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Live Feed Updates - 9/15 - Day 42

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/15 - Day 42

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      I'll catch us up


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        I'm going to start with a little bit of game convo from where I left off last night ...

        Dani and Nicole talked about how Ian is going home this week
        Dani tells Nicole that she's sorry ....
        She tells her to make the most of the time she has left with Ian in the house
        Nicole told her that Ian is "freaking out" ....

        Ian talked to Memphis .... but Memphis really only told Ian that he was going to talk to Tyler too ... and then he'd get back to him ( re: his vote )

        Dani and Da'Vonne talk.. with Dani telling Da'Vonne that she's not mad at her ....
        Da'Vonne tells Dani that she thinks that Ian has the votes to stay .. that he only needs 4
        Dani tells Da'Vonne that she doesn't want to break a tie

        Enzo talked to Christmas telling her that he's "been keeping his distance" from her ... so that they won't get put on the block together.
        Christmas talks to Enzo about how he was an "option" to go on the block instead of Ian .. and how Nicole was trying to get Dani not to put Ian up
        Enzo tells Christmas that Dani never told him that he was "an option" and he thinks that is "****ty" ...
        Christmas agrees.. and then tells him not to tell Dani that she told him

        Dani tells Nicole about her talk with Da'Vonne and how she only counted 4 votes that she said she's sure that Ian has .. and how she ( Dani ) told her that she didn't want to break a tie ... and that her ( Da'Vonne's ) only response to that was "oh" ....
        Dani to Nicole - she ( Da'Vonne ) literally doesn't care

        Tyler told Kevin that he has hopes ( that he will stay ) ....
        Tyler to Kevin - if I stay, there's no secret who my target is now ( he wants him to think he's targeting Dani )

        Dani and Tyler talk about how they think that Da'Vonne is trying now to pit them agaisnt each other ...
        Tyler tells Dani that he wants her to know that he talked to Da'Vonne and threw it out there that the " Sly Five" ... cut her ( Dani ) out and bring in Nicole ....
        Tyler to Dani- that's not even a thing ( the Sly Five )

        David and Enzo talked ...
        David tells him that he knows for sure that Ian is in with Nicole, Cody and Dani
        Enzo says it's weird that Dani put Ian up ... why woudl she do that
        David - she "got duped"

        David tells Ezno that he thinks they can flip it .. send Ian home ... and that weakens them.. takes a number ....
        David to Enzo - imagine Ian goes home on Dani's HoH
        Enzo tells David he's down for it .... if he thinks that is what Da'Vonne wants....
        David continues to talk about how he knows Ian is with Cody, Dani and Nicole ....
        He talks about Nicole crying ...

        Ian and Nicole talked.. he told her (again ) that if he goes home.... that he won't vote ( winner -wise ) for anyone that sent him to jury this week ...
        He tells her that if Tyler gets by this time.. he ( Tyler ) is going to make it to the F2 ....
        She tells him that him ( Ian ) going home is really bad for her

        ( even though she is going to vote him out )

        Nicole tells Ian that starting tomorrow .. she's going to campaign for him to stay ...
        Ian tells her that he really hopes she will ...

        Ian to Nicole- I am disgusted. ..... I expected a higher caliber of decision making on All Stars.

        Nicole talked to Dani about how she feels like this is really a mistake... ( to vote Ian out )
        She tells her that he made good points about how if Tyler gets out of this .. he will go to the F2 ... and they will just be shaking their heads...
        She tells Dani that she knows she needs to accept that Ian is going home..... but she truly thinks it's a mistake
        Dani tells her that she understands what she's saying....
        Dani to Nicole - The" Committee" does not want it ... they want Tyler ( to stay ) ...
        Nicole points out that it's really only 2 people that want Tyler to stay ( Christmas and Memphis )
        Dani to Nicole - if we go against it... ( voting Ian out ) ... , it puts us in the worst spot

        Dani tells Nicole that Ian hasn't won anything .. and that Tyler will "help get them farther in the game" than Ian would

        Nicole continued to say she understands... but .. this and but that ...
        Dani tells her she can try to convince Memphis ... ( to vote Tyler out ) .... but not to get her hopes up

        ( so that was pretty much last night after I left off )


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          Now catching us up for today .... 9/15

          Christmas did some talking to herself ( or you ) today .. saying that Ian has to go ... she talked about how Nicole is willing to risk him for the alliance .. and how Ian is obviously her untouchable... but when you have a 6 person alliance... it's not okay ...

