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Live Feed Updates - 9/20 - Day 47

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/20 - Day 47

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      Kevin & Day are discussing best way to approach Tyler & convince him to use Veto. Kevin said Memphis & Tyler had issued with jurors during their seasons so they would be concerned with getting jury votes. He suggested using all they (he &Day) have to throw David under bus & on block as a replacement.


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        Kevin just told day to rehearse in her head what they will say to get David on block. The plan is for Kevin to approach Tyler 1st and then DaVonne but they want their info to match. They're trying to figure out what they think is going on with big alliance and makeup a story of info shared to the by David saying if it's true then they will be worried. And again that they will be in jury cuz they aren't in the big alliance and are votes to be considered.


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          Day told Kevin this season has been [email protected]$% so now is their moment to make an impact. It is time. It is time she said. The plan is do kevin to tell Tyler that david confided in him that there was a plan that started last week to make Ty & Day look like the rogue voters and to use that do backdoor Tyler week. They keep.going over EXACTLY what he should say cuz Kevin said he wants lots of details to make it ironclad believable. He compared it to marinating a chicken while coming up with the perfect recipe. Lol
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            BBT 5:38pm
            David and Day on the hammock. ( I’m getting seasick) They are talking game....


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              Tyler and Nicole briefly at the bathroom mirror, T saying He needed to tell her something later...
              David saying he wants Day to stay this week...


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                David seems to be trying to get Day to talk about how they can work together... she rolls her eyes a lot before she says ok. David says he will not vote an African American woman out of the house. Day asks how David knows that Tyler won’t use the veto. David suggests there could be a plan to get him out...
                David says he was not aware of any plan to get Day and Kevin in trouble last week...
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