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Live Feed Updates - 9/12 - Day 39

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/12 - Day 39

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    All Hgs currently sleeping.


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      12:29 am BBT

      Cody, Nicole, Tyler, and Ian talking on the backyard couches.

      Cody wants David to confirm he won the power and used it on himself. Cody compares it to OJ (OJ murdered his wife). Nicole tells him that it has nothing to do with this. Cody says that if someone commits a crime, you need to confirm it. (Not sure how he gets from David using his power to David committing a crime). Tyler says he didn't commit murder, well, he murdered him (in the game). Cody really wants confirmation. Ian says you don't have to have confirmation in the BB house.


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        7:15 am BBT

        HGs have been woken up. David and Memphis are sitting on the backyard couch. Others are getting ready.

        They're talking about getting good employees now. People come in and don't want to put in the work and want things to be handed to them. They don't see how hard he worked, 3 hours of sleep, they only see what he has now.

        Memphis says is a level of rudeness.
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          As promised, I'm going to catch us up quickly from where I left off last night ...

          Tyler talked to Christmas telling her that he doesn't want to go home because of some "dumb twist"
          She says she knows.. especially when he could have gome home last week (meaning really home.. not to the jury) ...
          She tells him "she's sorry"

          Tyler talked to Ian
          Ian tells Tyler that he really doesn't think he's a target this week
          Tyler - I feel like people think I'm a big target in here I can be a shield for at least a few more weeks


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            Cody and Nicole talked about the "Ian" situation ...

            Nicole asking if Cody got asked anything about Ian in the DR
            He tells her no ... asks did she ..
            She tells him no ...but that Dani did ...

            Nicole - I want a chance to defend myself.
            Cody questions why that would even be part of ths show ...
            Nicole says she doesn't know either
            Cody - that has nothing to do with anything

            ( they are going to be in for a rude surprise when they get out of the house .. especially Nicole, with her losing sponsorship over this )


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              Kevin and David talked

              Kevin telling David that maybe this is the crack that they've been praying for
              David wonders ( if the veto is used ) who would Dani put up
              Kevin says it doesn't even matter... because shots have already been fired ( by Dani )
              Kevin - the thing is you can't unfire a gun
              David agrees ..talks about how this is making Dani gain more enemies in the house

              They talk about how Kevin can win the veto .. take himself off ... and force Dani to have to chose yet another person to go on the block


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                From overnight 10:02 BBT

                Cody and Enzo describing how Memphis went up to David right after the renom and clapped him really hard on the shoulder and congratulated him for getting his first win and how over the top he was. Not exactly aggressive, but really hard.

                They talk about how Memphis is hated on the outside and don't protect him.


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                  Dani and Cody spent a long time in the HoH room talking
                  She told him about her " trashy" power ..
                  She told him about how she told Memphis about how Tyler was acting last week
                  She talks about how she had to make the decision to put Tyler up .. and she told him she did it because he was the best chance to win the veto today

                  They talk about if Kevin wins the Veto .. takes himself off .. who does she put up ..
                  Cody mentions Ian as a possibility to put up
                  They talk about how now Tyler is suggesting Da'Vonne go up ( if the veto is used)
                  Dani tells Cody there's 0.00% chance she’ll put up Da'Vonne

                  They talk about how David "overplayed" the crying ... and how they are sure he has the power and used it on himself...

                  ( for the most part that gets us caught up from last night)


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                    Currently .... @ 8:20 AM ...
                    The house is awake ....

                    David told Kevin if he gets HG Choice to pick him to play


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                        And now .. @ 8:23 AM BBT

                        We are on PET CAM

                        ( I'm in and out today.. so if anyone is here and wants to help update, I'd appreciate any help )

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                          PoV Players



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                            9:45 BBT

                            Cody and Memphis talking about wanting to talk to Tyler for an explanation of last week and if it wasn't what Dani said then they need to talk to her.

                            Why was he doing what he did last week? they're in a good place, and they need to get out the stragglers, who have no business going further. They're confused about what Tyler is trying to do, he's making comments that make them question what he is doing. Is he trying to throw bombs?


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                              I'm doing chores and only half listening, so if anyone else can hel, that would be great.


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