          ( pot meet kettle )

          She says she doesn't want to take a shot at Nicole yet ... but she knows she (Nicole ) can't be fully trusted.
          She also says that Cody has to go sooner or later .. because he's good in comps


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            Memphis and Christmas talked...about Ian .. about Nicole...

            Christmas telling him that she thinks that Nicole is really trying to rally votes to keep Ian ...
            He says he thinks she just doing it .. to help ensure that if she gets to the F2 ... that Ian would still vote for her to win

            They talk about Enzo .. they want him to be in the F3 with them ..


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              Memhips talks to Enzo about F3

              he tells him that if he ( Enzo ) is game.. he 's going to bring him ( Enzo ) and one other person ... and they will make a 3 person deal ...

              Memphis tells Enzo that he's been "mulling" over a plan.. and it would be for them ( Enzo/Memphis ) to sit in the F2 together ....

              He tells him they both will make 2 other alliances.... him ( Memphis ) with one person on one side .. and Enzo with another person on the other side ...


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                Dani talked to Memphis about the pros and cons of getting out Ian and/or Tyler

                She tells him that Nicole has Ian in her back pocket and can for sure .. tell him not to put them ( her/Christmas/Memphis ) up
                She telsl him that she worries about keeping Tyler.... he's a strong competitor... so will they get another chance at him .. and if they do .. will he go " erratic" again?... do they keep someone like that in the house over Ian ... ? but on the same hand... they might need Tyler in the competitions to keep them safe ...

                Memphis tells her that he understands.. and that he thinks that on one hand.. Ian has been "playing them all like a fiddle" for the past 5 weeks...

                He asks her if she thinks that Tyler staying in the house .. will he be a target for Da'Vonne, Kevin and David
                She tells him she doesn't know ... doesn't think he will be ...

                Dani also tells Memphis that Ian is saying that Da"Vonne is his #1 target .. if he stays .. because she put him in the situation where he had to go on the block ... putting him in jeopardy


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                  Dani and Nicole both talked to Tyler .. trying to ensure that if he stays .. they are not his targets..
                  He tells them they aren't ...


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                    Tyler- to Dani - if it's a tie... are you going to save me?
                    Dani- yes ...


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                      Cody and Enzo talk ...
                      Cody tells him that targeting Tyler makes him nervous... makes him worried that if they did that .. then the alliance would target Enzo .. and he's trying to avoid the alliance targeting him ( Enzo )

                      Cody also tells Enzo that Memphis wants to do a F3 deal with him


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                        Nicole and Cody talked ..

                        She tells him that she understands that Tyler has to stay .. doesn't like it .. she says if he ( Tyler ) stays .. they have to make sure that Da'Vonne/Kevin/David are all voting Ian
                        Cody tells her that David is already leaning to keep Ian

                        Nicole says it has to be that way .. because she's going to "claim David's vote" ...

                        Nicole - I'm oing to say David flipped..... so if it's not a 5-3 vote .... this plan will never work

                        Nicole says she doesn't want to vote Ian out ... but she will ...

                        Nicole to Cody - if I can at least pretend .. I voted to keep him( Ian ) .... doing this ( claiming David's vote ) ... spinning it on David .. will be the best way ... they all will get paranoid with David


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                          Cody, Enzo and Nicole talk about voting Ian out .. keeping Tyler
                          Nicole telling them over and over how hard this is for her . how she's giving up her best friend in the house .. etc.

                          Nicole ask why can't they let Da'Vonne think it's going to be a 4/4 vote... an then it's really 5/3 and make them think that David flipped...
                          Enzo tells her there's nothing wrong with it ...


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                            Kevin told Da'Vonne that Cody is voting to keep Tyler ..
                            Da'Vonne tells him she doesn't think so


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                              Da"vonne talks to Nicole and Christmas about why she used the veto to take Kevin down ..
                              She tell s them .. she just didn't want to lose both Bayleigh and Kevin back to back .

                              Meanwhile.. Ian is talking to Enzo ...

                              Just chit chat for now talking about if they would do the Amazing Race, Survivor .. etc.

                              ( and that gets us current ... @ 3:51 PM BBT )


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