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Live Feed Updates - 9/11 - Day 38

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/11 - Day 38

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    5:18 BBT
    Dani and Cody have been up in the talking in the HoH room. They just now turned in.

    9/11 Never forget.


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      Catching you up quickly from a few convos from last night ...

      Dani and Nicole talked about Dani using her Replay Power for the next HoH ...
      Dani tells Nicole, that she might not use it, because she thinks it will be a Q & A and she's bad at that .. so it would be a waste, she has one more time to use it after this week.

      Dani tells Nicole that she was freaked out by Kevin asking if they ( she and Kevin ) are good
      She says she told him "yeah"
      Dani - everyone is going to hate me
      Nicole - it has to be done

      Nicole to Dani - what are you going to do? .... who is going up ??
      Dani - originally has to be David and Kevin

      Dani and Da'Vonne talked

      Dani asking Da'Vonne what she would do ( if she was HoH ) ..
      Da'Vonne tells her that she would put up Christmas and Tyler

      Da'Vonne- to Dani - everybody is probably going to try to get you to put up David. .... he's going around telling everybody "I just want to make it to jury".

      Da'Vonne asks Dani who else would she take a shot at other than Tyler

      Dani - I have no idea

      Da'Vonne asks Dani's advice on how to handle Christmas
      Dani tells her to "go along with it" ... 'do whatever you have to do" ...
      She tells Da'Vonne to play cool for now.. because you never know she ( Christmas) could win HoH next week ..
      Dani to Da'Vonne - game her .. play her

      Dani tells Da'Vonne if she ( Da'Vonne ) wins HoH and she want to go for Christmas, she ( DanI ) will back her 1000%.

      Talk turns back to David with Dani saying she really likes him .. but he's never really talked to her .. no game talk at all ...
      Da'Vonne says she thinks he's trying to be like Memphis, The Lone Ranger
      Dani says ( about David ) you have to open up .. can't play this game alone

      Da'Vonne- tells Dani that she 'would only take it as a personal hit ' if ( Dani put up ) Nicole, Kevin, or Cody
      Dani- really ??
      She tells her that she won't be putting her ( Da'Vonne ) on the block ... despite what Tyler says

      Dani tells Da'Vonne that Tyler is "messy" ....
      She says now he ( Tyler ) doesn't want to go home.. doesn't want to be the first one in jury

      Dani and Cody in the HoH room

      Dani tells Cody that she knows she has to put up Kevin , but she really doesn't want to

      They talk about the Powers being out there

      Dani pulled out the jelly beans to use

      A lot of talk about how she doesn't trust Tyler
      They talk about how they know that Memphis wants David out and how Da'Vonne wants Christmas out
      Dani says she's concerned about Tyler and Christmas being close
      They talk about how Da'Vonne will be good for them because she doesn't win anything .. and how Memphis is good for them .. because he's clueless ... they talk about how he had no idea about Tyler wanting to self-evict, etc.

      Cody teases her that she has a F2 deal with everyone and those alliances are all called " The Untouchables"

      Dani talks again about how she hates this part of the game ( having to nominate someone ) and how she really doesn't want to have to nominate Kevin

      ( that pretty much gets us caught up .. I'm out for now )


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        Currently - the HG are up .. they've been getting up slowly but surely for the past hour
        Kevin gave himself a pep talk ... talked about his anxiety .. trying to survive ... etc.

        ( I'm really out now )


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          back in for just a few

          Seems like the fall out over those who did make fun of Ian is being addressed via the DR

          Nicole to Dani - Oh my God.. it's going to be on the show?
          Dani - mmm hmmm
          Nicole -you mean us being mean?
          Dani- I don't think that's what it is about

          Nicole asks her then what is it about?

          Dani tells her the "same thing" .. Ian "already has his (DR sessions ) too ..

          Nicole asks if they are going to call her?

          Dani- I'm sure they will...

