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Live Feed Updates - 9/17 - Day 44

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/17 - Day 44

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      Well it's 9am in the BB House. It appears that Big Brother has woken the hamsters, and a few (Memphis, Xmas, Nicole, & Davonne) have been called to the DR, probably for meds etc. Memphis is drinking coffee at the table. Danielle has descended from her suite, looks like she's moving her stuff back down with the pee-ons.
      Danielle is now whispering to Memphis regarding a convo she had with Ian. Of course her version of the convo is a bit slanted. After sprinkling a few seeds on him, she goes back upstairs.
      Now Kevin saunters his way thru, says good morning to Memphis, and goes to the bathroom. It's the "live" show tonight, but none of the cast seems too excited about starting the day...yet. Dani is now called to the DR.


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        9:15BBT. Kevin is back in bed in the have not room, eyes open, deep in thought. It looks like Enzos eyes are open too, but has his sunglasses on, still in bed.
        Memphis gets more coffee, and goes back to the kitchen table. I wish he'd share some thoughts. I was glad he put Ian out of his misery last night, by telling him he's not keeping him. Ian was really doing the "full court press" on everyone last night, who knows if it helped him or not.
        Davonne still fully under her covers in the Have NOT room. No sign of David that I've seen this am.. Memphis up to the WC and picking in the mirror, then back to his coffee.
        Exciting morning folks.
        (I'll keep an eye out, and post if more excitement happens) #yawn.


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          Yeah! Enzo up, asks Memphis if Dani stashed the vegan pizza upstairs...he's scrounging for something to eat. Yummy, cold pizza for breakfast for Enzo.
          Dani joins the kitchen folks, admits to hiding the vegan pizza. Dani asks Enzo why he's up? DR or what.
          Enzo- "put me in coach, I'm ready"
          ( Brief stars) Dani- "well, I'm gonna go hide all my snacks" BB must have warned them of the impending HOH room lock down coming up.


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            9:40amBBT. Enzo returns to kitchen from the WC, goes to the sliding doors and say "cmon yo, let's get movin"
            Dani wants to know "of all the evicted HGs, who memphis thinks, hates them the most"
            Enzo talks about people pre-gaming, and pre-alliances. (Hint hint Dani)
            Memphis- I think Kaysar us cursing us all.
            Dani talks about Dr. Will saying "I hate you all" and then says Keesha will never want to watch this show again.
            Memphis says Keesha was more fierce on her 1st season.
            Enzo says his 1st season was more cut and dry. (You knew who hated who)
            Dani is now complaining about how many times Ian is coming to everyone.
            Talk shifts to Janelle.
            (Help, too many talking at once, I can't keep up. I'm just not too good at this)
            Enzo says It was good that Janie put her exit dress on.
            Phew, now all 4 cams on Kevin sleeping.


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              0950BBT..... AND WE HAVE STARS, and I'm out for now.


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                10amBBT. Intermittent stars with Memphis telling a story about going to Dennis Rodmans house?...i don't know if it is a real thing, or a dream, that he's talking about.
                and more Stars.


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                  Just a quick update ...

                  Kevin told Da'Vonne that David shook his hand and promised that he's voting Tyler out ...
                  He tells Da'Vonne that David said he wants Dani to "get the blood on her hands" ( breaking a tie .. so they THINK )

                  Kevin also told Dani about what David said ...

                  Kevin to Dani - have you told anyone that David might be changing his mind?
                  Dani -no ...
                  Kevin - no one can know ....

                  He tells her about how David shook hands on it ... and said he wanted her ( Dani ) to have to make the choice
                  Dani - to make me look like a jerk. ... I can't stand that guy

                  Nicole to Dani - it's pretty gutsy of me to pull back my vote
                  Dani - you cannot vote for him ( Ian ) to stay ..
                  Nicole - i'm not
                  Dani - promise me ...
                  Nicole - promise ..... but his is going to show my cards.... how do I get out of this ??
                  Dani - if it ( the vote ) is 3 .. .... then he ( ian ) will think you are one of them....
                  Nicole tells her that David will know she's not ....
                  Dani tells her that it doesn't matter what David thinks....
                  Nicole - if he wins HoH .. it does.

