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Live Feed Updates - 9/14 - Day 41

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/14 - Day 41

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    Everyone is sleeping


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      Looks like the veto ceremony happened and Ian is on the block.
      About 11:44AM BBT heard Ian day if I go home then I go home.

      Can’t stay.


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        12:05 BBT

        Christmas and Nicole talking about how unnecessary it was for DaVonne to use the veto. Dani says it was necessary because they were all voting out Kevin. Nicole says that DaVonne didn't know that! (hahaha)

        Cody joins in on the gossipy pity party.


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          12:24 pm BBT

          Tyler and Dani are talking in the HOH. Dani says Nicole wants to give Ian a sympathy vote and Dani told her she absolutely can't do that. Dani is afraid it's going to be a tie vote and she will have to be the tiebreaker. Tyler tells her that she has put up 4 people this week and if their alliance makes Dani be the one to cast the final vote then they are the worst alliance ever.

          Memphis and Christmas are talking and Christmas tells Memphis that they need to keep on saying that they are voting Tyler out so that DaVonne and David will be taken by surprise and won't do well in the HOH comp.

          Ian is swinging on the hammock and is telling Kevin that he is playing BB this time because his other season he was a bad sport. He said it is an inner demon that he has fought all these years and he just wants to prove to himself that he can lose with grace.


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            Catching us up ... quickly

            Kevin to Ian - - she ( Dani ) made it clear that she wants you to stay
            Ian- let's just make sure that I can get the votes....


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              Nicole to Christmas- she (Dani ) made it clear that Ian is a pawn .. but he's not a pawn ... it kills me... I got too close ... I know what is best for my game... but I feel so bad.


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                Ian to Dani - I don't want you to feel bad ...
                Dani - I feel horrible... you know I didnt' want to put you up ... but you are the oly person that he ( Tyler ) can leave against ... ... everyone loves you


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                  Nicole to Christmas - why did she ( Da'Vonne ) use it?? me and Dani are supposed to be her allies... we begged her to to use it ... and she did it anyway .. where are her loyalties? .
                  Christmas- Kevin knew he had the votes and she still used it... it's selfish


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                    Dani-to Christmas - I don't fully trust Tyler ... and I'm genuinely scared that he is going to come after me...... will you please have my back when it comes to him? ... will you tell him I was never coming after him and that I've been campaigning for him. ( to keep him)
                    Christmas- Yes
                    Dani - he ( Tyler ) needs to act like he is for sure going home.


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                      Nicole to Dani and Christmas - Ian is upset .. he doesn' think that it was necessary ( to use the veto ) ....
                      Christmas - it wasn't necessary
                      Dani - well .. c'mon you guys.... it was necessary cause Kevin would have went home.
                      Nicole- but all the information she had it wasn't necessary
                      Dani- that tells you she doesnt trust us

                      Dan to Nicolae and Christmas - we have to figure out a plan
                      Christmas- somebody has to win next week and we slay
                      Dani- If we dont win next week... we are in big trouble.
                      Christmas - she (Da'Vonne) is going to be shook.... Kevin's going to be shook.... David's going to be shook


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                        Dani to Tyler - I hope you don't want to come after me because of this
                        Tyler - I swear on everything that I don't. I have no reason to question you..... I got on the block. ....It's what I deserved... now .. we're even ... and this could be the most beneficial thing, hiding in plain sight like we are enemies....


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                          Dani to Tyler - it's going to be a 5 -3 vote ( sending Ian home )
                          Tyler - I don't want you to have to break a tie
                          Dani- I told Nicolethat .. she thoughtif we could convince everyone.. she could give Ian a pity vote
                          Tyler- we can't.
                          Dani- I said ( to Nicole ) if you give him a pity vote.... I'm done
                          Tyler- for your sake .. it can't come down to a tie ..
                          Dani - it can't ....
                          Tyler - if our alliances forces you into a tie...
                          Dani- I'm done... I would lose it ...
                          Tyler - if that happens ( a tie ) ... you and me are going to the F2 and we will tear this house apart....

                          Tyler to Dani - next week .... we put up Da'Vonne and Kevin... the're an obvious pair


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                            Enzo Tto Da'Vonne - these peopl e want Ian out
                            Da'Vonne - I know ...
                            Enzo - he ain't no ****ing pawn ...
                            Da'Vonne - I know.

                            Enzo to Dani - who is ****ing going home?
                            Dani - Ian
                            Enzo - that's what I'm tryin' to say ..
                            Dani- Da'Vonne, Kevin and David all think that Tyler is going home.... they're going to be completely blindsided


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                              Ian to Kevin- there might be a big alliance..... I might be going home.


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