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Live Feed Updates - 9/18 - Day 45

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/18 - Day 45

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      Just going to quickly catch us up from last night ...

      Christmas and Nicole talked about how they want Kevin to go this week ...

      Cody and Enzo, also talked about how they would like to get Kevin out ... they want Memphis to put Kevin and Da'Vonne on the block together, that way one of them can't save the other, if they happened to win the Veto.

      Cody and Enzo want David to stay, so they can use him for themselves

      ( Cody did a lot of one on one talking to David last night, mostly about general life stuff, family, etc. .... this was AFTER he was pissed at David for making him a Have Not ... ( mending fences .. I guess )

      Da'Vonne told Tyler about how they were trying to make the vote a tie....

      Da'Vonne told Dani that if she wins the Veto this week, she would not use it to save either Kevin or David

      Dani and Nicole talked about how they think that Da'Vonne put a big target on herself ... with all that she did last week ....
      Nicole talks about how she's "literally done everything she ( Nicole ) can to help her ( Da'Vonne ) in this game
      Dani tells Nicole that she doesn't want Memphis to put Da'Vonne on the block

      ( that's about it and it's all I have time for now )


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        Good morning BB Junkies! Looks like Memphis, david and Kevin are up. Memphis drinking his coffee & talking with David about the high priced school his son River is in...ooh exciting.
        David is now rummaging for food in the storage room.
        Kevin has moved to the love room to talk to us. He wished himself a happy birthday and tells us he was tricked on the vote. Hes blaming David for lying about his power, then says Davonne called David about his vote, and he , David, is over acting. He's really punishing himself for not being able to see how everyone is lying to him. He says "i should have seen it coming" He seems down. Wants to know did David do this on his own, did he want to make Kevin look bad? Trying to figure out how he's going to be able to fit back into the group (he was never in the group) poor Kevin, apparently he spoke with Memphis before the HOH comp, and was told Memphis wouldn't put him up. Kevin wants to remind him of the convo today. And he's (Kevin) tired of being disposable. He says if i wasn't tricked, he'd be in good shape (lol) now that Ian's gone it strengthens David's game and hurts Kevins.
        Kevin- IDK I'm just sucking at this game, I'm done. I hate being a pawn. I think I'm the crappyest player at this game. I had an amazing friendship with Davonne. Ian was a hugh target, and now he's gone. He's embarrassed at how bad he was in the HOH comp, my brain just couldn't figure it out, and Memphis finished it in like 6 minutes. It demoralized me, I'm good at puzzles, usually. Anyhow, I'm just struggling with this season.
        Oops I guess he's not talking to us, he's talking to his husband. His birthday wish is to NOT get nominated. (I guess a boy can dream)
        Now he's speculating on when the double is coming. He's wondering if his husband is even watching. He says a bunch of guys are running this season, and if it continues this way, it'll just be a bunch of guys at the end.
        Kevin- It's like they are all trying to drag a girl (non-bro) with them to the end. (He's rambling, and im trying to keep up)
        David is cleaning out that disaster of a refrigerator. I don't see Memphis anymore.
        Oops, there he is, just came from the HOH.
        Back to Kevin, he disappointed about something, didn't catch it all. He says "I'm trying to think...i remember nobody was thinking about me on my 1st season. This time my experience is whoa...rambling again, "IDK, I'm just...happy birthday to me, my birthday doesn't make me special. I just"... Oh Kevin, I don't think you'll get your b-day wish, sorry.
        "this game is so hard, thats why I wanna try Survivor, it doesn't seem so hard"

        (I wonder if kevin can spell delusional)


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          Kevin- this is what I'm gonna tell Tyler. I'm gonna be honest...there's multiple people, it was all set and xmas said I should talk to this one and that one,
          ok, he's mumbling and I can't catch it, something about Davonne said its a setup, I am backing out.
          You should probably go to flashback for this cause I suck at trying to get it..
          Kevin- "I love you, I'm sorry, when I get out of this silly house, I promise we'll go back to normal. We'll see how my b-day goes, make a wish for me, I'm out"


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            Oops, sorry, all of the above happened between 9 and 9:35 BBTime.


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              9:40am BBT.
              Cody is up in the kitchen now, making some slop. I guess David picked him for a have not.
              David is with Cody, chatting. Davonne is also up in her red plaid pjs. David is DEEP cleaning that refrigerator! He has everything dragged out and on the island, just in time for everyone to eat breakfast.
              Cody starts singing "so fresh and so clean clean" and we get stars.


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                0950amBBTime- (bathroom) Xmas is up now, brushing her teeth, Davinne putting on some kind of green facial mask. I think its Kevin in the shower.
                Kitchen- Cody and David, cleaning. Memphis is roaming.
                Everyone else appears to still be in bed. they were all up partying pretty late last night,, the boys were all comparing nipples. (Hey, I'm just relaying the info) and of course Memphis was already in bed in the HOH room. They all really seemed to be having a blast and laughing hysterically. Today I'm sure the tone will be quite different.
                Big brother says that there are fresh batteries in the storage room.
                (If I'm stepping on toes, posting, let me know. I will Gladly turn it over to you)


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                  10amBBT- Bathroom- Xmas trying to talk with Kevin, kinda seems like a one sided convo. Asks Kevin what he normally does for his b-day. Kevin must not be mixed, i can't hear if he's answering or not.
                  kitchen- Cody thanks David for cleaning. Cody takes his slop upstairs to the overlook to eat.


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                    10:10amBBT- Kevin whispered to Davonne that its not as bad as it could have been, ?
                    David comes to bathroom and asks kevin if he wants to talk about last night...and of course cam switches to HOH with Xmas and Memphis. ( Surprise, Surprise, it wasn't button boy thus time)

                    MemphisMemphisXmas a funny story about last night. "David has diarrhea of the mouth" "some stuff you just should not say!"

                    Now switched back to the bathroom mid convo. Sorry folks I'm out, somebody who's better at this really needs to take over... I tried.


                    • helenb
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                      You rock, Pammer- I was at work and enjoyed reading!

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                    Approximately 11amBBTime- HOH conversation between Memphis,Cody, and Enzo +Xmas. Way too much for me to try and transcribe. The "Wiseguys" are now officially an Alliance. Go to flashback to catch the whole thing. It's time, they are playing Big Brother!


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                      (Thank you for posting Pammer. Any update is appreciated!)

                      To finish up on the “Wiseguys Alliance.” That alliance consists of Enzo, Memphis, Cody and Christmas. Memphis and Enzo were talking and Memphis plans to clip Christmas at F4 and Cody at F3. (This leaves Enzo sitting pretty as he has a F2 with Cody.)


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                        Memphis had a talk with David in the HOH around 12:00 BBT. Memphis told David that he would not nominate him if David promised not to use the POV if he wins it. Memphis tells David he is not telling this to anyone else so if this information comes back to him, David will be Public Enemy #1.


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                          Today is Kevin’s 41st birthday. Tyler had told him last night he’d bake him a cake today. Kevin said he liked cupcakes. Christmas offered to make cupcakes. HGs celebrated his birthday with the cupcakes and Memphis shared his sushi with Kevin.


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                            I get why they are dragging David along, but I always dislike seeing poor players get deep into the game. Though Kevin is not much better.


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