                  Nicole to Dani - did you use your power?
                  Dani - no

                  ( so no Replay Power used tonight .. Dani will not play in this HoH competition, she still can use the Replay Next week, on whoever wins this week, making them eligible to play again next week.. after that the power is gone )

                  Nicole to Christmas- it ( the vote ) is probably going to be 8/00 and then Ian blows up.....
                  Nicole - I'm voting out Ian one million percent.... I'm loyal to The Committe

                  Christmas to NIcole - does David think that you are voting for Ian to stay?
                  Nicole - absolutely.... they ( Kevin, Da'Vonne, and well Ian ) ... all do ...
                  Christmas - good

                  Nicole to Christmas- this is soooo goood... shaking up the house ... I'm excited...... it feels like we are actually playing Big Brother
                  Christmas - it showed a lot of people's intentions and the fact that they want to play dirty

                  Dani to Cody - if it's 3 ( votes for Ian to stay ) ..... Nicole will blame David for flipping ... and Tyler is going to call David right before we all sit down... so it will look like he flipped him. ... and then after he ( Tyler ) is going to give him ( David ) a big hug and say "thanks"
                  Cody- this is so insane. I love it


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                    So.. tonight should be something .. (hopefully ) ... and here's to hoping whoever wins HoH shakes things up ...

                    If you like reading the updates ... like being here at BBU ...

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                    Any support is appreciated.


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                      Why does the CBS website keep crashing? I mean I could see BBU crashing .. because the traffic here is heavy ... but c'mon .. it's CBS .. lots of money backing that website ... sheesh.


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                        We are on PET CAM

                        If you weren't watching the show ...

                        The show ended before the new HoH was crowned...


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                          For those of you who missed or haven't seen tonight's show ...

                          here's how it went ...

                          Live Voting:

                          Christmas- Ian
                          Enzo - Ian
                          Da'Vonne - Tyler
                          Cody - Ian
                          Kevin - Tyler
                          Memphis - Ian
                          David - Tyler
                          Nicole - Ian

                          By a vote of 5- 3, Ian has been evicted from the Big Brother All Stars house and becomes the first member of the jury.

                          Julie- you exicted with class, just like you are dressed tonight, when you hugged Dani, what did you say?
                          Ian - I said it was a blunder.. and it happens... maybe it was a great play and I just dont realize it
                          Julie - how are you feeling?
                          Ian- hurt .. hurt the game
                          Julie- you were told that you were the ultimate pawn .. what do you think happened?
                          Ian - I think people made the best decision to get a former winner out.

                          Julie - do you feel betrayed by anyone?
                          Ian - no .. it's a game.

                          Ian watched goodbye messages from :

                          Cody - Ian, I'm so sorry ... you were viewed as a huge threat, as a winner, and not only as a winner, but as someone that everyone respects, you are an incredible player and I really hope there are no hard feeling.
                          Da'Vonne - if it was up to me .. you would still be here....playing this game with me, you are an amazing person, I'm going to miss you, hope to see you soon .. but not too soon.. cause I'm trying to win

                          Ian laughs

                          Tyler- I'm in an alliance called the Committe .... it's myself, Cody, Memphis, Dani, Christmas and Nicole .. and they all promised to vote for me...but honestly man.. I'm glad we battled it out ...

                          Nicole -Ian, I want you to know I worked so hard to keep you in this week, I'm working with a biggergroup of people, I wanted to tell you .. but I just knew if it came out ... my game would absoultely blow up .. I'm so sorry.

                          Ian - that's good.

                          Julie - what are you thinking?
                          Ian - it's good ... I'm estatic ... because for a while.. I thought I was just getting ganged up on by lousy players.. but to see that it was a good plan .. and they got me .. that's awesome.. good for them... kudos

                          Julie reveals that Dani did not use her Replay Power.

                          ( but we already knew that because of the LIVE FEEDS )

                          HoH Competition: - Hydrant Hustle

                          Hustle across the yard, for your Hydrant puzzle pieces.. bring them back to your stand... correctly assmeble your hydrant puzzle... first one to ring in .. is the new HoH.

                          Julie Chen - A Big Brother legend moves into the neighbor's house to shake things up. What does it all mean? Find out Thursday.

                          The Head of Household Competiton is ongoing ( even though the show ended )


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                            Currently- we are still on PET CAM

                            (might be on it until after the show airs on the West Coast ) ... grab a snack ...


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                              Yeah... grab a drink.... and a blanket ...


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