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Live Feed Updates - 9/16 - Day 43

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/16 - Day 43

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    3:20 BBT

    Dani and Cody up going over all of their conversations yesterday. Cody tried to go to bed, but Dani begged him to stay up and talk. They're in the kitchen now.

    Everyone else is asleep.


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      Okay..... catching us up


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        I'm going to back up and catch up on a few key convos from last night after I left...

        David and Kevin talked .. with David telling Kevin that he's talking to Christmas and convincing her to vote out Ian
        Kevin told David to "tread cautiously" with Christmas ...
        Kevin to David - she ****ed over Bayleigh ... she will **** you over too if she can
        David told Kevin that he didn't give her anything to **** him over with ...

        Kevin talks to Da'Vonne about his talk with David and how he feels like Christmas is playing David ( whens she's telling him that she will vote to keep Ian and kick Tyler to jury )

        Kevin to Da'Vonne - Christmas is a snitch.

        Cody and Enzo talked about Ian ..
        Cody told Enzo that Ian is in the position he's in .... because of Dani’s bad game play

        Dani and Cody talked .. they think they both could beat Memphis in the F2 ....
        Dani tells Cody that she him ( Cody ) to the end with her

        Enzo and Tyle talkes about David ...
        They both agree they cannot trust him

        Cody and Dan talked again ... they talked about getting rid of Christmas, as soon as the powers expire ...

        Dani tells Cody that if Nicole doesn't vote her way ( Ian out ) .... that she ( Nicole ) is on her ( Dani's ) list


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          ( okay ... onto today )

          Memphis and Christmas talked again about going ahead with their F3 plans with Enzo

          Christmas told Memphis that Nicole is putting Dani "in another ****ty position"
          Memphis - why even risk it ?? ( a tie vote )
          Christmas agrees says - and .. if one person goes rogue.....

          Memphis says that Nicole shouldn't lie to Ian ( about her vote )
          Memphis - she should just tell him straight up "I'm voting to keep Tyler" .... cause that's what the house is leaning towards

          Christmas talks about how David is working hard to flip the vote ...
          Memphis - to keep Ian?
          Christmas - to keep Tyler ...
          Memphis says that it very well could be that everyone votes Ian out ... BUT ... he still doesn't want Nicole to give Ian a pity vote ...
          Memphis - I don't want to take the risk

          Christmas and Nicole talked....
          Christmas told Nicole that she's over Kevin ... that he was "sassy" with Dani ...
          Christmas- he ( Kevin ) has to go
          Nicole agrees

          Kevin and Enzo talked....

          Kevin tells Enzo about Memphis and Christmas being in the lounge this morning for 45 minutes...
          Enzo tells Kevin that they ( Christmas and Memphis ) are cloes ... .. and that Tyler is close to Christmas ...
          Kevin talks about how Christmas is campaigning for Tyler to stay.....
          Kevin tells Enzo that he thinks Tyler has the votes ( to stay )


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            Ian talked to Enzo about voting to keep him ...

            He told Enzo that Dani said she would break the tie in his favor... so that's the way that she ( Dani ) is hoping it goes ( him staying ) ...

            Ian to Enzo - I feel like Cody is probably going to be on my side...... I know Nicole will be .. and Christmas told me she would vote for me to stay. ... also Da"vonne and Kevin told me they would vote for me to stay ....

            Ian to Enzo - anyone who flips on me.... if I stay.... that's who I'm coming after


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              Enzo told Nicole about his talk with Ian

              Enzo .. he ( Ian ) pitched to me .. his pitch was so good.... I'm about to just keep him .. he wants it more ...
              Nicole - his ( Ian's ) targets are Kevin and Da'Vonne ...
              Enzo - yeah he's not coming afte rme... but neither is Tyler ....


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                Nicole and Dani talked....

                Dani told Nicole that she thinks that Kevin, Da'Vonne and David are going to make the vote 8-0 ( voting Ian out )
                She tells Nicole that Memphis won't lie to Ian ... he's going to tell him he's voting him out ...
                Dani tells Nicole she wonders if she can get Christmas, Enzo, and Da'Vonne all to tell Ian that they are voting him out .. that way Nicole can just tell him that she has to go with the house


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                  Dani tells Cody that Ian told her that Davis is "actively campaigning" against him. ( Cody )

                  Cody tells her that's not true ....

                  ( it's actually true )

                  Cody talks about saying something to David

                  Dani tells him there's no point ...


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                    Kevin and Ian ...

                    Ian telling Kevin that he needs his vote

                    Kevin - I think the conversation we had before is still true.... people ae using you to get further in the game. ... you are expendable

                    Kevin tells Ian that he doesn't believe that Dani acted alone in her decison to put him on the block ...
                    Kevin- she ( Dani ) consulted people... it's either she's in on it .. or she was played ....
                    Ian - eithe rway ... that's why you need to vote me to stay

                    Kevin asks Ian if he's in an allaince?

                    Ian - if I were .. do you think that I would be up right now?
                    Kevin tells him he needs to go to people.. now is the time
                    Ian - I wish I had people....
                    Kevin- . my advice is . the people close to you are the people playing you.....

                    Kevin told Ian that Tyler has people campaigning for him .... and he has people guaranteeing safety on his behalf...

                    Kevin - he ( Tyler ) doesn't even have to offer anything ....cause he is aligned with other people


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                      Ian talks to Nicole ..

                      He tells he that Kevin was talking about the people that you think are close to you aren't ..
                      Ian - I think he is referring to you and Cody
                      Nicole - what does that mean?

                      Ian - he ( Kevin ) hates you both ... Remember that.


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                        Nicole talks with Cody .. talking about what Ian told her that Kevin said about them

                        Cody- - want me to call out Kevin?
                        Nicole - yeah ..
                        Cody- be like " why would you tell Ian that ' ???
                        Nicole yeah ... he ( Ian said Kevin said ) " the people that you think you are closest to... you are not"

                        Nicole tells Cody that she's absolutely sure that they ( Da'Vonne/Kevin/David) will vote Ian out ..and the vote will be 8/0

                        Nicole pushes Cody to call out Kevin ...

                        Cody - he ( Kevin ) said our names specifically?
                        Nicole- I'm pretty sure..... but go confirm with Ian. ... he said he hates us ...a nd that Dani "got duped" into putting him ( Ian ) up


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                          Nicole to Dani- Kevin is a huge problem.

                          She tells her about the convo she had with Ian about what Kevin said about how she ( Dani ) was duped.. etc.

                          Nicole continues to talk about how she thinks the vote will be 8/0

                          They talk again about having the others tell Ian straigh up that they are voting him out ...


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                            Nicole told Tyler about how Kevin told Ian that her and Cody were playing him ...
                            Nicole - I have no idea .. where he got that from
                            Tyler - he's making up **** ...
                            Nicole - he also said that you ( Tyler ) are too comfortable he knows that we are in on this plan


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                              Nicole tells Tyler that she wants to clear the air with him
                              She tells him she's voting to keep him ...
                              Nicole- Ian is leaving.... he's the person that I'm closest to in this house.... and now .... 'm going to have to lean on other people..... I'd like to be closer to you
                              She tells him that if he throws her under the bus again…T
                              Tyler says he knows... ( if he does that ) ... they are done
                              She asks him to trust her

                              Nicole - she (Dani) made it seem like you were throwing me under the bus.
                              Tyler- I absolutely was not.... I swear.

                              Tyler tells Nicole that they "are good"


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