          Nicole- can you prepare me for this? .... cause I'm about to leave

          Dani tells her that she will .. when a camera isn't pointed at her

          Nicole to Dani - I'm in such a bad mood now
          Dani- did you have your DR last night about it?
          Nicole- No..
          Dani- I thought you had it already.... I figured that's why you went to bed


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            Dani tells Nicole that she's going to put up Kevin and David
            She says again that she hates to put up Kevin ... and she's going to ask him to trust her .. and tell him that she's afraid of the powers

            *** remember David won the "Disrupter.” This power let's David "disrupt" a HoH's right by saving one of the nominees and forcing the HoH to name a replacement nominee.

            ( I'm out again .. try to be back soon ..but if anyone else can jump in .. the help is appreciated by everyone )


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              I'm back to catch us up ...

              Nicole and Dani continued to talk ...

              Nicole asking Dani if she has an extended plan
              Dani says she doesn't know if she does ...

              Dani tells Nicole that she's scared to upset Memphis and Christmas ...
              Nicole - are you thinking about back dooring her ( Christmas ) ?
              Dani - no .. Tyler.

              Dani - I wouldn't do that ( put Christmas up ) I'm scared of her .. she'd punch me


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                Nicole tells Dani that Tyler told her that Dani told him to "fall" during last night's HoH Competition

                Nicole -he said Dani said "fall"

                Dani - are you kidding me ?? Wow ....

                Nicole tells her that Tyler trused her ( Dani ) that's why he fell ...

                Dani - no he didn't ....

                Nicole tells her that Tyler feel safe

                Dani - no he doesn't .....

                She tells Nicole that Tyler told her "if you come after me .. or back door me .. I'll totally understand and deserve it"

                Dani -he told me three times within two minutes.... either you ( Tyler ) feel guilty..... or you are worried ......or you're coming after me


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                  Dani to Nicole - he ( Tyler ) is annoying ... I don't trust him at all
                  Nicole asks if this is the week to do it ( back door him )
                  Dani says she doesn't know

                  Dani - I'm scared if I dont it ... he's going to get me ... if I just sit around and wait .. I look stupid


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                    Dani to Nicole - if someone uses the veto ... and I wasn't going to back door him ( Tyler ) ... then what the hell would I do ...

                    She says she's not going to put up Ian ....

                    Nicole tells her if someone uses the veto ... "maybe that's a sign"

                    Dani says that's kinda where she at right now


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                      Dani talks to Memphis .. she tells him that she never coming after him
                      Memphis tells her that he feels exactly the same and thinks they have an "understanding'


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                        Dani tells Memphis about how Tyler was throwing her under the bus with Da'Vonne and Bayleigh ...
                        and how he was trying to cover his track by saying he wanted to go home

                        Memphis - I don't like how sloppy he ( Tyler ) is... that's crazy

                        Memphis - we've had control of this house since day one.... so what are you ( Tyler ) doing ?

                        Dani tells him that Tyler made a bad move.... got caught .. and then tried to make himself look like the martyr to get out of it


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                          Memphis to Dani - do we backdoor him ( Tyler ) ....

                          He tells her that he's not against it ... but doesn't know for sure if they have the votes ....

                          She tells him that she thinks the only person that would be upset would be Christmas

                          They say they will talk about it later... especially if the veto is won and used ( by one of the nomiees )


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                            Memphis and Dani talk about how Tyler was running the entire house in his season .. and how that's not happening this season ..

                            Memphis - I think he is overplaying to prove he's the mastermind


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                              Dani and Kevin

                              Kevin to Dani - I've always been on your side

                              He tells her if he ever gets a power ... that he would never nominate her ... back door her .. he'd never do anything aganist her .. until there's no choice at the end

                              Kevin asks Dani if he's in jeopardy this week

                              She tells him no .. she tells him that she has a plan ... would need pawns...

                              She tells him that she would never want him out of the house


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