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Live Feed Updates - 9/9- Day 36

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/9- Day 36

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    All HGss sleeping


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      8:48 am BBT

      Christmas apologizes to DaVonne for raising her voice the other day and DaVonne says she appreciates it and apologizes for her part. Day says that there was also some alcohol involved.

      Memphis starts to tell DaVonne about what the doctor said about his back and Day gets called to the DR.

      Lots of "stars" so I assume they are trying to wake everyone up.


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        9:01 am BBT

        Memphis is talking to DaVonne trying to trade his vote for her to stay in return she would need to try and talk David out of putting Memphis up is David wins HOH.

        In the kitchen, Christmas is telling Nicole about her conversation with DaVonne earlier and she says she wants to grab Bayleigh and talk to her too. Nicole tells Christmas she is proud of her for apologizing.

        (Mr All-Star feed cutter/button pusher is in full force today)

        We are back to Christmas talking to the camera and saying how she would like to see Day make it to final 8. She also says that she feels the BB watchers like having the "older" group in the house and how they all made big big sacrifices to be in the house.

        Dani comes in so Christmas tells her about her convo with Day.

        Stars again!


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          9:57 am BBT

          Not much going on except showers and breakfast.


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            3:15 BB time, Bayleigh is spilling what she knows to Enzo. Not sure when the convo started. Enzo pretty much knows it all before hand, I think.


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              Da'Vonne tells Enzo that ( if she wins HoH ) she will put up 2 people ... who she thinks has a power..
              She says she thinks that Tyler and Christmas have one ....

              Da'Vonne - She ( Christmas ) just put me up. One of them ( Tyler/Christmas ) comes down... I can throw up Dani


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                Enzo toold Da'Vonne that he ( if he was HoH ) would do Dani and Nicole ... and if one comes down .. he's put up Ian


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                  Bayleigh and Da'Vonne talked about how this will be their last time doing "reality TV"


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                    Memphis and Christmas talk... they both agree they want Da'Vonne to stay over Bayleigh

                    Memphis to Christmas - we can easily conrol this house
                    Christmas - we were way below and now we are tipping the scales... we've had control this whole time..... we just haven't hada “friendly”.

                    They talk about how they think that Bayleigh is going to blow things up during her eviction speech ....

                    Christmas says she ( Bayleigh ) will probably say something like... there is a 4 person allaince and they have Christmas doing their dirty work

                    Talk turns to what hte powers are .. how long they are in the game...

                    Christmas "speculating" on what a power could be ... ( even though she has one )

                    Talk turns to what they will do if there's a double eviction ....
                    Memphis asking if anyone told Tyler "the plan"
                    She says she will tell him ..

                    Christmas saying that whatever the HoH decides should be what they do ... they have the numbers....


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                      At the same time...

                      Dani and Cody talking ...

                      Dani saying tha they really need to plan ahead and know what they are doing ( for a double ) ... and know alternate decisions.
                      Cody-if a double happens,..... we need to decide as a group who we would put up..... need to put up a target... and a backup .
                      Cody says he thinks that if Ian.... is put on the block ... in a double evition .....he might be too flustered to win a comp.


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                        Christmas - when they go .. especially Bayleigh ..she will say that she would have done the same thing... she will say "well played"

                        Christmas to Memphis -I'm so grateful for you.. for just taking that leap of faith ...

                        Memphis - after it being 11 years since I played... I was like there was no way .. I'm going to be able to get through this game.. without some young ****ing people....


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                          Cam moves me to Da'Vonne and Nicole

                          Da'Vonne -Christmas talked to me today ..she apologized.. I acepted ... but ...
                          Nicole - I just don't think that the trust would be there to be honest....

                          Da'Vonne heads up to the Have Not Room
                          Nicole says she will be there soon

                          Da'Vonne -how are you going to fit under the thing ( door )
                          Nicole laughs .. says - it will be good TV


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                            Da'Vonne talking to the camera ...

                            3:42 PM BBT

                            Da'Vonne to cam- this is about to be really good.. or really bad ... for my game... but... that conversation that I just had with Bayleigh .... <she sighs> ... the person that I am .. if anything that I said... led to her ( Bayleigh ) being evicted from this house ... I would never be able to say "oh that was just game play" .... it had to happen ... I don't have that kind of heart.... I'm not built like that .. maybe it would be good for this game.... but I'm not built like that ... so ... I had to have that conversation with Tyler .. and I had to tell her ( Bayleigh ) to talk to him ... I had to.. and I hope that doesn't hurt my game.... but we'll see..... and this conversation that I'm about to have with Nicole... whew...

                            And we cut to STARS

                            ( ugh )


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                              Nicole now in the Have Not room with Da'Vonne

                              Da'Vonne saying something about Tyler...
                              Feeds cut
                              Back with her saying that she thinks that Ian is Nicole's Plus One
                              Feeds cut
                              Back with Nicole telling Da'Vonne that she would rather go further in the game with her ( Da'Vonne ) .. that with some other people...

                              Nicole to Da'Vonne - I think if you me and Dani could form something.... and maybe bring in a guy or two if we need that..but…I don't think…

                              feeds cut.


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