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Live Feed Updates - 9/19 - Day 46

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/19 - Day 46

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    HGs sleeping.


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      7:05 BBT

      Went to stars . Possibly wake up time for an early veto player draw.


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        Enzo in shower and Kevin and Day laying in bed waiting for him to finish and come back through so that they can shower.

        Dani jumped in the shower after Enzo finished. Kevin will have to wait.
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          We've gone to puppies and kittens. Player picks coming soon.


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            Veto players- (coming)


            Picked players-

            Kevin and Day both got HG choice and they picked Dani and Nicole.

            Host- Cody
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              Memphis tells Tyler that David is the backdoor plan.


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                Memphis and Tyler talking. He doesn't care who wins the veto. He expects anyone that wins to use it. He doesn't care who comes down. They talk about if Nicole takes Kevin down she could use that. It would be better for all of them to throw it and let Day or Kevin win it.


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                  10:13 BBT Camera 3/4-

                  Memphis pulls Day and Kevin into the key room and tells them that the plan all along was to backdoor David. He took a 50/50 chance that David would not be picked to play. He tells them that if he had put David up, he would have fought for the veto and would have won and he didn't want to take that chance. He said that he knows it's annoying as f-, but neither of them are going home this week.

                  After he leaves Day and Kevin go back in the comic room to lay down and Day makes a brush off gesture toward Memphis who has walked out and tells Kevin to win it.
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                    12:15 BBT

                    Tyler goes in to talk to Cody. Tells him about Memphis' plan to backdoor David and tells Cody that he has to talk to him. They have to get rid of Davonne because of the girls thing. Dani and Nicole never want to get rid of Davonne. (Tyler seems to be really freaked out about this plan). Tyler tells him that he had Christmas talk to him and Memphis shut her down.


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                      Tyler and Cody are not happy with Memphis' plan to back door David

                      Cody and Tyler talk about how there's a "whole game going on" that Memphis doesn't know about ...

                      They say that they need to talk to Memphis ... but they also know that they have to be careful about what they say .. and how they say it ...

                      They say Christmas cannot be the one that talks to him.... because she can't deliver the message the way it needs to be.... that when she talks to people .. it's almost like a threat ...

                      Cody says that Memphis needs to know about the alll-girl alliance.

                      Tyler says he wants to win veto and keep noms the same but is afraid of how Memphis will react. ...

                      Tyler tells Cody that he wonders if Memphis is trying to set him ( Tyler ) up ( as a back door )
                      Cody tells him no ...

                      Cody and Tyler want Da'Vonne out


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                        Cody to Tyler -if you are down to ride with it.. I will not vote David out
                        Tyler - I'm down with it


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                          Meanwhile.... Memphis and Dani are int he HoH room talking about Christmas ..

                          Dani says that Chrismas is "very intense" and rubs people the wrong way ....
                          Memphis says talks about how she is always whispering to people....

                          Dani talks about a convo she had with Christmas when she said she would be "so mad" if she went out 3rd again ...


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                            Dani and Christmas talk about David .. and how he has never admitted to anyone that he won that power
                            Dani talking about on his ( David's ) BB Bio... that one of his skill sets is "making himself cry" ...

                            They laugh about David crying at the nomination ceremony last week ..

                            Dani - I was like are you trying to get on the Bold and the Beautiful ..... that's not happening ...


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                              Nicole telling Christmas that "she got put on a low dose of anixety medication" ... ( not now ,,,, after her last BB season )

                              Feeds cut ...

                              And then we go back to Memphis and Dani who are still talking about David ...

                              Memphis talks about when David was in the house screaming..

                              Feeds cut ..

                              We go back to Nicole still talking to Christmas about her mental health issues....

                              Nicole says she wants to be open about it .. wants to help other people who face it ...

                              Nicole - you feel like you are dying ...I feel like I'm dying every single day ... you ( the doctor she once had ) just don't get it ..

                              Feeds cut back to Memphis and Dani

                              and Now to PET CAM @ 12:59 PM BBT


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