Bayleigh because she had just come out of the DR and walked right into it ..
        Dani - Christmas had her finger like this. ( pointing in Bayleigh's face ) and she ( Christmas) was clapping at them.
        Dani to Cody - I was sitting there like what are you doing? she ( Bayleigh ) is allowed to be upset..she's on the block...
        Cody- that's what I'm saying.
        Dani talked about how Christmas talked about how she wasn't going to be seen as the bully this season ... but now look at her

        Bayleigh to Kevin- she ( Christmas )is lucky that she didn't catch BB20 Bay... she's lucky she didn't catch Challenge Bay

        Da'Vonne to Dani - what's wrong with her (Christmas)?
        Dani- give me a hug... she literally lost her mind
        Da'Vonne - I think guilt is eating away at her. .. she betrayed Bayleigh
        Dani - let her (Christmas) put a bigger target on her back.... it's better for us.... you're not getting a target on your back for this.... she ( Christmas ) is.... I don't get it.... cause I feel her (Christmas') biggest fear coming back here was to be seen as a bully.
        Da'Vonne 0 why ??
        Dani -Season 19 ...
        Da'Vonne - cause she was a punk? I ... is that why .. she was a legit punk.

        Bayleigh and Da'Vonne

        Bayleigh to Da'Vonne - I know you think your sealed your fate..... but I think we still in the same damn boat.,,, you can stay in her .. you can terrorize her. ( Christmas )
        Da'Vonne- I'm going to make her life a living hell.
        Bayleigh- I would love to see it...... that might be my speech on Thursday
        Da'Vonne - I should tell everybody the bitch got a power.
        Bayleigh - you should put that in your speech.
        Da'Vonne- we should use it to flush her out

        ( so that was it in a nutshell ) ....


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          I'm going to catch us up for today's drama....


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            Dani and Nicole talked first ...

            Nicole saying she was going to hide today .. stay out of the drama
            Dani tells her that they have to keep their eye on the boys.. specially David ... because he's getting close with the guys ...

            Dani - I'm not here to be taken out by a frat..... we only have 4 of us left...

            Dani asks Nicole if she won HoH .. who would she take out ...
            She says she would put up 2 guys.. but not sure which ones... Kevin would be one of them.. not sure about the other ...

            Dani asks her if she would try to backdoor Tyler
            Nicole says no ... thinks it would "really bad" .. that Cody would be mad

            Christmas tells Memphis they should have a meeting today ...

            Dani and Da'Vonne talked more about Tyler ...
            Da'Vonne swearing that everything they said that Tyler said was true
            Dani to Da'Vonne- I thought we (Tyler and I) hashed it out yesterday..... that pisses me off..... I cant believe Tyler said I was coming after you even after all of this..... that makes me so mad

            Da'Vonne to Dani - I'm not just going to wait in line to get picked off
            Dani - nope.
            Da'Vonne - you know if I'm here..and I win ( HoH ) you and Nicole are good
            Dani - same same same
            Da'Vonne - good good good


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              David asks Enzo if he say Dani, Nicole Ian and Cody go into the room together earlier... then slowly come out one at a time...
              Enzo tells David that those 4 could be connected with Memphis and Christmas

              David tells him that he talked to Christmas earlier and "planted the seed" ( to get her to keep Bayleigh )

              Enzo - you think she'll keep her? I'm with it...... I like both of them but if I can choose.... I want Bayleigh.
              David - same

              David tells Enzo that every morning Cody/Dani/Nicole meet up .. they come up with their strategies for the day .. and then they go out and "plant seeds"


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                David to Bayleigh - the Four Horsemen had a meeting this morning

                He tells her that he already talked to Enzo today .. pointed it out and that Enzo was like "oh ****".
                Bayleigh - yeah he ( Enzo ) is not invited in.
                David- Nope.. .and Tyler wasn't invited in
                Bayleigh- he ( Tyler ) doesn't have to be invited in..... cause it's him and Dani...... and Enzo doesn't have to be invited in..... cause it's him and Cody


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                  Bayleigh talked to Memphis .. told him she knows she has an uphill battle if she stays.. promises that he's not on her radar.. won't touch him... etc.


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                    David talked to the camera...

                    David- - if I win HoH .. I wouldn't take a shot at Memphis.... it would be pointless ..... at this point.. it would be two of the four ( the Four Horsemen as he calls them (Cody/Dani/Nicole/Ian ) .... and then backdoor a third if something happens and they get off


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                      Da'Vonne tells Bayleigh about David saying that ( the 4 Horsemen) had a meeting this morning ....

                      Bayleigh - yeah .. all four of them...., and out in the open

                      Da'Vonne - the level of comfortably... me and you can't even be friends in public .....but you can have whole ass meetings in public


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                        Da'Vonne to Bayeligh - if I win HoH .. I'm shooting.. I don't care ...
                        Bayeligh - you should...
                        Da'Vonne - I was saying that cause I thought you was going to talk me out of it
                        Bayleigh - no .. you should shoot...
                        Da'Vonne- it's time to shoot.


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                          Da'Vonne tells Bayleigh that she thinks that David got a power

                          ( that's most of the game talk .. not all .. but most )

                          They also had a break and had a little bit of fun ... there was a obsticle course... they set up .. and they were broken up in 2 teams... and came up with slogans/.jingles for the "Sloppies" cereal ... around the 2:30 PM BBT mark if you have the feeds

                          (I'm breaking away .. if ANYONE could jump in .. I'd appreciate any help )


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                            belle1 commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Lexie, hoping you feel better soon. Thanks for all you do.

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                          Codys grandfather passed away, everyone giving him hugs! House is quite and everyone sad and hurting for him!


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                            11:04 PM BBT

                            Cams 1 & 2

                            Dani & Ian in the Kitchen with very little talking. What talking they are doing is about Cody and his Grandfather dying. Ian just said, "It kind of puts things into perspective, doesn't it?"

                            Cams 3 & 4

                            Bedrooms that are dark. Everyone is in a somber mood and it appears everyone has gone to bed except Ian & Dani.


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